Major Micro

The combination of the Ivorinium and Clear Colorless does a decent job of evoking the old Microman/Micronaut aesthetic.

There are some funny toy line tributes happening in this build, as it blends a couple highly influential classic toy lines that share some interesting parallels, those lines being Mattel's Major Matt Mason and Takara's Microman.

Everything from the initial introduction of four main characters (a theme that really got its start with the original Hasbro GI Joe 12" line) to the futuristic space machines and general themes of exploration seem to echo each other.  I would bet that Microman owes MMM some credit for its existence, not just Henshin Cyborg (which again was born from Hasbro's vintage GI Joe 12" line).

Play patterns and series connections that started way back in the mid 1960's continue to repeat themselves to this very day. Something that my good friend John Kent refers to as Toyfinity.

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  1. Art forms of all kinds hold a lineage, and even the most novel concept owes it origins to something that came before. It's fascinating to get glimpses into the creative DNA that underlies it all, trace its progression, and figure out how it can progress further from there. It's great to see that, in Glyos, we often get a glimpse at so many strands coming together, forming something new and yet familiar, innovative but somehow naturally so.

    Just think, Matt: twenty years from now, and people will be looking at something and pointing-out, "hey, this kinda reminds me of Pheyden," or "wow, the builds you can get out of this are just like the old Onell sets."

    Keep on keepin' on.