New Robo Force Rollout

Our friends over at Toyfinity have a brand new Robo Force release on track for tonight, 9:30PM EST!

From the Toyfinity blog:

Hello Zetonian Fans!

The next release of ROBO FORCE product will be this Friday, December 20th, at 9:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

It has been a blast coming up with new colors for the Robo Force. The colorways in this release match the recent Onell Gendrone Rebellion/Ecroyex Initiative colors exactly, so you can upgrade your Robo Force with Glyos pieces (or vice versa)!

Product details are as follows:

- Robo Force Reforged HUN-DRED THE CONQUEROR Edition
Kit includes the standard 41 piece complement of Glyos compatible parts -now with over fifty paint applications and one secret faction symbol! -allowing you to build either Maxx Zero, Sentinel the Protector, Enemy the Dictator, Hun-Dred or your own robotic creation. 

$18 per kit, limit of four per customer.

- Robo Force Origin ENEMY THE DICTATOR Edition
Kit includes the standard 41 piece complement of Glyos compatible parts and an additional 12 pieces for maximum customization possibilities! With over 50 paint applications and one secret faction symbol, kit can be used to build any of the four main Robo Force
$20 per kit, limit of four per customer.

Additionally, there will be a limited quantity of Robo Force shirts in the store - only $15 each.

Toyfinity is also proud to offer, for the first time, an assortment of Zibits! Zibits are fantastic mini R/C robots with lights and zounds! Six different characters will be available in limited quantities.

All items will ship directly after the Christmas holiday.

After your purchase your new Force members this Friday, be sure to check out the Comics section for a new Robo Force page!

The close up pics shown above feature the new kits in their Maxx-X configurations, revealing some familiar symbols from around these parts...

More pics and some thoughts about the color selection process in a bit!


  1. Looking awesome Doc & Matt! I really love this Robo Force figure, I can't wait to see what it looks like a year from now when people have been buIldin with these figures for a while. I'm especially eager to see the Robo Force characters in their original colorways.

    The blue/dark blue looks really good on this toy, good work all around.

  2. LOVE the paint apps & tampos!!! Also, very kewl that they are from recent Glyos colorways so they can add to divisions!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  3. I missed the last series, but I caught this one. Very excited!

  4. Love these but missed the drop. Time to hunt down these two beauts!