OMFG Shipping

Starts tomorrow and will continue into the weekend.

Good luck to Marcus on his trip! Have fun over there, 11!


A Tribe Called Glyos

Hey guys! Marcus here. I wanted to say thanks for all the positive feedback for the OMFG media and make note that they have been added to the archives: Ralph's gorgeous OMFG comic is on the sidelines here and you can find the Project: OMFG Passcode at the select screen.

In other news, I am headed overseas tomorrow to tour Europe with a new band! I will join Latin rockers Mr. Kowalksy on a 3-week adventure hitting Germany, Switzerland and France. Expect to see a few random blog posts of Pheyden crowd-surfing to strange new places... and if we're lucky, maybe a certain Bruno Orbit dude will show up in some pics...

Destroy Babylon (my band of 10+ years) will continue strong next year, but Matt and I also have some fun projects on tap for 2012. Thanks as always to everyone involved in the Glyos Community. To spend everyday of my life making music, art and toys with great friends and family is all I could ever ask for. I'll miss everyone (especially my beautiful wife Heidi) and cannot wait to jump back into it in January!!


OMFG! Extra!

It's a little bit late, but new content for tonight's OMFG! launch is ready to go, thanks to the combined talents of Marcus and Ralph!

You can checkout an all new Mini Passcode with some special interactive goodies put together by 8-Bit mastermind Marcus as well as a crazy brand new comic by the one and only Ralph Niese.
Both of these are connected in celebration of the OMFG! project and feature some sneak peeks into what's in store for January over here.

Special thanks to George and Ayleen of October Toys for spearheading the OMFG! project and  pushing to make it a reality. We are already excited for Wave 2!


OMFG! is LIVE: onelldesign.com/store (refresh!)

Edit: Stealth Glyan MK II has been added to the store as well!

Come back around 10pm for some fun extra content!

OMFG! A Wrasslin' Castle

OMFG! Stones Throw

OMFG! -The Phantom Outhouse!

The product of artist Kyle Thye (designer) and our old collaborating brojack Ralph Niese (sculptor), the Phantom Outhouse (or Shithouse) is probably the most insane of the first 5 OMFG! in terms of concept and execution.

Directly from Kyle:
My thoughts for the Phantom Shithouse's back story is that a backwoods part of the Ozark's where greedy corporations started dumping their toxic waste also happened to be inhabited by a hillbilly family. The toxic waste leeched into their water supply and food creating some pretty unusual trips to the outhouse. Eventually the bacteria and toxic "waste" created a symbiotic hive mentality and uprooted from the hole, taking the outhouse right with them to exact revenge on corporate greed and any who dare stand in its stinky wake!

Kyle is also responsible for the above illustration, showing what happens when Travelers don't flush. Thank you to Kyle and Ralph for bringing this hilarious pile of wood and poo to life!


Turkey Time!

Happy Thanksgiving from our Outhouse to yours!

Spectral Fumes


From the Monsterforge!

Charles "Monsterforge" Marsh, creator and sculptor of the OMFG!'s Multiskull and all around powerhouse of talent has created the above illustration to add to the OMFG! action this week! It looks like Aves Exellis is about to get his clock cleaned by a much cooler looking and flat out nastier opponent!

From Monsterforge himself:

The story behind Multiskull is that he's an amalgamation of the spirits of warriors slain in battle... he draws his power from all the dead killed throughout the history of armed combat-- both on Earth and beyond (hence the oddly sized skulls that are present in the figure). He uses the skulls of the dead to constitute a physical form.  When a part of his "body" is damaged or destroyed he summons another skull (or skulls) from some forgotten battlefield nearby.  He's a darn hard sucker to kill because there's never a shortage of death and destruction in the universe.  He's neither good nor bad.... he's just this steaming pile of anger and resentment that has taken a physical form.

Seeing a toy represented in some kind of action scene always made me want that figure that much more. Charles has cemented Multiskull's place in my pocket for the immediate future with this illustration.
Thank you Charles! 


The OMFG! Cometh

The Outlandish Mini Figure Guys! will invade the Glyos System this Friday, November 25th at 9PM EST.
$12 USD per 5 figure set, bagged with a header card. Color matched to a certain big headed space traveler, the run is in the barn and ready to ship the first week of December.

We are beyond excited to be part of such a unprecedented project. Massive congratulations to all the artists involved in putting this whole thing together!

These chunky little guys feel awesome in hand and really capture the pure intent of just making something that's fun -for all the right reasons.

More pics over the next few days!

EDIT: I tweaked the photo a bit to represent the true color a little better. These dudes mess with your peepers under the light! The hue is just about identical to the lighter Standard Pheydens we have run in the past. Without detail lines it appears even lighter, like a muted Robin's egg.




Head over to Callgrim.com now to check out the all new DRT Warp Bike Sets!
A ton of energy and effort were put into the development of these mechanical mongrels and we spent many hours together trying to get all the aspects to line up just right.
Jesse is one of the most creative and talented human beings I have ever been lucky enough to know and being able to make things together is something I never take for granted. I hope that bond shows through in the work.
You did it, Dinty, and I can't wait for the next one.

Pocket Poll

As we all get ready for the Callgrim WARP Bike drop later today, I was thinking it might be fun to check out who is being carried around (if anybody is doing it) in your collective pockets.

I've been attached to the Sincroid configured Glyaxia guys in the above picture and also the White Skull Sincroid also shown above. The Glyaxia color scheme has that Commander Rann vibe happening a little more than usual in Sincroid mode, so I think that's the draw for me.

Before this batch it was the metallic green Argen in Rig Killer mode, but that was a bit much to have wedged in my pants.


Galactic Clarity

We were lucky to get an early set of the new Outer Space Men figures over here and they are absolutely beautiful. The paint has been applied with precision and the clear helmets are simply knockouts. Once you put the new figures with the last Infinity Edition assortment the entire scope of the line becomes clearer.

Our hats go off to Mel and the Four Horsemen for putting such energy into making these classics come back to life. We are getting so close to completing the entire original series roster that I'm personally starting to feel like a little kid at Christmas thinking about the possibilities! Come on Colossus Rex!


5-OHH - July 11th 1994 - November 15th 2011

On November 15th my sister Megan put to rest her cat of 17 years, 5-OHH.

If you have ever spent any time with Megan, then you most likely spent time with 5-OHH. She was one of the friendliest and most loving creatures we have ever had in our family and she will be deeply missed.

A lot of you know that my sister has played a big part in keeping things moving over here. Without her dedication and endless assistance, I'm certain that I would still be shipping things from 4 years ago.

The passing of 5-OHH marks the end of an era and the start of a brand new one for Megan and I know 5-OHH will always be just over her shoulder, making sure things go her way.
We'll never forget you Fivey.


Old Tricks

More back story on the development of the WARP Bike
over at the Callgrim blog!


Mercenary Alert

More details about Jesse's upcoming WARP Bike launch
are up over at blog.callgrim.com!


11-11-11 Callgrim Returns

Today brings the biggest Mercenary Alert yet: Callgrim finally gets his ride, and with a full production Custom Corps paint job! Check out Jesse's all new vinyl toy, the Warp Bike, right now at callgrim.com! More news as it leaks!

Huge congratulations Gimli! This one has been a long time coming.

11-11-11 Nistuff

Rolling with the days events, the Long Island creative machine known as Nistuff drops some all new customs over on his 481 Universe site shortly at 3 PM EST. Today marks the first official online release of Ni's Anomalies figures in their full PVC production versions- which were made in our Glyos factory in China.

Congratulations from all of us here Ni! You did it! Keep your eyes on this guy, he has a lot in store for 2012.

11-11-11 OSM

The Four Horsemen prepare for the next OSM Visitation today, making the all new fully painted Infinity Editions of Waves 3 and 4 available today, 11/11/11, at 11:11 EST for pre-order at Storehorsemen.com!

Combining the classic character design of the legendary Mel Birnkrant with the unparalleled talents of the FH, this new round of the Outer Space Men continues to fulfill every true OSM fan's dream of finally completing the original lineup. Package photography created by Mel himself! This is going to be a killer set.


Mercenary Alert

Start your engines...


Lost Projects: Repoclaimer

Back when the thought of creating something made of soft vinyl was just starting to come together, a very different creature almost made it to production level before the Armodoc was even designed.

The Repoclaimer was a Sincroid hunting juggernaut that would have marked our first foray into toys of a bigger scale and functionality. For multiple reasons this beef bomb ended up being put on hold when it was about 65% complete in favor of moving forward with what would become the Traveler hunting Armodoc. I guess the Sincroids got a "get out of jail free card" because of it.

Many projects almost make the grade, from Noboto to Rechlen and Aves. Some even go to steel and are not up to standard and have to be canceled, like a recent humanoid head with no helmet that kept deforming when pulled from the mold (this one still bugs me).

Over the next month we'll focus on some of these "Lost Projects". Hope you guys get a kick out of them.


Electrocution Solution

Phil Reed (in town for a whirlwind visit), Marcus and I checked out the somewhat local Pinball Wizard Arcade in Pelham, NH last night.

Anyone who is in the Northeast who digs classic arcade machines needs to hit this spot. With a super clean look, tons of vintage and rare cabinets and lots of room, we all had a great time playing old school games. Phil had to bring the torture though, by challenging the electro-shock Adam's Family game. Phil Reed is a limitless animal and he coerced me into melting my hands.

If you guys get the chance, spend some time at this pretty new spot, just stay away from Uncle Fester.

PS- Cyber Lip!