Thank You!!!

A belated but big thank you for returning to Granthan with us on our 16th anniversary! The fact that we've somehow managed to quietly survive this long is an absolute testament to your dedication and generosity. 

Gearius and his various adventures over the years frames much of the creative journey that we've slowly explored since starting production Glyos back in 2007. One of the very first variant Pheydens was the Gear's Edge style, debuting in Wave 1 along with Standard Pheyden and Phase Pheyden. It was soon after that rollout that I carved a scar into one of the Gear's Edge Pheyden heads, which subsequently ended up becoming the prototype for the Scar Pheyden head that continues to be offered to this day. 

Soul of the Traveler, arguably the magnum opus of the Passcode era (thanks in particular to the extraordinary original soundtrack created by Disasterpeace), prominently featured Gearius in one of the lead roles, piloting his beloved Rig right into the heart of an unfolding space-time tragedy. I'll never forget working with Rich and Marcus up in the attic together as we hammered out that whole project. 

Gearius also reappeared once again as part of what stands as our most successful assortment to date "by the numbers", Wave 90. Who would think that a brown based wave would land at the top spot of all our statistics, but such is the case. 

Though he's a Second Generation Traveler, Gearius has really been with us from the start, so it's felt extra satisfying to fill your packages with the latest iteration of a somewhat unassuming, yet very pivotal, "new" old version of one of the first Pheydens. 

As of this writing, all orders have been packed and shipped out. Michelle and I were on duo duty, so it took a little longer to process the pile, but thanks to her we stayed on track. The main listening selection in the barn this time was to the 1980 Astro Boy animation, which I've watched so many times that I can "see" it, even if only just hearing the audio. We also listened to the new Indiana Jones soundtrack from the latest movie for a spell. We'll always love Indy around here. 

Our next round will be in conjunction with the upcoming trip to Power-Con in early August. The meeting of Glyos makers in the special "Glyos Alley" section of this beefy show covers almost everybody who is currently active in production, so it should be a good one. We plan to offer what we're bringing to the show online in our store at the same time as the convention, so this would mark the return of the "non-con" release, much like what we would sometimes do back in the SDCC days. Expect a direct crossover with the Culture Pirates shop as well.

Thank you once again for all the genuine creative freedom that you've fostered and shared throughout the last 16 years. Let's keep at it and see where the Dimension Gate takes us next!

*Extra special thanks to Cady for the powerful illustration of Gearius shown above! Truly amazing work, Bubba! 



Wave 98 is GO!!!

Wave 98 is live!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Also, due to the state of things with Covid-19, we will only be shipping domestically (and to Canada) for this wave. We sincerely apologize to our international customers for the situation.

Gauss Armor Relgost Fugitive

Armored Delphi Reccuryn

Sincroborg Gray Renegade

Pheyden Prime

Variable Reflex Driver: Cliff Drifter

Crayboth Alcrayer CC Pic

Thanks for the awesome Crayboth pic, CC! Your future job as official Onell photographer awaits!

Crayboth Alcrayer

Armorvor Kugarrec Granthan Drifter

Variable Sincrodrone Granthan Drifter

Glyan Granthan Drifter

Traveler Gearius Granthan Drifter

As a Second Generation Traveler, Gearius possesses far fewer abilities than those of his First Generation brethren. Even after manning a powerful Rig and then later utilizing Delphi powered armor to lead his own special forces, Gearius still wonders about what his greater purpose might be. Must he always rely solely on external technology to meet any challenge, or could there be a way to evolve beyond it?

Depowering back down into a normal Traveler form (albeit now sporting a special multipurpose poncho armor he procured from a mysterious dealer of antiquities called Draecarek), Gearius returns to Granthan in search of answers, accompanied by a small team of kindred drifters ... 


Cliff Drifting

Drift across the Cliffs of Granthan once again with Wave 98,
rocking in this Sunday, July 9th at 9:30PM EDT!