Thank You!!!

Thank you for a truly excellent 7th anniversary release! We continue to survive thanks 100% to your dedication and generosity, and our family could not be more thankful for being allowed to last 7 years in the crazy world that is toy making. 

When I sat down to take the first photos of the production Super Crayboth, an extremely deep feeling of gratitude came over me, one that caused me to pause right before the first click of my ancient camera went off. After working on the little bugger for literally years, and wondering many times whether or not I would ever finish the blasted sculpt, things finally fell into place and delivered the Big Cray just in time for Sunday's special wave. Maybe my little shadow continues to look out for us, now from another place, beyond the things we know. It kind of feels that way to me.

Looking at the next few months, we have some planned waves that should be fun to explore together. Early September is slated to welcome the return of an old team, first released back in late 2010. October will feature a very small release, centered around the Armorvors, as has been the tradition in these parts for the last couple years. We will not be attending NYCC this year, so we can focus on some projects that we currently have in the pipeline. I'll be posting some thoughts regarding the current state of conventions as a whole in the coming weeks, and I would really like to get some feedback on how you each feel about this particular subject. The choice not to attend this year was not an easy one.

As we move into our 8th year, the stakes are higher, the competition is more intense, and the general flow of funds is tighter than ever before. Nothing is a guarantee in any venture, but inspiration and dedication absolutely make a difference in the equation. We love what we do here more each day, and understand completely that it could all fade away with only a few hard turns of circumstance. My instincts tell me that some major bumps are coming to the independent toy companies, and not everyone will emerge from these shifts intact. Moving into this era of change, I'm cautious yet excited, because I still feel that creative fire burning inside.

I hope you feel it too.

Thank you for everything.


Super Crayboth Glyventure!

Here's a little game we've been working on to coincide with both our anniversary and the release of our new vinyl figure. It's a Glyventure game, with controls similar to Dungeon Traveler but a few twists. My favorite addition is the Glyan Boombox (aka the Rhythemitter), featuring tunes by Arcade Rats (aka my twin). Click it during gameplay to cycle through a few tunes!

Depending on which player you choose, you may have a different experience, especially when going up against the Super Cray. The game is currently in Duel Mode only, so there is no ending... yet. Check back soon as we will unlock Commander Kullkizer and add a few other touches.

Massive thanks from Matt and I to my brother Jbo for delivering some clutch tuneage, and of course thanks to all of you for 7 years of continuous support. We hope you get a fun summer time vibe from this game that puts a smile on your face.

PS- Limits have been lifted and you may place additional orders.

Neo Craywave

                                           The store is LIVE!
You may place ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR tonight. We are seeing a high volume of traffic and need everyone's cooperation to make this as smooth as possible. After the initial dust settles, we will allow customers to place another order. Thanks for your understanding and support. Have fun! 

We are super excited to celebrate our 7th anniversary with you guys tonight! Thank you for 7 wild years together! Let's see if we can squeeze out a few more!

Come back around 10pm for something extra special!

On Track!

We are still on track for tonight at 9:30PM EST! Last minute tweaks and organizing are in full effect.

Super Crayboth


Mission Details

This being the 7th anniversary of our tiny little operation, we thought that the occasion deserved something extra special. Well, after years of development and a ton of concentrated work, our family is happy to finally share something long in the making with you... Meet the new vinyl Super Crayboth!

The Super Crayboth started life within the "King" Crayboth conceptual drawings, but gradually evolved into a different part of the Crayboth lore, manifesting as a key element in an underlying story arc involving a shared history with the Voss and the Villser. What if the Crayboth had been preparing all this time for the return of the Villser? What dark past had they survived to claim their new home on the Sporian Planet Alcray? These questions frequently rattle around in my demented head, so I really wanted to start exploring the true history of our resident mini menaces. This anniversary release hopefully gets the ball rolling!

On to the list!

-LIMIT 1 per EACH STYLE Super Crayboth

Super Crayboth

Glyan -Crayhunter Standard (Grayeen Blue/Redorange with Black visors and White tampo w/ reconfigured Dark Traveler scarf and belt) $8
Glyan -Crayhunter Reverse (Redorange/Grayeen Blue with Black visors and White tampo w/ reconfigured Dark Traveler scarf and belt) $8

Crayhunter Commander Kullkizer (Grayeen Blue/Redorange with painted eyes and White tampo w/ Dark Traveler head/Traveler belt/Traveler scarf/Inner Dark Traveler scarf) $8
Crayhunter Commander Vullestren  (Redorange/Grayeen Blue with painted eyes and White tampo w/ Dark Traveler head/Traveler belt/Traveler scarf/Inner Dark Traveler scarf) $8

Crayboth Hunter Clone  (Grayeen Blue/Redorange paint) $4
Crayboth Disruptor MK II  (Light Purple/Dark Purple paint) $4  
Crayboth Mariner  (Light Blue/Light Magenta paint) $4   
Crayboth Cultivator  (Light Magenta/Light Blue paint) $4 
Crayboth Harvester  (Light Yellow/Green paint) $4 
Crayboth Stealth MK III  (Clear Colorless) $3  
Crayboth ???  $4  
Crayboth ???  $4  

Dark Traveler Neo Phase (Clear Green w/painted eyes, removable belt and inner/outer scarves) $8
Noboto Neo Phase (Clear Green w/painted eyes, bonus head) $8

Swing Joint Set (Clear Green) $4
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set (Clear Green) $2 
Axis Joint Set -Grayeen Blue $3  Special Anniversary Price
Axis Joint Set -Redorange $3  Special Anniversary Price

Super Crayboth Standard (Green Vinyl/Dark Pink paint/Light Pink accents) $25 
Super Crayboth ??? $25

The Super Crayboth stands just over 4" tall and is 5"wide. The construction is comprised of 6 separate parts, with the arms and legs using the standard small vinyl fit function and the waist connection debuting a new medium sized fit function, designed specifically to hold a PVC Crayboth in place when stored inside the Super Crayboth body.

Not since their original launch has there been this many versions of Crayboth offered at once! We have been working on this wave for what seems like the entire year, so seeing everything come together after many bumps and some intense turns in the road feels pretty surreal. I keep thinking that we still have to turn the mechanical color guides for this release in, even though I'm holding the final figures and the barn is now stocked!

Leading up to the launch on Sunday night, we'll pop up some posts spotlighting the Super Crayboth with details about its development.

I hope you guys like the newest addition to the Glyos System!

EDIT: I forgot to list the Axis Joints Sets! Too many hours staring at the screen! 
Also forgot to post the LIMIT 1 PER EACH STYLE on the Super Crayboth!


Small Operations

After the recent events around here, getting my act together to prepare our upcoming 7th anniversary release has been a little bit more challenging than usual. Marking the passing of another year of Glyos, this time without Hutch, feels bittersweet. Though I do think he may already be working some magic from wherever he ended up, as some projects that have been in motion for a long while have finally come to fruition (one is preparing to roll into town this week!)

We are on track to have a small round of stuff available this Sunday night, July 27th, at 9:30PM EST. The assortment list will be pop up later tomorrow, and should make those of you who like the Crayboth smile.


New Robo Force Rollout

Our good friends over at Toyfinity have something really good on tap tonight, just in time to cheer us up. John put a ton of work into the latest round of stuff, and the results came out super good. Vanguard shares the orange hue from the recent Granthan Corps LSA as well as a secondary redorange that is very close to one of our upcoming Crayhunter colors. All in all, an awesome wave.

It's been a strange week, but sitting at the computer and editing some new pics has actually helped to settle my short circuited brain over the last few days. Nothing like traveling into the imagination to reconnect the wires and feel inspiration pulsing again. It's definitely going to take me a bit to get used to Hutch not sitting next to me as I work on this stuff, but the show must go on.

My sincere thanks again to all of you.


RIP Hutch July 1994 - July 15th 2014

My feline shadow for the past 20 years, Hutch, passed away in my arms last night of old age. He had been with me for just about half my life, and served as a true constant in an ever changing world. No matter where I went, when I came home he would be waiting to say hello.

I hope Hutch is exploring somewhere incredible tonight with Zach and Fivey, surrounded by mountains of turkey breast and rivers of tuna water, and any other food that might drop on the floor of eternity.

Until we meet again, little man.

Thank you to all our friends for the messages and calls, your love has made this transition much easier on our whole family. 

Thank you so much.


New Weaponeers of Monkaa Release

The dynamic Spy Monkey Creations duo have a fantastic new release scheduled to pop up in their store today, July 9th, at 12PM PST!

Dubbed the Lava Strike Force, these fresh additions to the Weaponeers Universe are a true sight to behold in hand. I recently took a few of them up to Gloucester and snapped the pics above as the sun was nearing the horizon, resulting in some pretty wild lighting effects. The combination of clear neon orange parts, black PVC and painted accents really delivers a unique and visually arresting assortment. Brilliant work!

Be sure to head over to the Weaponeers of Monkaa story page to discover the secrets of the Lava Strike Force for yourself, accompanied by the extraordinary imagery of the one and only Nate Baertsch!

Fantastic round, Jeremy and Brian! Good luck today!