Brain Mummy Twist

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Here's a post from last Saturday that got a snow delay:

Took a quick break from packing to put the snow plow on and grab some things at the grocery and look what I found sitting in the produce section. The green ones were common back in my youth but they always delivered the goods!

Here is a quick twisty for a very murky day. Still the same core recipe for the inner structure after all these years!


  1. How about a twist tie custom corps?

  2. Ooooo now THAT could be interesting! I'd be down for buying 1 or 2 of these. I wonder how many of these you could make during the time it takes to make 1 regular custom core guy?

  3. I do this too whenever I find a pare one or few of these lying around, but nothing ever comes out looking that good. This is like twist tie alchemy