The October Toys Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter has funded! Massive thanks to all of you that supported the project, and a sincere congratulations to George and Ayleen on the great news! It was really exciting to be part of the whole process, and we truly did learn a lot about what goes into running a Kickstarter campaign from the ground up.

We are definitely entering into a new dimension with how action figures are planned and produced, and this seems to be only the beginning. I imagine some extremely innovative spins on the Kickstarter model are going to spring up very soon, with entire toy lines featuring media content, playable games/apps and even vehicles on the horizon. It will be very interesting to see how the cycles between these KS produced figures change the way we all collect our stuff. Just imagine receiving in the mail an entire year's worth of a toy range, possibly even playsets -all at once! I have a feeling we're close, as a community, to experiencing something like this first hand.

Thanks again for bringing Skeleton Warriors back to life!  -Matt

YES!! Thanks to everyone that supported, promoted, and helped make this project a success. We're so thankful to October Toys for getting us involved and allowing us to cross-pollinate our worlds, both physical and digital.

As an extra bonus, a new player has been unlocked for The Duel in Dungeon Traveler! Good luck and have fun. Cheers!  -Marc

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  1. Congrats guys!!! It is indeed a new era of toy making we are entering Matt. I'm curious to see what comes out down the road from this and what options it may give to smaller toy makers whonsimply don't have what it takes financially to get things off the ground. Kickstarter puts everyone on a level playing field and allows anyone the chance to maketheir dreams come true. We all deserve a chance to put our stuff out there, and now Kickstarter gives people that opportunity. Kudos again guys, job well done!