Thank You!!!

Thank you for warmly welcoming us back from our long winter (and spring) hibernation. The turnout for the new wave was really something special, and Michelle, Marc and I are forever grateful that your genuine interest and positive energy still flow through this entire project. We deeply, deeply appreciate that you all kept the door cracked open for when we finally wandered back in from the cold.   

By now many of your packages have arrived or are in transit to their various destinations, and as of this writing, everything except what came in overnight has been sent out. Michelle and Pj really went to town for this release, processing and sorting the largest amount of orders we've ever had like a pair of cyborgs. Or maybe more like a  a pair of Sincroborgs. Massive thanks to Pj for making yet another critical assist. The Paper Palace was even reinforced for the event! TBS, Saosin and Tuxedo were all on loop.

Speaking of Sincroborgs, I hope that the new build on the block sparks some fresh creativity and brings a little fun into the mix for those that picked it up. I tried to pour an extra level of custom potential and secret discovery everywhere I could into the sculpt. That bugger now holds the record for the longest amount of hours I've ever logged into a figure project, with its actual starting point dating back to 2019 (if you nose around the blog you'll find that Sincroborg action was slowly forming in the background). The late, great Ralph and I had even worked previews of the basic design into the illustrations he did for Wave 84 and 87. He was excited to draw the new character, and enjoyed busting my chops because I had "finally sculpted some new humanoid faces". So it's only fitting that we dedicate the release of the figure (and its two humanoid faces - and some more to come) to him. I like to think that part of Ralph will live on in the Sincroborg, and at some point maybe we'll show a few of the raw drawings we sent back and forth when we were hiding bits of it in his launch work. 

Looking ahead, we do have plans to do a smaller release in late July to mark our 14th year, and then hopefully another round in the fall.  It feels good to hear the engine running again, and the whole family thanks you for jump-starting our batteries and giving us a push to get back on the road.




Wave 90 is GO!

Wave 90 is live!
Refresh: https://onell.store


Limit have been lifted! Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Also, due to the state of things with Covid-19, we will only be shipping domestically (and to Canada) for this wave. We sincerely apologize to our international customers for the situation.

Sincro Synthesis

Cady, Marcus and I combined forces to put together this small window into what other strange activity lurks inside the high plains tundras on Planet Granthan. Huge congratulations to Cady for once again diving into the mix and sharing her talent with us. I know her late Uncle Ralph is smiling somewhere in the beyond.
Big thanks goes out to Glen Schricker for the awesome reimagining of the "Soul of the Traveler" theme, originally composed by Rich Vreeland. The full track is available now at the Circuits and Brains bandcamp.

Imperfect Paradigm Sincroborg: Corderrun

Special combination build with Star Marshall: Sincroid Superior Black Core.

Imperfect Paradigm Sincroborg: Buildriun

Imperfect Paradigm Sincroborg: Proturrec

Star Marshall: Lost Sincroid Army Advanced


Star Marshall: Sincroid Superior Black Core


Mechavorian Argenesis Black Core


Pheyaos Super Fusion


Pheyaos Midoric Clone


Mini Exodrone

Delphi: Force Gearius

Crayboth: Force Gearius

Armorvor: Force Gearius

Traveler: Force Gearius

Glyan: Force Gearius

Commander Gearius DX


Emerging Entities

  New horizons welcome new arrivals.
Wave 90 launches Thursday, May 20th at 9:30PM EDT.


Surface Healing

The last few months have been spent mostly away from the public digital world, with a tight focus on clocking in more solid hours with the family and contemplating the past, present and future of our operation. You know, lightweight stuff.

Though massively belated, I will eternally be thankful for all the truly extraordinary dedication that we've been shown by so many of you out there, now coming up on fourteen years straight. It feels very surreal to think about all that's changed during that span of time. 

It absolutely sounds generic, but 2020 really did have some incredible highs coinciding with some of the deepest lows, all coming right on top of each other. The sudden passing of Ralph flattened our whole household, and it made it extremely hard for me to stay focused on keeping the ship running with excitement knowing that he was gone. After mostly pulling it together for the big December 2020 release, I felt the need to circle the wagons and regenerate with the kids and Michelle. It was a very quiet holiday season but the silence was welcome. That healing period extended into the last three months.

Clearly this blog has been something that I've slowed down on over the last few years, though I do still love that we built so much through this now fairly antiquated portal into what we do over here. It's not shown as much, but my time is still spent drawing, sculpting and assisting all the other makers on the regular. I've just become a bit more introverted over the years in posting about it. I tend to go the other way when I see so much heavy overexposure happening with almost everything out there.

With the above being said, we do have multiple things in motion and hopefully at the end of the month or maybe early April we'll be ready to share some new stuff. 

The creative fire will never go out, it's just not burning in the spotlight.