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A Head Case

Speaking of Micronauts, this guy has been doing time in the pocket for a while, only just getting a break since the Ecroyex crew rolled into town.

Even though this head has its little issues, I've come to accept him as a part of this whole weirdo project.
The little scarf from the new Ex/LSA/Dark mold was designed specifically to be used with this now defunct humanoid head. The new belt was also sized to be used as a Glyan belt, as well as deep collar/scarf thingy (pics later).

The mold for the above head has indeed been destroyed at this point, and there was even a third head (also not destined for the ranks) that was run a few times. So far there have been three separate PVC attempts at nailing just the right human head, this one being the second round (and I think the most acceptable of the trio).

Even though the human head steel mold cavity has been re-purposed (for a special project debuting in early 2014) , we did run a batch of the above head, just to have in the archive.

Would you guys be interested if we released them at some point?


Microshow Nanobots

The little "Nanobots" shown above are another few refugees from the old Microshow booklet. The size on these two is extra tiny, with joints raided from the forgotten Robo Wheels line by Mattel (with designs by PLEX). Their bodies are sculpted from plumbers compound and the backpack on Nanobot Korec (the brown one) is made from cut and glued fake leather.

Having "companion" mini robots running around is a classic concept, so naturally I could not resist slipping the idea into the jumble-rama that was the Microshow.

This pair spent a ton of time in my pocket (they were built in 2004), yet somehow managed to survive all the travel. Seeing them next to the Glyan up there is kind of a trip, as they look like some kind of mini mecha munchkins.


Another Time, Another Team

During the making of the old Microshow booklet back in 2004, lots of  Micro themed customs were born. Initially everything was kit bashed with additional sculpting done using plumber's compound, but as things progressed certain characters were completely sculpted, with Stikfas joints chopped and used for connection points.

Above are a few shots detailing some of the fully sculpted figures, with only the joints made from Stikfas (a combo of the softer weapons plastic and the classic black plastic). The black straps are from hair bands and the leather is fake stuff that was cut and glued from discarded fabric sample swatches.

The guy with the helmet, Microsoldier Ingram, is based specifically on the pilot from Takara's Biosuit kit from back in the mid 80's. I love that old kit and its pilot represents the Real Type design principle perfectly to me. Making his helmet removable drove me crazy, as well as building his gun.

The female, Microsoldier Kira, is an original design and so is Microdroid Ranic, a character who eventually made its way over into Glyos to become the foundation for Buildman.

Also, if you've never been (or haven't been in a bit), check out perhaps the best Microman site out there,

When the hell is Microman going to come back, anyway?!



Here's a really odd one from the lost files -a scratch built, wire frame Biotron with magnets imbedded in its limbs.

This guy was to be included in Microshow II, but was never finished and has been buried in a toy pile since 2004. I had wanted to create attachments that would utilize the larger magnets for connection points but other projects knocked this one aside.

The idea of having a super bendy version of this Micronauts character is still appealing to me. Maybe one day Takara or Hasbro will make one a reality, but for now I have this junky bot to play around with.

Looking at this Biotron now, I'm reminded a little of the Easter Island Moai statues.

Man, I didn't even give the poor thing its claws!


Custom Micronauts Huntarr

The Micronauts will forever be a massive influence on my creative endeavors (ha!), sneaking into the DNA of just about every project that comes out of this house.

The custom version of the living bio-weapon known as Huntarr (from the original Micronauts comic) shown above was sculpted back in 2000 and tinkered with for a few years after that, eventually landing in the original Microshow booklet we did in 2004.

I was, and still am, crazy about this character. Huntarr was sort of boring in some ways, looking like a lumpy orange alien with gray boots (why he needed those boots is anybody's guess) and no real distinctive details. He could shift his shape to deal with different situations and for some reason just seemed awesome to me. Later in the story, Huntarr transformed into a very Alien inspired form, which I tried to capture by having a removable outer head that could plop onto the first form's noggin.

The actual 3 3/4" custom is sculpted with Oatey Plumbers Compound over a twist tie armature that was wrapped in layers of electrical tape. The eyes are melted "stained glass" plastic pellets and the paint is Tamiya and auto finish.

I played with this figure for years, eventually snapping most of the wires inside due to excessively rough play. Huntarr saw some serious action and has lived to tell about it, now resting with the rest of the Microshow cast, exchanging tales of being abused by some giant bearded geek.

The cruddy drawing was done today, and is a little extra dedication to one of my favorite Micronauts characters of all time.


The Kind of Old Days

Man, that was a spell! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind over here. Lots of production related challenges had to get wrangled, as well as a general mopey vibe in the air that was kind of bringing everybody in our little circle down. Maybe the winter blues were to blame, or maybe just regular old stress. Whatever gremlin was messing with the works seems to have taken a break from causing trouble, at least for now (though we did lose one of of our chickens to a raccoon last night).
To unwind, I've been going through old project boxes and drawing files, remembering the days when I was really custom building crazy. Being a Microman (Takara) and Micronauts (Mego) nut, many hours were spent building various representations of characters from those worlds, as well as branching off into fan fiction stuff, like the Microshow. Takara still remains one of my all time favorite companies, right up there with Fisher Price.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to put up some images and scans of those old customs and drawings, Micro related and beyond. I warn you that some of the stuff is pretty rough, and at times downright cruddy, but it may at least make you laugh!

In production news, a new wave is planned for the first or second week of April, and if luck is on our side, something new will be in store (and in the store) when everything goes live. The mystery item has been worked on for quite some time, but may not be what you're expecting. Multiple steel tools are currently in the process of being cut, one of them being a complete figure with all new parts. Should be fun to customize with!

I hope you guys are feeling good and staying creative during these winter months!