Space Glyoid Scorpikoma

A little story has been starting to form involving these "Glyoid" characters. I imagine that at one point this mean looking red and black Glyoid was partnered with the white Glyoid from earlier posts. That they actually shared a form together and became separated during a mission, each thinking the other had perished. In time they each evolved, one becoming more aggressive and the other continuing to follow its primary programming, that being the exploration of alien worlds and the preservation of peace in Glyos..

I also wanted to see if I could combine a little Shirow with some Zeroid aesthetics and see what happened. The end result is an evil Robot from Lost in Space fused with a Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell. Those Axis Joints make transformations a lot more interesting than before, at least from a building perspective.


  1. I love the build, but the name gave me a real chuckle. The two smaller builds, I have some bizarre desire to make tons of them to overthrow the larger builds.

  2. Sounds like a disease my cousin had. He got it from playing with corrupted space toys.

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