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Shop Works

While working at the shop last week I uncovered this old prototype for a Renegade Gobon that never made it into full production. The core design was meant to mimic the plated surface that covered the Capture Rigs (and everything else) from Rechlen and Aves. I guess this could be considered another one for the Lost Projects File!


Lost Projects: Noboto

The character called Noboto has a pretty significant role in our stories Monsters VS Robots (Michelle) and Rechlen and Aves (me).  We created each plot to crossover at certain points, but in our usual strange ways.

In MvR, Noboto is the leader of the Monster hunting Robots, chasing a renegade group of creatures across Glyos, but all told in the form of a comic that Michelle's character Sidrick loves to read. So a comic within a comic -MvR appears inside the Sidrick stories.

In Rechlen and Aves, Noboto is a prototype Sincroid that is dispatched by the Lost Sincroid Army to find a way through the Edge of Space -with the hope of locating their missing leader, Exellis.

The RA version of Noboto sets out on this mission piloting a special Sarvonic Gendrone (Gobon), which helps regulate Noboto's unstable prototype body.  Due to his ability to manifest something called the "Phanost Effect", Noboto is able to reach into the Edge of Space, but only through a tethered phantom version of himself. Believe it or not this weirdness was all laid out back in 2004!

Both Michelle and I have wanted to bring Noboto into the production mix for a pretty long time.

Maybe 2013 will be the little guy's year!


Lost Projects: Alter Pheyden Test Types

Sorry for the tiny pic, but I wanted to get this up as promised. I'll take a better round for a later post.

What an odd trio. Kind of big as well. The colors were based on the first run of Pheyden, with a Gear's Edge finish on the beige test type. The finals would have been fully painted, with color applications far exceeding our PVC stuff in complexity.

When I look at these figures I initially really like them, then I start to pick them apart. They are sort of interesting in their own little way. It's especially cool to hold a Pheyden that is at a larger size., because it feels so counter to everything we've done.

I sometimes think about taking a complete detour and making an old school super poseable Toy Biz style Traveler, maybe with tons of strange joints and piles of layered plastic armor. Then it passes and I realize that it would be insane to go down that road.

But it's also kind of tempting.


Lost Projects: Alter Pheyden

Remember I mentioned that the tale of Mister Christmas had a little more to it? It actually started with this project, which was truly a strange one. I was going to keep this story eternally in the vaults, but what the hell, 'tis the season after all.

See, the polystone subject had come up one time before we went to China in September of 2010. In fact, I worked with one of the sculptors that Mister Christmas employed (I didn't know the connection at the time) to make what was eventually dubbed "Alter Pheyden" (Pheyden Alternate at first, which is kind of an end game Hades). The catch was that to speed up the process, the figure had to be put together over there. It was also a test to see how our counterparts could handle sculpting my designs, since my bad eye was worsening, which made sculpting slower and kind of rough (I've since figured out how to work with it more efficiently over the years).

The initial attempts were a combination of cool and frustrating, due to certain interpretations of my weirdo style not coming into focus, especially around the head. After multiple communications, I finally just said take a shot, and the figure was approved for a polystone test run. I actually received 3 of them, and only three, as review samples. They are true "close but no cigar" executions that are among the rarest things to have ever been produced during our time making Glyos stuff. The figure never went into full production.

I'll post some pics of them tomorrow if you guys want to check them out.

A base was also made, which is still kind of neat.

PS -Click on View Image when looking at the Alter Pheyden drawing, Blogger gives it a slightly blurry look until you expand it.


Lost Projects: King Crayboth

This was a Lost Project that came really close to going all the way, but was knocked off track by the emergence of a totally different thing. I won't go into a massive text wall here (I've been bombing you guys too much already this week), but here's a little bit about what transpired.

King Crayboth was supposed to follow up the Armodoc, and I even started the sculpt, but as I was at the shop working on it the Rig literally just appeared in my head. Everything I was doing with the King Crayboth was put on hold and I immediately switched gears. I'm not sure why these turns happen, but when the hyper inspiration comes on, sometimes you have to oblige.

The remnants of the original sculpt are scattered between the shop and here at the house. Maybe the time will finally arrive when it all comes back together to wreak some havoc on the Glyos System.

Oh yeah, and get revenge on that line cutting Rig.

Also, make sure to click "View Image" on the orange drawing, as the image is fairly big and you can check out more of the details by zooming in.


Lost Projects: Villser Prototype

Keeping with the Lost Project theme, this shelved Villser sculpt has a pretty strange origin.

Back in September 2010, Jesse and I were preparing for our usual trip to China when we were told that an opportunity to make polystone statues had come up. This was due to a particular customer deciding at the last minute not to move forward on a certain project at the time. This left our factory with a lot of raw material and labor that was set to be used for said project. In general I'm personally not really big into statues, as it's just about as far removed from Glyos as possible, but after talking about it, Jesse and I decided to give it a try.

The idea was to travel to the factory, add some extra days to our stay and sculpt stuff while we were there. When we arrived we got settled and then went to meet the "Polystone Master", as each arm of the operation had a designated boss. This guy was a little different though, in that he had a kind of Tony Soprano feel to him, with a "you WILL complete the polystone project before you leave OR ELSE" type tone. Jesse referred to him as "Mister Christmas" because his showroom was absolutely filled with cutesy Christmas themed polystone products. How ironic.

When we returned to the hotel room we looked at each other and then immediately broke out the sculpting gear. We both worked like panicked, sweat drenched prisoners for three full days, only leaving the room to grab food and stop by our factory a few times. I had initially thought about sculpting a crazy version of Scar Pheyden or even Blue Eye from Gear's Edge, but the Villser reared its bulbous head instead. Jesse sculpted away on an alien steed for Callgrim.

In the end, we both realized that doing the polystone thing was ill conceived from the beginning, and finally came clean that it was not for us, even at the risk of facing the wrath of the nefarious Mister Christmas. After some raw fear and absolutely exquisite agita, Jesse and I were relieved to get back to our regular operations.

During the construction of what was to be the polystone Villser, I was secretly hoping for it to eventually become a vinyl piece, hence the very neutral pose. Originally it had one arm sculpted, but that was lost somewhere along the way to its final destination, which is a spot right under my desk.

There is more story to the Polystone Saga, which may pop up before the launch next week.

Thank you, Mister Christmas, wherever you may be.


Lost Projects: Villser Soldier

One of the major dark forces in the Glyos System is the Villser entity. Existing as a kind of cross between multiple "absorbing" mutants and aliens from popular sci-fi (specifically John Carpenter's The Thing and Aptom from Guyver) the Villser serves as a somewhat faceless threat that lurks just beyond sight. There is also more than a dash of Lovecraft in its origin as well as appearance.

A few years ago I thought about actually rolling out a Villser Soldier, which was to tie in with a story arc we were kicking around at the time. This version of the Villser was designed as a warrior that could blend with its fellow soldiers and become more powerful, adapting to whatever challenges might arise.

The idea of sculpting a more monster like figure was really appealing, and the plan was to sneak a Pheyaos/Chaos head in as well. Mori and I had discussed pushing the crossover aspects our Pheyaos character a bit more, with a direct connection to Phase/Bio Pheyden. This element of story actually ended up resurfacing in the Gendrone Chronicles Part 2, which Ralph and I are still picking away at (and he has done some crazy art for).

Sculpting on the Villser Soldier actually did start, and I was cranking along, but somewhere along the lines the project started to alter, and something new was born. To add something new to the figure's functionality I kept going back to all the joint concepts that had been amassing, thinking about what would give the figure a kick. One thing lead to another and the Axis Joints were born. At the same time, elements that went on to become the Hub Set were also built, as well as something that should surface in 2013, which we have been calling the Swing Joints. This poor project's parts landed all over the place! The work on the Villser Soldier ended up being responsible for a number of our most integral building sets.

Maybe one day this odd duck will come to fruition, but for now it exists in spirit within the tiny parts that it inadvertently created.

PS -Cady even got in on the designs, as you can see her little scribbles all over the drawings.


Lost Projects: Bendirions Part II

While going through the stacks of sketches I gathered up some more concepts for the Bendirions range. Notice the Repoclaimer Pilot design that was a possible bendy candidate. That guy was a ringer!

Thanks for the feedback on the last post! These old scribbles have been gathering dust for a number of years and it's been fun digging them out to share with you.

More concepts are on deck for tomorrow!


Lost Projects: Bendirions

This is a strange one, but I promised you some stuff from the vault...

For a number of years I concentrated on trying to make a bendy line, called Bendirions, that were much in the same vein as the beloved original bendy Outer Space Men. The approach was to design the body types in a way that took full advantage of the inner wire articulation, so most of the characters needed to be a bit lanky. To add some variation to the skinny crew, a couple of beefy characters were generated. These stocky aliens would have been shot in a very squishy PVC, to take a beating like the Mordles used to in Rocks & Bugs & Things.

I imagined that these guys could grapple and twist up together, even spiraling into bigger beings. Different sizes would represent the various species and some of the Bendirions would even sport slide on armor.

I still kind of wish that we could make at least one of these oddballs come to life. It would be fun to introduce a few Bendirions into the current Glyos ranks and see what kind of weirdness might occur. Bendy inner phantoms inside of a clear Armodoc would be something.

Bendirions. More than just a cruddy name!


Lost Projects: Repoclaimer

Back when the thought of creating something made of soft vinyl was just starting to come together, a very different creature almost made it to production level before the Armodoc was even designed.

The Repoclaimer was a Sincroid hunting juggernaut that would have marked our first foray into toys of a bigger scale and functionality. For multiple reasons this beef bomb ended up being put on hold when it was about 65% complete in favor of moving forward with what would become the Traveler hunting Armodoc. I guess the Sincroids got a "get out of jail free card" because of it.

Many projects almost make the grade, from Noboto to Rechlen and Aves. Some even go to steel and are not up to standard and have to be canceled, like a recent humanoid head with no helmet that kept deforming when pulled from the mold (this one still bugs me).

Over the next month we'll focus on some of these "Lost Projects". Hope you guys get a kick out of them.


Predecessors: A Fish Tale

This old story about an unlucky (and then lucky) space pilot was one of the larger sized comics I made back in the 7th grade era. "Pilot" worked as a Space Delivery Man for the Space Federation (judging by the ridiculous writing on his chest), and managed to get blasted within the first four panels of the strip! Lucky for him, the ship he was "piloting" had a small escape pod.

The funniest thing to me about this demented yarn is the part where Pilot is fishing on what looks like a regular old 1980's style boat (our old boat to be precise) -with all his space gear on. Because everyone knows that after getting into a galactic missile battle all any true astronaut wants to do is cast a line and forget his worries.

Oh yeah, and he was delivering mini-Bonkers.

Thanks for checking out these first three looks at my old junk. Jesse and I head overseas in about 12 hours, but when we return I'll dig up some more stuff from my youth if you guys still dig it.

Business will operate as usual over here as Michelle and Marcus have the bridge! Keep your eyes peeled next week for some sneak peeks from the factory and workshop! New stuff is cooking!


Predecessors: Bonker

Long before there was Pheyden, there was Bonker. You're not reading that wrong, I made a character named Bonker. When I was very young (Elementary School into Junior High) this little white furry alien starred in many of my earliest stories, flying around with his energy field zapping bad guys named after US cities. Why did he have a giant "B" on his chest? Did he come from a world where they used the English alphabet? Who the hell knows, but I have some strong memories of drawing Bonker.

Like any classic sci-fi tale concocted by a child's mind, Bonker had a special spaceship and even a hover bike to tool around in -even though he could fly on his own and didn't need those things. His ship was called the Polaris-1 and I spent hours thinking about how it would operate and what it was like inside. The old Japanese robot cutaway illustrations I would see at my Japanese neighbor's house seeped into my mind and made a permanent place to stay, making it mandatory that I draw the insides of everything. I drew the Polaris many times and was never satisfied with the internals. Maybe I should have just stuffed more vehicles in there!

The main bad guys who gave Bonker a hard time were the Bionic Trio, and a dude named Acron. Acron popped up in a few different forms (scientist/muscle bound beast) and always ended up getting blasted to cosmic bits. Then he would show up again with no explanation as to how he survived. No accountability, I love it. The Bionic Trio were my favorite guys to have Bonker fight, as they collectively filled the anti-hero role in the story. They were three brothers who lost different parts of their bodies when their spaceship exploded. That's it. Why did they want to waste Bonker so bad? Again, no real reason other than to cause chaos. Maybe I should have called them the Anarchy Trio. Either way, I loved drawing them.

For a modern take on Bonker, the Polaris-1 and the Bionic Trio I tried to imagine them in our current Glyos setting. Bonker evokes a bit of every half animal videogame character from the past 20 years. The Polaris-1 looks roughly the same, only now piloted by Pheyden (who also does not really need a ship-only Rigs-ha!) and the Bionic Trio remind me of the Galaxy Ranger's and Crusher Joe's love children.

Bonker will always hold a special place with me, so much so that he was the inspiration for the character Sarvo Halos, who has played a pivotal role in the Glyos System. Sarvo created Prototype Sincroid Exellis along with countless other Mechanoid based lifeforms throughout the history of Glyos and holds many secrets about what is really going on. He might even know what the Bionic Trio were up to. Nah, nobody knows that.

More old files will be explored when I get back from the upcoming overseas trip. Maybe we can take a look at another old series I used to draw called Hermit.


Predecessors: Skate Wars

While working on the Glyan over the past year, I ended up digging through a lot of my old drawings from when I was younger. For some odd reason I felt compelled to review a particular series of scribbles from when I was in 7th grade that I called Skate Wars (shown above). Yeah, the name brings to mind some dudes battling on their skateboards, or maybe even a deadly hockey story. Neither of those things factored into Skate Wars. Apparently I just liked the word "skate" and used it. No deeper meaning, I was just a nerdy little guy (and still am).

Outside of the totally screwy name, Skate Wars had some fairly intense thought put into it for the product of a 7th grade mind. I was still obsessed with all the little details about each character, from height and weight to the type of rank each soldier could achieve.

Skate Wars was a futuristic Special Operations Forces Tactical Assault Team or SOFTAT (what the hell?). The designs were inspired by all the Japanese animation bootlegs that I was watching as well as my exposure to tons of Time/Life WW II books. This series of Skate Wars drawings always stuck with me, even after all these years. Being a spaz about hanging onto all my artwork since I was 6 works out pretty good for when I want to look at old junk I made. As I checked out the sketches, an interesting connection between the old me and the current me developed as I studied each paper. I felt like I was getting an assist from 7th grade me as I developed the Glyan figure.

In honor of my utterly bizarre younger mind, I thought it would be fun to dust off some of the older characters and worlds that eventually brought me to the Glyos System and draw them once again, keeping faithful to the original designs. If you think that Skate Wars is weird, wait until you see Bonker.