Noboto Activate!

The store is Live!

To avoid any repeat PayPal issues, please read below carefully:

We are asking that each customer place ONLY ONE order in the first hour. If you do not see an order confirmation on screen or via email, please be patient and DO NOT place another order. Due to the high volume of activity, it may take extra time for PayPal to process all transactions. Please also be sure your PayPal cart is EMPTY before you begin shopping.

Hope you guys have fun! We'll be posting up a brand new Sidrick comic by Michelle shortly- check back for the link!


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  2. Bought one of each Noboto and the original Gobon. :D Good luck guys!

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  4. I'm excited to see Gobon finally released in the original standard colours, as well as Noboto's full-colour debut. But most of all, I'm excited there's a Pheyden in the colour of my good old childhood blanket (which is in tatters these days, but folded up nicely in a box to keep it from further harm).

    Of all the time to have no money! XD
    Still, just seeing the picture is good enough for me. Good luck on this release, everyone, and I hope all goes well for you!

  5. Got Noboto, his clones and my very first Gobon :)

  6. Huzzah! Look forward to the comic!

    Got my first Gobon!

  7. Who is Lymerran?

    Can't wait to read the comic...

  8. Fast and smooth transaction! Can't wait for these guys, awesome drop! That Lymerran Phey is gonna look neat mixed with a Source Reverse Phey. Great colors, love the brown and green!

    I'm not familiar with the comics, so I'm really looking forward to seeing it!

    Thanks for all the insight into the development of Gobon and Noboto the you posted this week. I love getting to see all the behind the scenes stuff, it's part of what makes this place great!

  9. Good times! Everything went swimmingly. Grabbed one of each Noboto (that colour palette is amazing) and the original gobon (my first).

    Thanks for a great stuff glyos! and good night from the UK :)

  10. got in, got my guys and done... no problems, hopefully that was just one horrid glitch. I love seeing these guys in their original colors and happy to finally have a proper yellow/white gobon!