Thank You!!!

Thank you for bringing us through another release!!! The turnout was excellent and all of us over here are so grateful to each of you for making the new wave a positive one. 

This was our biggest launch of 2013, and we were pretty nervous going into the Sunday night sale. The larger amounts of stuff that we have been ordering have progressively made the stakes climb higher with each new rollout. Grey hairs are no longer strangers on our collective heads! You guys have made all the sleepless nights 100% worth it, though!

This Gatekeeper wave brought back a lot of memories from when we did the Soul of the Traveler assortment. I clearly remember sitting upstairs in the attic, working like crazy with Marc and Rich (Disasterpeace) on what was to become one of the most intense Passcodes we would ever put together. The old Granthan Rig first made its appearance, as well as the original Gatekeepers, sporting the prerequisite detail lines of the time. I still listen to Rich's soundtrack on a regular basis.

Sometimes thinking about the old days helps to shape the future, and my mind has been moving like a joystick pondering the possibilities of 2014. Some new projects are in the works, projects that may take us down a few different rabbit holes together.

Thanks again for being there for the last 6+ years. It's a privilege to be working on this stuff every day, and Michelle , Marc and I feel unbelievably lucky that you guys continue to let us explore these strange worlds inside our imaginations. I promise we'll work like hell and do everything we can to never let you down.


  1. Thank you guys!!!! For your hard work and dedication to give us fans and collecters truly amazing figures month after month year after year!!

  2. Thank you for your inspirational work, and these great figures! The little b*****'s are taking over my bedroom now. Seriously though this is an amazing toy line! Unique and beautiful.

  3. No thanks needed, keep up the awesome and we'll keep showing up. Can't wait to have this new wave in-hand.

  4. It's a pleasure to see the Glyos universe expand and it's a joy to be able to play in it.

  5. Continue to astound and inspire, and we'll continue to be astounded and inspired! You have pushed the envelope so much in the past six years that it is hard to imagine where this experiment will lead next. No doubt you will continue to innovate and create things that can't help but capture the imagination.

    Maybe somewhere in there, we can start to see Pheyden and Sarvos get tweaked around, too. Finally having a Pheyden with a removeable belt would be incredible, heh!

  6. Ah yes... Soul of the Traveler was my first full-on drop. My only regret is that I ordered conservatively. :)

    It's been a hell of a ride since then, but I'm still on board!

  7. Thanks for all you do guys!

    ... I do miss the detail lines though ;-)

  8. Thank YOU for everything you guys do for all of us! Also I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who still listens to the SotT soundtrack regularly!