Next Week


  1. Yesssss, yeeesssss!! I must have some of these little pretties...my precious! *ahem* ok enough of that...these do look awesome though. :)

  2. Not that I'm going to complain, but I'm curious: why the shift in how CC is set-up? Time issues or...?

    (By the way, I reiterate: I love the colors on that Gobon. I'm predicting it'll be up there with Nemica for sheer awesomeness...)

  3. need.

    must have more scar pheydens...

    gobon looks like candy corn...

    mustn't eat glyos...

  4. The CC with Dead Presidents is an ongoing project. We have been trying different approaches like blind bag and small, uniform production runs. These mini production runs give us the opportunity to have an extremely advanced paint application that is available to everyone. For instance, Nemica Gobon is part of the larger story, so that figure needed to be replicated and it could only be made to look the way it does here. Matt Walker's style is very hard to copy. To get that particularly insane visual eye candy, a Dead Presidents spray assault is needed. This new Gobon is one of the most complex paint jobs I've seen him do -and he did it almost 50 times! In the future we will also do the blind bag thing again. I hope you guys are enjoying the experiments.

  5. Love the experiments Matt. I dig the blind bag one of a kinda style a lot, but I think I like this approach a little more. This way a lot of us will have a chance at a figure we know we are gonna be stoked on. Not that I didn't love the first CC figures I got, but I have to admit I was a little jealous of other people's draws. I never seem to get lucky and pull the figures I'm really, really hoping for. Can't wait for this wave to hit!!

  6. I'm diggin' the project thus far, but admittedly, a part of me misses the blind bag, character-laden draw of the first CC run. I wouldn't want it instead of Matt Walker's fine work, though, and it's good to hear that both "standardized" customs and blind-bags are still in the works.

    Something that's been on my mind, if possible, is if something like the first CC and the first Dead Presidents runs could be combined. Like, you'd take groups of five or six guys with some cast-up heads -- like Govurom, like Nobotos, like the LSA Trooper -- and have a certain colorway to each, like the groups of Buildmen or Crayboth from the Dead Pres run. It might make things easier for the fans (easier to get something or trade for it), but still offer some unique pieces.

    Ah, but that's just an idea from someone who doesn't know costs and how much time it'd take...