Waterwood 3


Waterwood 2



Snake Point

A little slithering going on at the Point.


Turtle Log

While Matt was out exploring his hometown scenery, I was... out exploring my hometown scenery. Benson's Park in Hudson, NH was once "the strangest farm on earth"- a mini zoo and amusement park rolled into one, before it was shutdown and abandoned in 1987. Over 20 years later, the park was reopened and beautifully restored. And for serendipity's sake, check out the 2nd photo above... I too found some turtle friends. 21 to be exact!


Turtle Point

Every so often I get a chance to hike around my old childhood stomping grounds on the other side of town. The pics shown above were taken in an area I called Turtle Point when I was young, as you were almost guaranteed to see a turtle if you looked into its murky marshes for a spell.


Thank You!!!

Thank you for the great response to Monday night's mini wave! This being a smaller round, we tried to adjust the numbers a bit so that folks would be able to pick up what they wanted without too much trouble. As always, we'll keep pushing to improve the experience of checking out the new stuff when it pops up. 

As we approach our 8th anniversary this July, I keep thinking about how incredibly lucky we are to continue operating, and the genuine life force that all of you have given to this small thing we call Glyos. I could put up a thank you post a dozen times a day for the rest of my life and it wouldn't come close to conveying how deeply our entire family appreciates what your collective support keeps alive.

Over the years the landscape of independent manufacturing has changed dramatically, with design trends and delivery methods shifting at a rapid rate. These days it seems bananas to think about funding a new project without a stacked Kickstarter, a social media blitz, and some serious financial commitment from supporters and makers alike. I've seen the pros and cons debated on both sides, but when you take a look at the current state of collecting, the KS  "preorder" structure may well prove to be the only viable way for a new project to ever see the light of day for many companies and individuals.

I bring this stuff up because I want to share a little bit about why we roll things out the way we do. For the most part, I believe our system of "releases" or "drops" keeps things moving at an exciting clip, and still holds a bit of mystery in regards to what will appear, especially in a presale universe that basically eliminates the experience of discovering even the simplest of surprises. Our way is far from an exact science, and absolutely has its downsides, so we are constantly tweaking things behind the scenes to help improve our performance. But what is the right balance? When is something too abundant and something else too scarce? Do folks like to receive their goods within a week of ordering from a stocked launch? Or is waiting months to possibly even a year after a crowdfunding campaign ends acceptable to guarantee a certain item? The answers literally shift with each collector's personal philosophy. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Thank you once again for keeping the doors on this bus, and for navigating another oddball mind maze of words!


Code of the Slayers

The new store is LIVE!

Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR tonight. We usually see an increased volume of traffic during a new release and need everyone's cooperation to ensure things operate smoothly. After the initial dust settles, we will lift all limits. Thanks for your understanding and support. Have fun!


Mini Mission Details

Everything is in the barn and ready to go for our early May Mini Wave!

A special point of interest for this round is the debut of a new "Gunmetal" silver PVC that features a deep metallic finish and looks pretty unique in hand. The Skeleden, Neo Granthan Armorvor and Crayboth molds each get to test the waters of this new metallic mix, with a secondary color of PMS 185C red and metallic gold accents across the three figures.

Neo Phase clear green makes its return in a special two tone color combination, sporting a clear dark teal Traveler body under the clear neon green Skeleden Armor.

Mordireus neon pink also comes back from the void in the form of an eye searing Skeleden Mutation!

There will be a couple surprises tomorrow night as well!

Code of the Slayers

Dungeon Traveler Skeleden -Slayer Mutation (Red/Gunmetal Silver w/ painted eyes, Red Skeleden head/ armor/ upper arms/ thighs/ axe and Gunmetal Silver Traveler base body/ upper arms/ thighs/ Pheyden head) $12
Dungeon Traveler Skeleden -Neo Phase Mutation (Clear Neon Green/Clear Dark Teal w/ painted eyes, Clear Neon Green Skeleden head/ armor/ upper arms/ thighs/ axe and Clear Dark Teal Traveler base body/ upper arms/ thighs/ Pheyden head) $12
Dungeon Traveler Skeleden -Mordireus Mutation (Clear Neon Pink w/ painted eyes, Clear Neon Pink Skeleden head/ armor/ upper arms/ thighs/ axe and Clear Neon Pink Traveler base body/ upper arms/ thighs/ Pheyden head) $12

Armorvor  -Neo Granthan Slayer (Gunmetal Silver/Red Paint with Metallic Gold visors and bonus head/ backpack) $10 -Features Neo Granthan head

Crayboth -Slayer $4  

As previously mentioned, the store will also see a restock of the Ultra Bronze accessories. In addition to the above selection, we'll also be restocking Clear Colorless Axis Joint Sets, Clear Colorless Phase Arm Sets and Clear Colorless Skeleden Armor Sets for the launch.

Thanks for checking out the list!


Double Phase

We are still on track to roll out a small selection of figures this coming Monday, May 4th, at 9:30PM EDT. Full details on the mini wave will pop up over the weekend.

Along with the new hues the store will also be restocked with the Ultra Bronze accessories (Axis Joint, Swing Joint, Hub and Phase Arm Sets), to reinforce the Sendollest Guard!

On a side note, it's good to see some grass around here again!