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The new store is live!

Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT, and be sure your Paypal cart is empty before you begin. Please note all Glyarmor sets are limited to ONE PER ORDER. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Armorvor Neo Nonillia Mimic

Bit Rippers

Glyclops Neo Nonillia

Armorvor Keytrius Mimic


Shuffle and Switch

Some hiccups over here have shuffled the release this week to a tentative date of Thursday, March 31st, at 9:30PM EDT. Hopefully PayPal will behave and this wave will not turn what's left of my hair an extra shade of white.

Many elements in this new assortment thematically follow up the February 2016 launch, serving as a little sequel in the style department.

The Armodoc also makes its return (in the slightly pearlescent orange vinyl with metallic paint shown above) and includes a matching Syclodoc head, so you can swap the noggins around for a different look.

Just about everything in this little round will be revealed before we go live.

Should be a fun week!


Family Night

Cady and CC both hit the drawing pads this time, each producing another round of our familiar aliens in action! It was the best watching the girls work on their stuff together, stealing my markers and pens throughout the process (their dad was also in drawing mode).

The particular versions shown in the images above will be surfacing early next week -that is of course if the kids don't swipe them all first. I've never seen the girls so excited by the colors on the figures before. Usually Glyos ends up losing out to the Zelfs, Shopkins and Barbies that populate the play areas around here.

I guess those Zelfs are pretty good.

Thank you for the awesome artwork, Bubba and Bays! 


Cady's Glyclops

When Cady first saw the clear orange with sparkles Glyclops, she was pretty excited. It wasn't more than a few hours after she spied the figure that she produced the drawing shown above.

As Cady speeds through her youth, it's little points like receiving a piece of artwork from her that slows the process, even for just for a moment.


Spaced Out Design: Mecha Treeborgs

Extended family member and 3D printing machine, Pj Bartlett of Spaced Out Design, will have a brand new round of homegrown figures available tonight, March 12th, at 9PM EST.

The amount of work that Pj pours into each one of these 3D printed figures is pretty crazy. Just about every time we talk he's busy either printing, cleaning, vapor bathing or painting one of his mechanical marvels. Based on what I've seen, the work that goes into creating just one fully poseable 3D printed figure is far beyond the tortures that can come with silicone mold making and resin casting (speaking from direct experience). The end results are absolutely worth it though, as you can actually play with the final piece and even fully customize it (which I got to do with the figure shown above). The resolution is still coming together with the available tech, but I would challenge any action figure collector not to crack a smile when handling one of these little guys.

Between the work Pj, Sanjeev, Ben and David are all doing with 3D printing, the future is looking better than ever for homegrown projects. These guys are all moving in incredible directions.

Well done on another excellent assortment, Pj! It's been a privilege watching you push your limits and seeing you build so many unique figures over the years. This is one of your best runs yet.


Knights of the Slice: Stealth Phasing Mode

Toy Pizza mastermind and Knights of the Slice creator, Jesse DeStasio, is offering for a limited time a Clear Colorless Stealth "Phasing Mode" Knight of the Slice over at the Toy Pizza Shop for a specially priced $10 USD.

This version matches up with our current Buildstation selection and also follows the tradition of a reduced price on select clear colorless runs to allow for more building and customizing options. Standing at roughly 4" tall, the Knight design works quite well as a larger humanoid base body for building, particularly with the Axis, Swing, Phase Arm and Hub accessory sets.

Jesse also has some limited edition, one of a kind customized Series 3 "Goldbag" Knights available for preorder as well in the Toy Pizza Shop. These special versions explore a wide range of painting techniques that are applied directly by Jesse (a long time toy customizer) himself. Very unique, and a great window into Jesse's creative vision and style.

If you are looking to find the main release for the Knights of the Slice figures, be sure to check out the full assortment of blind bagged figures available over at Hastings, both online and in their actual stores.

When I first met Jesse, I was walking around SDCC in 2004 with a backpack full of Microshow books and custom figures (the very same event where I met Spy Monkey's awesome Jeremy Sung!). We clicked right away and have been friends ever since that first meeting.

I've personally had lot of fun finally working on a full production figure together after all these years, and it's hard not to crack a smile each time I look at the toy shelf/pile and see those weirdo Knights staring back at me.

Now, we need to make Rex.

Looking forward to the next stage, Jesse!


Zullbeast Psychozor

New vinyl maker and painting mega talent, Mike MZ, has an all new version of his menacing Zullbeast available right now over in his store. Featuring a brand new head sculpt and produced in fully Glyos compatible purple rotocast vinyl, the nearly 7-inch tall Zullbeast Psychozor is one sinister looking creature from the Void!

Congratulations on the new addition to the family, Mike!


Double Thank You!!!

After some major dodging and weaving behind the scenes, we have made it through the recent strangeness of the late double February release in one piece. PayPal can be like a labyrinth even on the best of days, so when things take a turn it can really drive you bonkers to find a way out of the mess. Sitting in front of a supposedly automated inventory system on a computer screen with a "double check" tally sheet in your lap and a pen in your hand is almost laughable from an outside perspective.


Huge thanks to each of you for sticking with us while we sorted out the logistics and inventory issues.

A double helping of gratitude as well for all the feedback regarding the potential second edition of the Varteryx Gotherrus figure. Based on the response, we've decided to greenlight another limited production run. Expect to see the armored avian return some time in the late Spring.

Our next wave is on track for the end of this month, and features a few color combinations with ties to the old days. Should be fun as long as PayPal holds up!

Thanks again from Michelle, Marcus and I for everything.