CCC1 Tonight at 9PM EDT

Jesse is just around the corner from rolling out his Callgrim Custom Corps 1 and I wanted to take a moment to share a couple things about the drop.
Watching Jesse work on this project at close range for about a year now, I have been completely impressed with how much he has pushed the boundaries of what he thought he was capable of.
During the creation of this CCC, Jesse has truly become an even more lethal multi-talented force by refusing to just "wrap it up" and get the stuff out there. Each time he reviewed the figures he discovered things he wanted to improve, things he wanted to push. Late nights in the screen printing shop making tiny ass graphics for the cloaks and capes, reworking paint applications, learning to cut and glue fabric, torturing himself to nail the correct color homages for the tribute figures... these are just some of the tasks that the Bearded Weirdo set out to conquer.
The addition of over 100 hand painted cards that correspond to each and every named character in the launch pushes this CC beyond anything that we have collectively attempted before. The results are awesome, the work ethic is the real deal, and the man is my brother.
I feel damn lucky to have watched this project from start to finish, and look forward to seeing these incredible little works of art travel out into the world.
Nice work Jesse, you freaking did it.


  1. Since the 1st images of Jesse's CCC figures waaaaaaay back, I knew this drop was gonna be the 80's toy homage motherload!!! Not only did he do them all justice, he did it w/ his own unique style! Jesse is a BEAST and his CCC sell out in mere minutes attests to that!

    Long time coming and well worth that wait.