Glyaxia Updates

Packages start shipping tomorrow and will continue into Monday. Thanks to all of you for pushing this release to another level. Each time we roll out a new wave, unknown events always take place, and no matter how much we plan some element of craziness ensues. Thanks for sticking with us even with the delays and wild schedule. This whole thing is more of an experience than a toy line at this point for us. I personally would be a fool to ever think that I understood what runs the universe, but whatever it is, it loves to keep us on our toes.

As for the new Glyaxia game, Marcus has added some great new bonus material to spice things up. The amount of work he has put into that game over the past month has been intense. I joke with him about it, but I really believe he has crossed into a new zone of existence as a result of how hard he pushed it last week. Now he's Marcus 2.0 and we're all lucky that he still likes this stuff!

Once everything is shipped out over the next few days (thanks again to the ultimate organizing machine that is Megan) I will continue working on what is shaping up to be a small Custom Corps. The Delphi have spiked some creative feelings and during the marathon casting session at the shop last week with Ron (he is an actual living Yoda) some new parts have come to completion. Some of the results might be of interest to fans of that rotund robo from deep space, Gobon.

On an important note, make sure you get over to blog.callgrim.com to see what the mad genius Jesse has brewing. Rumor has it that new stuff is closer you think. We love Jesse!

Now back to it!


  1. WOW!! That new Armored Delphi looks like new type of Buildman head to my eyes, but whatever it is I LIKE IT!!

    The new look for Gobon is crazy-cool too! I love seeing these customs you've been doing lately Matt. I have yet to see one I don't want! Keep it up, you Mad Scientist!

  2. Thanks for the update! Man, the helmeted Delphi looks pretty rad (kinda reminds me of the back of Exellis' head, actually), and the "teched-out" Gobon head is sick. I'm guessing red is a big color for this little wave...

    Also, the new code is insane. I'd go on, but I don't wanna spoil the surprise for anyone...


    I love seeing that new story was added to the command mode as well. Top notch stuff!

  4. O_O That Armored Delphi is frickin' amazing, that needs to be made into a production piece, I'll buy at least 10 and have them descend on the Alien Mercenaries like locusts!

    Marcus is truly a 8-bit genius with this game, I can actually see myself playing it on an NES. New unlock-able character is awesome too.

    Digging that gobon sculpt, I still have no clue how you're able to carve the stuff you do and at that size/scale. Looking forward to getting my order in the mail, and this Delphi CC that's coming up. Keep on truckin' true believers & don't ever stop what you're all doin- cause it's great. :-D

  5. that gobon is sick... and I need me a delphi something fierce...

    and man... new callgrim stuff too.. I can't take it!

    but bring on the next custom corps

  6. Genius! Genius! totally amazing

  7. Really hoping the new head
    in the top photo becomes a
    regular in the Glyos shop.
    Looks fantastic!!

    The firepower of the Commanders
    in Glyaxia is impressive.