Another One from Jesse Moore

Jesse just completed this insane painting of his boy, Callgrim or as we refer to him "Skullface". Any time Jesse knocks something out it makes us crazy for more, and this portrait of the Gear's Edge resident bad ass is no exception. The mood set in this image really draws you in. Amazing as usual Jesse, keep it up!


Crayboth Test Shots

Well, the first Crayboth test shots have arrived and they look and feel great. There are a few little tweaks to be made as usual, but things are looking on track. All the parts will be interchangeable with Pheyden and Exellis, so that should be fun for building some crazy new stuff.


Alternate Pheydens

Owing to his ability to travel through the Edge of Space and phase throughout time, Pheyden has actually split into many versions of himself. He exists simultaneously in many different realities and sometimes even works with these alternate versions of himself if the need should arise. Each Pheyden has his own personality, but still follows the code of keeping infinity in order. Scar Pheyden was called to Eidrallis to assist the first Pheyden in containing a viral outbreak that was driving the Eidrallim to destroy one another. Having phased from a reality that was harsh and chaotic, Scar Pheyden was a natural choice for dealing with the suddenly violent climate of planet Eidrallis. Mounting a Claw Crawler, he readies for an inevitable clash with the normally peaceful Eidrallim.

Villser Confrontation

Following the path of combining the Exellis and Pheyden figures the latest beast to materialize is the Villser. These skeletal wraiths absorb different beings and even each other in an effort to become the perfect synthesis of their race and ultimate life form. Though their primary goal is the same, the Villsers are extremely hostile, making no distinction between friend or foe, either absorbing or destroying anything in their way. Pheyden wears a special Trapping Suit to aid him in stopping a renegade Villser that has boarded the Edgeliner Delphi in an attempt to absorb Aves.


Dropping the Price

We have managed to get the cost down on Pheyden and Exellis after some number crunching and now offer them at $8 each! We will also be unleashing the Crayboth very soon as well as Gobon. Learning the ropes, as far as getting actual toys made, and trying to support a business from the endeavor can be complicated at times. We would sincerely like to thank everybody who has supported us and pushed us to keep expanding, all the great emails and words of encouragement have been the life blood of this project. Everybody here at Onell Design is really excited for the next wave of figures and look forward to sharing them with all our friends, old and new alike. Oh yeah, hope you guys like Glow in the Dark stuff....(I'm looking at you Sanjeev!)

The Jesse Treatment

Freaking Jesse. When this bastard gets cranking on something you are always guaranteed the best. His take on Pheyden battling the Crayboth is just plain sick.
Jesse, if you don't do more paintings I am going to simply hurt you. Seriously.

Christopher Boivin's Artwork

Here is another round of art from our friend and artist Chris Boivin. He has taken a shine to the Gear's Edge characters and sent over these great illustrations. Seeing his take on this stuff is very satisfying and the fact that he took the time to render our goofball cowboy Sincroids like this is an honor. Love that One With No Name pic! Thanks again Chris, send more!


Reflex Suit Compact

Used for cleaning up Crayboth infestations on Planet Alcray's mining sites, the Reflex Suit Compact can completely encase the operator for added protection. It has excellent climbing capabilities and can really take a beating. Parts can be swapped for quick repairs and unexpected situations.

Eidrallim Scout Pod

So I have officially gone bug crazy. The more I build the deeper the hole gets. So, I don't even know how many Exellis Hyper figures gave their lives for this "Scout Pod" but I'm guessing about 35. The front hatch opens to reveal a clear green Eidrallim pilot. The pod wings can be folded out and swiveled around. Another huge pile of joints so by default the thing moves like crazy but stays nice and tight. Many different configurations can be created if you get bored. Pheyden can fit in it as well and the hatch comes down and hooks in place on the nose of the pod. It feels very solid and really looks like a giant bee fighter in the round. Finalized the standard Eidrallim worker as well. These guys don't have the powerful double arms of the soldier class but can move quick and last longer at work.


Reflex Suit

Following along in the crazy evolution of building new stuff from the Exellis Hyper figures I have arrived at the Reflex Suit. This beast consists of:
27 calves
27 pelvis units
25 chests
30 left upper arms
24 upper thighs (left and right)
The whole suit can move all over the place and stays together tightly. Pheyden fits in the top and locks in with a kind of roller coaster bar over his shoulders. I have been dreaming about making something like this out of these parts for a long time. Seeing the results of the combined figures has me reevaluating some of the direction for the Glyos line. In a good way.


Eidrallim Evolution

These insectoid configurations resemble a species from the Glyos System called the Eidrallim. Upon maturity, these bug type soldiers bathe in an ancient underground lake filled with a metallic liquid that permanently coats their bodies. This process gives them protection from the harsh surface of their home world, the planet Eidrallis. Eidrallis holds a strange connection with the quarantined planet Issaris.

Monkey Fresh Magic

Check out the review on ActionFigureInsider.com posted by Spy Magician and Fresh Monkey. Cool review by one of the best toy customizers we know. Just a footnote, the figures are made of super durable injection molded PVC plastic. Thanks again Jeremy and Bill.


Eclipse Pheyden

More Crossbreeds


Hyper Crossbreed

Going further along with the whole mash-up project, these bizarre formations continue to get weirder. I'm a huge insect fan, so that influence sneaks in there quite often. I think a bit of Antron from the Micronauts when I look at a few of these cosmic creatures. Still carrying around the Eclipse Pheyden.... I really like the black plastic for some reason. More to come...


Chiller Theatre, Parsippany, New Jersey - October 5th-7th

Our friend (and master of arcane toy knowledge) Roger Harkavy will be at the Chiller Theatre show this weekend in New Jersey with a batch of Glyos System Series figures and Super 7's Ghostland vinyls for sale. Roger will actually have the Reverse Exellis available as an exclusive for this event, marking the first time this version has been available since the San Diego Comic Con (only a few were produced). If you are in the New Jersey area check out the show, and make sure to track Roger down and test his powerful brain with an assault of Japanese toy questions- I have yet to see him struggle for an answer on any subject. I think he may be a robot...no, I know he's a robot. Thanks Roger and good luck at the show!


Callgrim Fan Art

When I saw these drawings pop up in my email I made a bee line over here to get them posted. These are some shots of Callgrim from Gear's Edge as seen through the eyes of artist Christopher Boivin. Chris has a great creative mind and a very steady hand and I know that Jesse and Ciaran will especially like this version of Callgrim. Thanks Chris, this looks awesome- keep them coming!