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Stage 2: Record of the Delphi

Have we really not done one of these since 2010? Hopefully this makes up for the absence... I know it was just as much of a roller coaster ride (to hell) as the previous ones. Matt and I have been working on this for a while- we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.

The original plan was to debut this on YouTube for loading and sharing purposes, but we still haven't solved the frame rate and audio sync issues (we'll repost when we do). Massive thanks to Glen Schricker for helping out. As always, we owe so much to Rich Vreeland and the music of his one man army, Disasterpeace for allowing us to pillage his catalog. He is a symphonic assassin.

Here we go... Passcode: Record of the Delphi.

Edit: Now on Youtube.


Volkriun Flyby

A rough little byproduct from an outside photo shoot...


Electrocution Solution


Phil Reed (in town for a whirlwind visit), Marcus and I checked out the somewhat local Pinball Wizard Arcade in Pelham, NH last night.

Anyone who is in the Northeast who digs classic arcade machines needs to hit this spot. With a super clean look, tons of vintage and rare cabinets and lots of room, we all had a great time playing old school games. Phil had to bring the torture though, by challenging the electro-shock Adam's Family game. Phil Reed is a limitless animal and he coerced me into melting my hands.

If you guys get the chance, spend some time at this pretty new spot, just stay away from Uncle Fester.

PS- Cyber Lip!


Parking Lot Dangers


Saw these two rickety piles of twisted metal in a parking lot carnival in our area. Have any of you actually been on things like these?

Also, all the SDCC Non-Con orders start shipping this week.



Henshin Cyborg + Tron = Inspiration

I love Henshin Cyborg. I love Tron. This is the result of those issues. It rolls like a bastard! Also, the Tron: Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk is awesome.



The Art Hustle

The guys over at Cardhacks have pulled off a super ambitious project in expert fashion. The Art Hustle card packs will be released July 1st! We're lucky to have been included in such a cool undertaking.


Pheyden appears on Toy Break ep. 12

Big thanks to the crew at Toy Break for the kind words about our little figures. Make sure you catch the whole program- some very insightful commentary, made by some thoughtful and funny toy fans.