Deviler is Done!

We want to thank everybody who ordered this beastly apparition over the past few days, we really appreciate the support! Big thanks go out to Rand Borden for allowing us to tinker with his creation and hooking us up with our first foray into vinyl. Also thanks to Josh B at CollectionDX for letting us ride along as he spread the word about this crossover. Lastly, I want to personally thank my sister Megan for hooking this whole deal up, staying on her good side keeps me from getting monster stomped.


Wardrobe Change

Also making their first appearance are some brand new color versions of Pheyden and Exellis. Each version has some kind of connection to things we loved as children. Influences range from tiny metallic plastic Star Raiders figures, Big Daddy Roth, Rat Fink, Antron, Membros, Henshin Cyborg and Saturday mornings in front of the tube (Galaxy High anyone?). This selection is a direct homage to the things that keep us smiling; a tiny representation of very big memories that are always fun to recall.


The Crayboth Invade!

After what seems like 90 years, the Crayboth have finally invaded the warehouse!
Available in 5 different 2 packs, there is hopefully a style for each collector's individual tastes. This is the very first run and we here at Onell are really excited to build a massive army to give Pheyden and Exellis something to mess with. Speaking of those old boys, some reinforcements have also made it here to flesh out their ranks....

Sky Deviler Parasitic Phantom Version

Onell Design is honored to offer the first Kaiju Big Battel X Glyos System Series Crossover! This Clear Vinyl Sky Deviler has metallic silver and black spray applications and a healthy dose of glitter molded right in the skin. As a crazy added bonus, each beast comes packed with 4 glow in the dark brand new Crayboth! Rumbling around Sky Deviler's insides are 2 red glow and 2 green glow fully articulated little figures. This is a limited run of 50 figures with 40 being made available for sale to the public. $65 USD including shipping within the US. Contact us at info@onelldesign.com to grab your Sky Deviler while they last. Big Thanks to Rand Borden at Studio Kaiju and Marmit for making this possible! It's hard to sell these things we like them so much.
And while on the subject of Kaiju Big Battel and Sky Deviler, make sure you head over to CollectionDX.com and check out the insane "Gore" version Josh came up with. This thing is the meanest version of Sky Deviler yet. Go get one while you have the chance (only 50 made).