Shipping Update

We have completed processing all the orders from Sunday's release and will start the shipping tomorrow morning, cranking through boxes until everything has hit the post.

Thanks again for your support and for the comments and emails, you guys keep our fires burning!

I'll be posting some points of interest in between the shipping maneuvers, some of which reveal odd items that I would love your opinions on. 


Thank You!!!

Thank you for being part of last night's mini release! I know that the timing of things seems to be getting tighter and tighter as we move along, so I'm extra grateful to everybody who participated in Noboto and Gobon's proper debut.

Even though this was a small rollout, it means the world to our family that you guys were there for it, especially after last month's calamities.

Since our tiny company has just passed the 6 year mark in regard to selling production figures, I can't help but look back on all the twists and turns that have occurred during the trip and reminisce a little, so please forgive my ramblings.

The memory of getting the very first shipment in is still as clear as ever, as well as the feeling of dread when I realized that almost every figure was painted poorly! Those were some long nights of PVC cleaning with my sister.

The days of traveling to the post office with hand written labels seems like only yesterday. Those postal workers wanted to kill me when I'd show up with a pile of boxes to send out, all having to be manually put into the system. It got so bad, that the post office actually sent a rep out to our house 3 times to help us get automated! In the end my sister Megan dragged us into the modern age of click and ship wonder, introducing light bulbs to our cave-dwelling clan.

As the collecting scene has changed over the years, we have tried to keep our finger on its pulse, but still offer an alternative to the mainstream market. I think about how many times we came right to the edge of shutting down in the beginning, and those thoughts keep me balanced against any small successes we may have had in the days that have followed. The grim reality is that it doesn't take much to wipe out a company these days, particularly the small ones.

I bring these things up because I want you each to truly know how much we value your dedication and friendship, whether from the very start or from just last night, you are never taken for granted. 

As long as you're there, we'll continue to give it everything we've got, hopefully for many years to come.

Thanks again for making this the best anniversary yet!


Sidrick: Cosmic Calamity

Hi guys, this is Michelle here. Thanks to everyone for supporting our launch tonight. It's pretty cool to see production Noboto and Gobon in their MVR standard colors. I want to thank my sweet husband Matt, whose support and words of encouragement kept me going into the wee hours of the morning, and Marcus for tutoring me on Photoshop and answering all of my dumb questions. I hope you all enjoy the comic; the rest should be coming in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again!

PS- Thanks Ralph for the special easter egg... it's Bo-nasty!

Noboto Activate!

The store is Live!

To avoid any repeat PayPal issues, please read below carefully:

We are asking that each customer place ONLY ONE order in the first hour. If you do not see an order confirmation on screen or via email, please be patient and DO NOT place another order. Due to the high volume of activity, it may take extra time for PayPal to process all transactions. Please also be sure your PayPal cart is EMPTY before you begin shopping.

Hope you guys have fun! We'll be posting up a brand new Sidrick comic by Michelle shortly- check back for the link!

Ro-bit Run

A little pixel animation inspired by Monsters VS Robots. I love how Michelle creates worlds within worlds in her comics, and this is another interpretation of the game that Sidrick and his buds play.

Growing up, my twin brother John and I played Nintendo games like Bubble Bobble and 3D World Runner endlessly, and those memories will forever spill into anything I create. In fact, when Matt and I first met I think we had busted out that 8-bit machine and were head to head in Balloon Fight within the first few hours. (I won... once. He won the other 38 rounds.)

Noggin Swap

Proto Clone Beta's alternate Noboto head.

Painting the sclera of the eyes dark makes for a pretty menacing looking munchkin!

Alternate Means

One of the original color schemes for Noboto featured a light green head and all yellow body. It was only closer to when Michelle put out her second Sidrick book that we really switched the colors around, basically making Noboto's Reverse into his Standard.

Being able to have both styles was one of the reasons the second "Clone" head was created, as the old Noboto head design also had a point where it was bumpier and a bit more skull like.

Noboto, meet Noboto.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Reverse Noboto (Otobon?) up there is sporting a few tweaks to his core build, with a flipped chest (macho style), reversed thighs (to stand up straight), flipped biceps (bent for battle) and a swapped belt and scarf (for sleeker lines and, uh, pockets on the back of his head).

I imagine this form being favored by the more aggressive Noboto Clones out there causing trouble.


Mini Mission Details

My apologies for popping the details for this list up so late, but there was some behind the scenes activity that I had to clarify before all the items could be finalized.

To celebrate this 6th anniversary mini release, we have lowered Gobon's price to $8, to hopefully make it a little easier to put together the original MVR team!


Noboto -MVR Standard (Light Yellow Noboto head, Light Green/Light Brown body with painted eyes) Also includes Light Brown Clone Head $8
Noboto -Proto Clone Alpha (Light Yellow Clone head, Light Brown/Light Yellow body with painted eyes) Also includes Light Green Noboto Head $8
Noboto -Proto Clone Beta (Light Green Clone head, Light Yellow/Light Green body with painted eyes) Also includes Light Brown Noboto Head $8

Gobon -MVR Standard (Light Yellow/White with painted eyes) $8
Gobon -MVR Reverse (White/Light Yellow with painted eyes) $8

???? -$8

It's a small release, but a very special one for Michelle and I.

Thanks again for your help in bringing these guys to life!


Early Figure Steps

Noboto saw a decent amount of changes during the early days of his toy form development, initially materializing as a more compact little guy with some less bulb-like head designs (although the ones in the above drawing did inspire the current Noboto's alternate Clone noggin).

On the other hand, Gobon maintained a basic bell body shape right up until full production, even though its overall proportions were pushed and pulled to try and find just the right balance before we settled on a final form.

The above sketches are also from 2006, when Michelle and I were revising the MVR team for the second Sidrick book and tightening the overall look for the jump to 3D sculpts.

The odd floating mechanical head up there is a character named Gloot, another weirdo who's part of Noboto's crew. That long strand of junk coming from beneath it was supposed to serve as a potential stand for a toy version. Both Michelle and I want to see old Gloot make an appearance as an actual toy at some point, even though he's just a little saucer head!


Old Color Tests

This sketch of Noboto and Gobon dates back to around 2006, and served as a study to refine the details and color selections of the characters in relation to each other.  This doodle was also used as a guide while I worked on the original prototype of Noboto at the shop.

Looking at it now, I remember Michelle and I discussing whether or not to leave the detailed area on Noboto's forehead on or off. In the end I'm happy we kept it simple, though now I want to make a variant!


The Original Program

Yesterday (7/21) was a special day over here, as it marked a couple of anniversaries for our family. The first one was for the 11th year Michelle and I have been married (15 together), and the second one was for our 6th year of selling full production Glyos figures.

To celebrate our survival on both accounts, we have put together a small, but very special release for this Sunday, July 28th at 9:30PM EST.

After more than a decade since their original designs were doodled by two goofs in a Saturn dealership, Noboto and Gobon will finally be available as a duo -in their Monsters VS Robots "Standard" colors from Michelle's original 2007 Sidrick comic to boot!

Michelle, Marcus and I have been very excited to share these figures, as nailing the hues for this Mini Anniversary Wave took a lot of back and forth between all of us. We really wanted to achieve just the right "butter", "pistachio" and "caramel' mix (thanks for the gastronomic descriptions Ralpho!).

Over the years we have tried to develop a specific color palette for our "Standard" characters, one that hopefully defines each character in a memorable way. Noboto's specific MVR Standard colors were decided back in 2007, when Michelle rolled out her second Sidrick comic, which featured the MVR cast causing grief throughout the pages. Michelle's comic also locked in how Gobon would be colored for what we thought would be its Standard look. Eventually Gobon was changed to silver for its first release, but Michelle and I have always seen the big bongo as yellow and white (as well as red and grey)! Funny how things loop back.

We'll be posting some more about the history of Noboto and Gobon this week, along with old sketches and assorted blocks of information. A list will be posted for what will be available on the 28th as well, which will only be 6 figures deep.

I can't believe that the pictures up there even exist after so many years in the making.

It's thanks to you that they do.


The Alpha Waves

Continuing with the Outer Space Men spotlight, here are some pics of the new Alpha Wave assortment mentioned in the previous post.

The clear colors on these really pack a punch, and the additional gear adds just the right amount of contrast.
I pushed the lighting a bit to try and capture the satisfying hues and translucent effects.

Man, that Gamma X is such a great combination so many cool things!


These test shots hold a special place with me, as I've been anticipating new figure versions of two Outer Space Men characters in particular since the new OSM project started with Mel and the 4H back in 2010. The two characters are Gamma X and Colossus Rex!

When these showed up in the mail, it was like Christmas and a birthday fused into one. To see Mel's genius vision so masterfully realized by the 4H in hand was (and will always be) absolutely a dream come true.

Terra Firma, Jack Asteroid, Horrorscope and the menacing Ohpromatem were also packed in the box and all came out looking fantastic as well. It took me a little while to realize that I had a job to do, and that  reviewing the test shots was more than just a fan's paradise!

As I write this, the first production versions of these new figures (Alpha Waves) have already made their debut and have been on sale at the 4H's booth during SDCC. They are also currently available here and here in the 4H's shop (though the pics are of the upcoming Infinity Editions-the clear Alpha Waves are the ones on sale in these links).

Congratulations to the legendary Mel Birnkrant for finally seeing ALL of his original Outer Space Men in full production!

What Mel started back in 1968 continues to bring happiness and spark imaginations for people all over the world.

Thank you for the endless inspiration and for leading the way for literally generations of toymakers.

We love you, Mel.


Testing the Lords

After a fun and very experimental process of development, the Four Horsemen's Power Lords are finally in the test shot phase!

These figures represent a lot of combined effort, blending multiple production techniques into something a little different than what we normally produce at our factory.

Featuring a brand new hybrid joint system (Glybrid!) that combines traditional insert molding with a modified but 100% compatible Glyos pin, the Four Horsemen's new Power Lords are aimed at those with a taste for the classics as well as those looking for something new.

The Four Horsemen are currently exhibiting at the San Diego Comic Con with Action Figure Xpress at booth #3345. If you're at the show or are thinking about going, make sure to drop by and say hello to the 4H in person!

Next up: The new Outer Space Men!


Natural Light

A few more pics from Noboto's recent trip.

Later today, there may just be some Power Lords related images popping up...



There is something so fun about playing with your toys in the sand.

This shot was taken at Old Orchard Beach, Maine.


Northern Trek

Spent a few days in Maine and Noboto came along for the trip. The chest is flipped for Clone Mode in these pics.


New to Old Ground

Playing around on the rocks of Gloucester with Noboto makes me kind of want a Voss version.

Well, maybe after the Standard version.


Nistuff's Outlander

Tonight, July 5th at 9PM EST, our friend Ni will be releasing his first completely Glyos compatible figure -The Outlander- over at his 481 Universe Store!

I met Ni a few years ago online, when he was just starting to get into sculpting and designing his own toy related creations. What started as a spark turned into a fire, as he pushed himself to develop his own 481 Universe, populated by all his wild creations.

Right from the beginning I noticed that we had a similar visual language, both of us favoring odd ambiguous shapes that could be seen in different ways. This connection has endured, with even a few elements of the Traveler design sneaking into The Outlander to link everything together.

Ni came up to our house with his partner in crime, Carolyn Presti, a number of times, where we would all talk shop and work on various projects. Those visits were always fun and I was able to watch Ni grow as an artist from the front row. The work that Ni and Carolyn continue to do is exciting and full of energy, and just gets better with each new project.

Tonight's release of the Outlander is a milestone for Ni, and he sunk a ton of time into every little detail. He actually created many predecessors to The Outlander, sculpting entirely different characters that served as the sounding board for what was to come. I remember clearly looking over each of those sculptures, both in hand in through photographs, each one a bit more advanced than the last. The road to full production was not easily traveled, and I know I drove Ni crazy many times with a few "direct" reviews.

In the end I believe Ni has created something very personal, a true fusion of the things that keep his creative fires burning.

Congratulations on bringing The Outlander into the world, Ni. I know that there's been some rough bumps along the way, but your creation looks right at home on our shelf.

Or any shelf for that matter.


A couple shots from yesterday's trip up to Gloucester. That tiny boat in the top pic has Michelle, Cady and CC on board.

Ni's Outlander also took a walk on the rocks. More pics shortly...


Weather Test

We recently had some intense rains and a few tornadoes roll through our area. While I was outside watching for renegade twisters, I took a shot of Noboto in the midst of the storm. The raindrops were gigantic, but the little guy stood his ground.

We hope you guys are having a happy 4th of July!