Kaiju Blasphemy Show

Resin casting madman, KiLL! , put together a custom show recently out in Arizona that centered on his Godamnit vinyl figure. KiLL! got some great contributions for the show and we were very honored to participate. Since two of the little Godamnit figures showed up I had some more options to build. The tinkering resulted in one strange beast! A new creation, Killroth, was born from two Godamnit figures,a bunch of sacrificial Pheydens and six tubes of compound. I tried to blend KiLL!'s style with my own to put a fun twist on our two weird worlds. Killroth can move at the shoulders, elbows, knees and has a secret movable "pelvic jaw" (I know, gross). I think he might be the product of a Madball that married an Inhumanoid, who then gave birth to Killroth in a galactic sewer. Double gross. Big thanks go out to KiLL! for the chance to make some new stuff! Check out his website www.killgraffiti.com for some truly original hand cast resin.


  1. Holy god. Yet another thing I will never have. Love it though. These are the kinds of things we need in this line.

  2. Gadzooks! The left eye motif strikes again!

    Anyway, sick as always. Gotta love it when customizers go all-out and actually do something beyond paint apps, right? But seriously, this piece in particular just feels like it could be an official release, even more than the vehicles of the past -- don't ask me why, just something about it. Plus, there is always that certain charm to toys that you can make "talk," right?

    Of course, now I can't help but laugh, thinking "hey, maybe he just really wants a hug..."

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  4. !!!!! Love this Matt - hidden jaw waist is a really cool idea - with an o-ring it could clamp stuff ( victims ? ) between its teeth !

  5. Whoa! Matt you never cease to amaze me with your creativity! This Killroth guy is SiiiiCK! I would love something like this to join the Glyos ranks one day. Killroth looks like a lot of fun to play around with, although I guess it would be hard to keep the interchangeable parts theme going with a character like this....anyway, cool custom. :)

  6. Great work, Matt. Your sense of design is beautiful -- in a twisted way -- but again, this sort of custom just makes me want one. Any chance of a limited run of 20 or 30 of these?

  7. good heavens, that's insane! I love the pelvic jaw... (though, when it eats, where does it go?) I love that even though it is completely unrecognizable, it still has a tie to the glyos system. yet again, brilliant stuff there!

  8. The Glyos system does it again
    in the kaiju world and even
    bigger this time - Wow!

    Not only is the overall shape
    and face looking fantastic, but
    the paint is working it well too.
    Usually the articulation in kaiju
    toys are weeeeeeak, but here you
    are showing they don't have to be.
    Awesome work, Matt

  9. Woah! That is totally sick, and a little creapy, I'm not sure if I would want one if you made them. o.o
    The articulation is pretty cool, although, my only problem would be, how would the joints not pop out after a bit of awkward movement?
    He also looks a tad squishy, how solid is it?

    Onell Design, now with 1% Kaiju goodness.

  10. O_O Sweet holy mother of action figures that thing is awesome. I totally got an Inhumanoids vibe off of it when I saw the first picture in that post that was fully painted. This thing is just amazing looking though, we NEED to make this into a roto-cast vinyl toy or something. Hell, I may even try my hand at making something like it soon. Oh & pelvis mouths are awesome. Love the head-in-chest look. Major Kudos Matt. 8-)

  11. Holy cow dude! You really brought it on this custom! Dang!

  12. He looks like a mutated overgrown Crayboth.... I love it!!!

  13. Matt,
    This killer monstrosity reminds me of a cross between a Rock Lord and an Inhumanoid. Did you use "Model Magic" that I see behind him? If so, I bet he is super light. I LOVE this custom!


  14. Thanks so much for the feedback guys. The actual sculpture itself is made with epoxy compound. I used the Model Magic to fill the hollow vinyl lower legs and arms. All the surface detail and scratch built parts are super hard and playable. This little creature is quite hefty. Strangely, even with the weight, the joints hold their position. It was a fun project to do, as I love pretty much any type of monster and jump at the chance to create one when an opportunity arises. Thanks again! -Matt

  15. WOW. I love this guy he is super fun looking.