L'amour Supreme Reprise

The talents of L'amour Supreme continue to mesmerize. Here's a look at his latest contribution to the Glyos System. Meet Zombie Pheyden, designed and sculpted by L'amour himself, this version of the Space Traveler is the nastiest incarnation yet! This might be what's in store for an upcoming Custom Corps. Nice rhyme. Thanks Joel! You're a maniac!

Real Fusion

During SDCC I received one of the best things in my toy making and collecting history, the first shot of our collaboration with Mori of Real X Head, a character we named Pheyaos. This little creature was dreamed up while I was visiting Japan last April. Mori and I wanted a representation of his main mutant, Chaos, fused with ol' Pheyden. Chaos has the ability to "sample" other beings with his Probe Arm and maybe he decided to absorb something cosmic for one of his experiments. Pheyaos is a first on quite a few levels- he is the first Real X Head mini with articulated arms and personally, he is the first toy design I worked on that I didn't actually sculpt. Mori's sculptor is incredible and captured all the details with precision and intuition. I haven't been able to put this thing down since I picked it up. We are working out the final details for release (shooting for late August/early September) and have some other collabs starting to come together as well. L'amour Supreme and I did double duty on a Glyos version of Chaos for a special upcoming project around the corner. Mori saw the final sculpt at the con and gave it his blessing for some urethane sets to be produced. L'amour also made some other interesting things in the last few weeks. To work with these artists is the best and I'm beyond lucky to have the chance to do it. Special thanks to Don "Datadub" Kratzer for opening the doors to the kingdom and connecting the creativity.


Secret Mechanisms

Some things are planned, some things just happen. This is a little of both. Armodoc is more than it appears to be.

SDCC and Vinyl Beasts

SDCC was great this year. The Global Figure Symposium went really well and Don had everything flowing in a extremely natural way. Having all the super talented artists rotating at the table throughout the convention kept things exciting and a little unpredictable -which are very good things. Thanks to all the different mini companies working together, the amount of new stuff on display was never thrown off track. We were especially honored to have Mori and his Real X Head army of figures as well as Ayako and her Uamou creations there everyday. As always, getting to talk with many of you in person was the best part of the show. We are very lucky to have such articulate and thoughtful people sharing this project with us. I personally hope everybody who came by the table walked away satisfied that this strange adventure was worth going on.


Ruined and Revised

We should have known better, but our plans to launch all the new product this week had some sweet obstacles knocking us all over the place. Delayed shipments, last minute inspections and the usual lack of time beat the hell out of the crew. Things arrived on the day that we were flying out to SDCC. Then one bag of figures ended up in Dallas. We have been debating whether to launch a little batch this week, maybe the new Buildman stuff and Armodoc, but we want to unleash the new Passcode in all its crazy 8-bit glory with it. This Passcode has a few special prizes at the end that we hope will make you smile when you see them. Scar Pheydens, Sarvos and Phanost will all make new appearances in the regular shop along with the new Buildman colors and a certain long delayed Gendrone. New Phase Arm/Gobon Blasters will roll out as well. My personal apologies for the small delay, but in the meantime check out the Warp Zone. Everything else is a go when we return home next week. Thanks for rolling with the waves of this little project.


SDCC 09 Booth #4937

Onell Design is at the Con! I (Marc) will not be attending, as my band finishes up our tour, but stop by booth 4937 to check in with Matt, Jesse, and the rest of the crew. Our booth is officially the Global Figure Symposium, and we'll be joined by likes of RawShark, Real x Head, Suckadelic, LAMOUR Supreme, Dead Presidents, Fig-lab and much more! There are a ton of great things happening throughout the show- check the release & links below for the full scoop.

PRESS: The GLOBAL FIGURE SYMPOSIUM will be a 5-day session with a variety of panels and presentations. GSF2009 is graciously hosted by Onell Design and Callgrim at the San Diego Convention Center (SDCC#4937) . Don 'Datadub' Kratzer - Director of the International Figure Research Laboratory - will be giving the keynote and holding daily morning sessions on recent trends in figure culture from the far east. Afternoon sessions will feature many illustrious guest speakers and special exhibit. The final day will be an open day workshop to recap everything that was covered during the Symposium.

Visit gfs2009.com for the complete schedule!

I am truly bummed to not be in San Diego- but I guess it does give me more time to work on the Passcode continuation...


SDCC Sucks

Part II of III


Armodoc Analysis

Production pieces have come together and here are the first full pics. The unpainted combined stuff shows some of the potential that the vinyl fit functions can achieve. You can build like the little guys, but now you can also build from the inside -out. Those smaller female fit functions look just about the same size diameter as a Gobon foot, don't they? Hybrid craziness is right around the corner.

Original Armodoc Sketches

Here is the original page of sketches that popped out the day my second daughter was born. So I guess both Cirie and the Armodoc turn one year old in August. The second design is also shown. This started the process of breaking the figure into its components. Eventually eleven separate parts were designed for the final production piece.


Average Intelligence II

Tonight (Wednesday July 8th) at 7PM EST we will once again be talking with the dynamic duo over at the Average Intelligence Podcast about all things plastic related and beyond. If you want to hear what we have cooking for SDCC and get the scoop on the latest developments with future projects, feel free to call in and chat! Should be fun and we hope to speak with you guys live! Thanks to Nate and Gary for the opportunity to connect.