Swing Joint Mechanical

Hey guys, here is the actual mechanical that Matt and I sent to our factory overseas. Hopefully this clarifies some of the questions you've had! I always enjoy making these mechanicals, until we decide to post them on the blog, and then reanalyze every single anchor point... -Marc

The torture test of capturing all the tiny angles can drive a person a little insane, but the results are always worth it. That being said, the process may have taken at least a few years off of Marc's life. -Matt


  1. Once again, great addition to the Glyos world.
    The extra poseability is a great new ingredient.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Crazy how important these little diagrams can be so important to the whole process. I feel for you, Marc.

  3. NOw I can stop dreaming and start doing some serious planning. Thank you, gentlemen. ;)