Remember Your Death

Hey everyone, it's Marc! I wanted to diverge from the usual material if I may for a moment. My long-time friend and DB bandmate Jon Mercer is nearing the end of a kickstarter campaign for a short film he is working on. Mercer has been involved in many of our media projects- everything from lending a hand with the Passcode videos to schooling me in Adobe After Effects helping create and edit Callgrim Episode 1. We've been family since the 1st day of 1st grade, and a quarter-century later we still love to challenge each other on crazy projects. Hey Mercer- we still wanna see that 3D Zombie Pheyden...

Check out the potentially kickass film, Remember Your Death, and maybe see if this project is something you may consider supporting. They're only hours away from reaching their goal!

In related news, I will be at PAX East this weekend to watch Mercer and friends speak on a panel for yet another cool project he is involved with! I'm also looking forward to seeing Phil Reed at the SJ booth, and stoked to catch a set by resident Glyos composer Disasterpeace! Maybe at some point I'll have a chance to showcase my Mario Kart skills...


  1. I'm dropping him some cash, and I'll see if my Facebook friends can help out. If they get this done, I want to meet them next time I am up there!

  2. you're the man, doc. thnx!

    so sorry I missed you guys last weekend. looked like a lot of fun.. i'll make it up there someday..

  3. C'mon guys, only 21 hours to go and they only need $525.00 more!!!

    Show your support!


  4. Make that $400 now.

    Show the love, guys, if you haven't already. This is someone's blood, sweat, and tears we're talking about.

    Good luck, crew! (And Marcus, live it up at PAX East for those of us who couldn't make it this year!)

  5. Thanks for the support everyone, we just met our goal! The Glyos family really helped us out at the end. The film is on facebook if anyone's interested in updates as we head into production (http://on.fb.me/hZDnW0).
    If you're at PAX on sunday, I'll be on a panel in the Wyvern Theatre 12:00pm – 1:00pm for another project ("When I Grow Up"), come say hi.