Banimon Blast!

Head over to Banimon blog to check out the latest Troopers to join the ranks! Brilliant blues and radical reds mixed with the glowing greens make for a unique, menacing bunch.

I love playing with the mini-army men that Boris has created, and felt inclined to convert them into the pixel world. It was a fun challenge to keep them in scale with the rest of the lineup. They may weigh in under 20 pixels tall, but these sprites pack a punch, proof of great character design.

Keep up the excellent work, B!  -marcus

Boris continues to bring his unique artistic vision into tighter focus with each new release. I've been playing around with this wave for a few weeks and the figures are still on the desk, albeit in various states of beefed up builds.

Banimon is something special, and so is the guy behind it.

Congratulations on another great rollout, Boris! -Matt

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  1. Ordered my first Banimon figure today! Can't wait to have it's glowy goodness in my hands~