Mercenary Alert

Jesse has rolled out an all new wave of Bounty Hunters to wrap up Callgrim's 2015 Star Wars themed releases! He's been talking about an assortment like this since before Callgrim was even in PVC, so producing all the Kenner inspired color selections definitely scratches a long time itch for the Beardlord of Beverly.

Shoot over to the Callgrim shop to see what's cooking. Make sure to also check out Jesse's new Instagram account, which is sure to feature multitudes of creative magic as well as a variety of New England born body horrors.

Awesome wave, Jesse! Love that bike!


Thank You!!!

Thank you for making our 50th wave a good one!

It was really neat to finally run some of the molds in the classic M.U.S.C.L.E. flesh, and the timing seemed right to mark the occasion of our 50th release. I have very fond memories of discovering M.U.S.C.L.E. at our local Zayre department store as a kid, and being crazy about the Robin Mask figure in particular (though I called him "Northern Knight"). I still have my original! To be able to come full circle and produce Pheyden in the iconic flesh hue has been a trip! Some other characters from the ranks may get the flesh treatment in 2016, maybe even some that have never been seen before.

Speaking of trips, we will be attending Designer Con out in Pasadena this weekend, thanks to the dynamic duo at October Toys -the great George and Ayleen Gaspar! This looks to be the most jammed packed DCon yet, with folks traveling from all over the world to showcase what they've been creating throughout the year. We will be set up at Booth 1000, with new stuff available from Jesse (Callgrim), Marcus (Onell/ Bit Figs), Pj (Spaced Out Design), Dominic (Nemo's Factory) and possibly a few surprises as well. A small assortment from Sunday's release will be available at our table, as well as a few random things from the barn.

Fellow Glyos makers Marty (The GodBeast), Mark (Mystical Warriors of the Ring) and Jeremy and Brian (Spy Monkey Creations) will be set up right across from us, featuring some great special releases debuting at the show.

Make sure you check out the amazing array of Japanese Sofubi makers that made the journey from Japan! RealxHead, Studio Uamou, Skull Toys, Punk Drunkers and Goccodo will all be attendance again this year, armed with some excellent new stuff to share.

Of special note, remember to enter the Mecha Zone at booth 813 if you make the show. Incredible left handed illustrator/designer David White will stun you with the figures he's been creating using his 3D printer.

If you're in the Pasadena area or attending the convention, please swing by the booth and say hello! We had an incredibly fun time last year, and getting the chance to catch up with some of you in person was the best.

Thanks again for being part of our 50th wave! We are forever grateful to have the opportunity to continue doing this, and we're always working away behind the scenes to push things into new dimensions -even if we're a little quiet around here sometimes. Multiple projects are right at the threshold of being rolled out that we've been working on for over a year, and we can't wait to share them with you.

Hope to see you in Pasadena!


Union of Exiles

The new store is live!

Please place only ONE order within the first hour tonight, and be sure your Paypal cart is empty before you begin. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Flesh For Fantasy

Mission Details

It's a small round, but there are some unique elements in the mix for Wave 50! Our Noboto mold continues to receive the deluxe paint treatment and a further expansion into the "Exiles" theme with this release, while the Neo Granthan Armorvor takes a page directly out of the classic Battle Beasts color playbook, circa 1987. The Super Crayboth for this assortment pays homage to the more bio-type mecha of the various animated bad guys from our youth, especially those found in Macross/ Robotech. The base green vinyl on this Super Cray matches last July's Orkmogg hue -as well as our friend (and new figure producer) Mike MZ's recent addition to the Glyos universe, the Zullbeast! I think this new color combination might be my personal favorite of all the Super Crayboths we've run up to this point. 

We do have a few secret entries on the list that hopefully you'll find interesting once revealed. It shouldn't be too hard to guess the mystery color, but within the selection of available items we did try something a little different.

We are on track for Sunday night, November 15th at 9:30PM EST. 

On to the list! 

Union of Exiles

Noboto -Exile Sechynn (Light Gray/ Gray paint/ Light Blue painted head w/ Black eyes/ bonus Light Blue/ Gray painted Protoclone head/ Dark Gray Detail Lines ) $10

Armorvor Neo Granthan -Gatorrior Mercenary (Olive Green/ White paint with Redorange visors and bonus head/ backpack) $10 -Features Neo Granthan head 

XXX - $14
XXX - $10

Crayboth - Dark Arzaurian Scout (Olive Green/ Bone accents/ Black accents/ Dark Green Detail Lines) $5 

Axis Joint Set -XXX  $4

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set
-XXX  $2 

Super Crayboth
-Arzaurian Pod Leader (Green Vinyl/ Bone paint/ Black accents/ Dark Green Detail Lines) $26 -Features 13 all new paint applications 

Thank you for nearly 50 releases over 8+ years! Michelle, Marcus and I can't believe this little ship has stayed operational for this long. We're so grateful that each of you continues to travel with us.






In Exile

We will be rolling out our 50th (!) full production release this Sunday night, November 15th at 9:30PM EST with a small assortment of figures (6 of them). A small portion of this wave will also be available at our booth during Designer Con, among some other oddball items.

It's been fun pushing the Noboto colors in different directions, and the edition shown above matches up closely with the recent Standard Pheyden MK V.

Sunday night will also see the return of the Neo Granthan Armorvor, in a color scheme you Battle Beasts fans out there might get a kick out of. It's going to be "gruesome".

More pics and the short list are on deck!


Union Emissary

Way back in 1994, while I was deep into reading Erich von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods for about the 20th time, I started working on one of my own stories called "Union", which pulled many themes from his ancient astronaut hypothesis and combined them with just about every conspiracy theory imaginable found in the various magazines (remember those?) I was reading at the time. Having The X-Files on television also proved a massive influence on the subject matter.

The central idea of Union revolved around a secret war between 3 alien factions, and their collective ties to the development of mankind throughout history. Everything from Area 51, ancient civilizations, cryptozoology, bionic soldiers and a colony of enslaved hybrid manhunters imprisoned within a massive space station on the edge of an artificial black hole made it into the mix (I was just as bananas back then).

Throughout my college years I worked on different elements of the story, creating various illustrations (a couple are shown in this post) and bursts of text in the margins of my school notes. Eventually other stories moved into focus, but a few aesthetic ideas from Union survived and were reborn, showing up in Rechlen and Aves and beyond. Since I was fond of the leather armored "Warrior Grays" from Union, I decided to have any classic looking Gray alien type that might show up in the Glyos System resemble those old designs a bit. 

Eventually I ended up sculpting the oddball alien in the pics above, a character that was based on the old Union designs. The body is a series of twist ties, with plumber's compound built over them. Kind of a mini vintage OSM construction with some pretty rough sculpting.This little guy was given to Michelle for Christmas around 2002-2003 (I built my first sculpted-over twist tie guy in early 1999).

The recent secret mode Exile Deniken from our last release pays homage to the Warrior Grays from the original Union story, as well as the original twist tie "Deniken" that's shown above.

Be on the lookout for some other color variations of the Noboto mold that take the core design for a similar "alien" spin.

Maybe even this week.