Dumplings VS Burgers

Eaten in the span of one day, from Hong Kong to Japan. Paul, Jesse and I wiped out over 40 dumplings for breakfast. Our man Paul always delivers the dumpling punch and this time was no different.

After we left Hong Kong and said goodbye to Paul, we left for Japan and met up with Don for some late night burgers at our favorite McDonalds in Nippori. Gross but sentimental, that's us.

Tomorrow we tackle Tokyo again!

PS - Yes, that's an egg on that beef bomb. Night breakfast!


  1. Nice! Jesse always talked highly of that mcdonalds , and now I can see why

  2. Mmmm. Eggs on burgers, a greasy spoon staple.

    Current favoriteis Mcmenamins Wilbur's Deluxe Jumbo burger:


    Aaaaand now I'm hungry.

  3. I guess it's kinda like a quickie version of "steak & eggs". I love dumplings, I may have to get some tomorrow after seeing this picture LoL.

  4. We call burgers like that "Fat Burgers."

    I make them w/: fried egg, cream cheese, green chilies, bacon, avocado (or guacamole) and hamburger of course.

    Paul's dumplings are makin' me hungry!

    Have a safe trip back and see ya in 11 days.


  5. Marty that sounds nuts... make it jalapeno cream cheese and I am on that! Gonna have to have to make one damn soon!

  6. Matt, If you ever are in Des Moines to work with Marty or any other reason you have to make a stop at Zombie burger. They have all kinds of crazy burgers like that like eggs peanut butter and whatever other crazy thing you can think to put on a burger. Its so freakin good!

  7. Right on Kyle! We have been there 2-3 times already! They have fantastic burgers and more! Not to mention, Matt comin' to DM...heck ya! Maybe we could at least get him to come to C2E2 next April...that might be the closest he will ever be to DM/IA.

    Jamison...trust me, they are delicious and I am like you...I like them hot and I have added Jalapenos to them b4...but, Kobe and the girls like them mild w/ green chilies...MJ on the other hand is like his dad...likes the hot stuff, even though he isn't up to the 3 alarm fire food I cram down my mouth hole! hahaha

  8. I went to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in '00 and McDonalds decided to take it upon themselves to introduce Chinese food to the region. So they temporarily chaged the McDonalds M to look like dragons and had menu like McFu and cooked egg rolls in the fryer.