Hades MK III Redux

Thank you for the comments and emails regarding the idea of running Hades MK III again!

In response to the positive feedback, we will indeed be putting Hades back into production, with an estimated release date of mid to late April. We may also add a subtle extra paint mask for the new edition, to add just a little bit of spice.

Along with Hades, we are also preparing a run of the Lost Sincroid Army in the old Rechlen and Aves inspired colors for late Spring. The plan is to make this version of the LSA an unlimited figure, so if you want more than one, the option will remain well beyond the release night -with no ordering restrictions. This line of thinking continues the long term plan of adding "Standard" colors to the store that are designed to last. It's a little risky, but so far the Standard Pheyden and Reverse Pheyden have each earned their keep and continue to modestly chug along.

Speaking of Standard Editions, what would you like to see produced?

Also, almost every order since last Sunday's release has been processed, packed and shipped, with our last run to the post coming bright and early tomorrow morning.

Thanks as always for such dedicated support. It's your honesty and enthusiasm that continue to inspire our little team, no matter what gets thrown in our way.


Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great Sunday night release!

The traffic was up on the site, and the new PVC selections seemed to resonate pretty well with you guys in general. A few items went faster than anticipated, particularly the new Hades and the vinyl Conversion Kit. For me it was an extra special night, as seeing Hades and Argen together again brought back many memories of the old Glyaxia launch. That bananas launch marked a turning point for our runt of a company. Man, I will never forget how insane that whole experience was. I thought Marcus was going to need therapy after everything went live. Tears were actually shed. Ha!

Another few surprisingly fast sellouts were the accessory sets. We've received a number of requests for Axis Joints in particular to be restocked. As of this writing, an additional order has been placed for the silver, glow and black metallic Axis Joint Sets, with an expected delivery date of mid to late March. Hopefully this restock will come in handy for those that missed the initial round. We have also been thinking about possibly running Hades MK III again, also in response to some of you missing out on Sunday night. Please let us know what you think about this possibility if you get a chance, down in the comments section.

Our next wave is planned to pop up at the end of March, and will feature a small assortment of figures, some of which will have detail lines and extra paint applications. If things line up right, the "Alt" months will be the place to find experimental figures that offer something unique, serving as a compliment to our larger releases.

Speaking of larger releases, late April is the target date for our next big round. There will be Blocks and maybe some Wedges and Switch Pins as well. After all, Glyaxia Command wouldn't want it any other way.

Thank you once again for keeping the engine running! We owe you guys absolutely everything and we'll keep pushing to improve and evolve.

Shipping begins on Thursday!


The Gamma Conflict

illustration by Nate Baertsch
Refresh the store:

The limit of ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR will remain in place. We are seeing a high volume of traffic and need everyone's cooperation to make this as smooth as possible. After the initial dust settles, we will allow customers to place another order. Thanks for your understanding and support!

EDIT: You may place additional orders and limits have been lifted. Thank you!

Also note that past releases are still available over at the Buildstation.

Huge thanks to the amazing Nate Baertsch for another exceptional illustration. You are on fire! The technique used to represent the GITD effect came out great!

On Track

We are on track for 9:30 PM tonight!

While we have been working on the store, Argen has been preparing his forces...

Ultra Corps

Arch Phaseon Enyriun

Contained build using:

-1 Phaseon
-1 Hub Set
-2 Phase Arms
-2 Gobon Blasters

Phaseon Enyriun serves as one of Argen's main officers in the growing Gendrone Rebellion. Utilizing Phase Technology, Enyriun regularly reconfigures its structure, augmenting specific abilities to better insure total mission success. The Arch Phaseon formation is the preferred mode for most long range solo operations.




Mission Details

After 4 consecutive snow storms filled with some sweet plowing and shoveling, I have finally been able to complete the list for this wave!

There's a little commentary about this round after the details: 

We are confirmed for this Sunday, February 23rd at 9:30PM EST!

There will be purchasing limits on select items: 

-Argen/Buildman (2 limit per customer)

-Armorvor (4 limit per customer) 

-Travelers (3 of each style per customer)  

The Gamma Conflict

Hades Pheyden MK III (Black Metallic/GITD Green head w/ painted eyes, chest, hands and knees/packed with scarf, Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster w/ painted accent/extra pelvis, Sarvos head and GITD Belt) $12
Spectre Force Sarvos (GITD Green w/ painted eyes, head, chest, pelvis, hands and knees/packed with extra head) $8    
Dark Traveler Rallakris (GITD Green w/ painted eyes, removable belt and inner/outer scarves) $8
Elder Exellis -Gendrone Ultra Corps (Ultra Silver w/ painted eyes, removable belt and bonus LSA head) $8

Axis Buildman Argen MK X -Gendrone Ultra Corps (Ultra Silver w/ Black visors and White tampos -Includes new two part head and scarf) $12
Axis Buildman -Gendrone Spectre Force Warrior (GITD Green w/ Aqua visors and White tampos -Includes new two part head and scarf) $12
NOTE- Each Axis Buildman is made up of one Buildman and one Axis Joint Set.

Advanced Phaseon Enyriun -Gendrone Ultra Corps (Ultra Silver w/ Black visors and White tampos) $10
Advanced Phaseon -Gendrone Spectre Force (GITD Green w/ Aqua visors and White tampos) $10
NOTE- Each Advanced Phaseon is made up of one Phaseon and one painted Hub Set.

Neo Sincroid -Gendrone Ultra Corps (Ultra Silver w/ Black visors and White tampos) $8
Neo Sincroid -Gendrone Spectre Force (GITD Green w/ Aqua visors and White tampos) $8
Noboto -Gendrone Ultra Corps (Ultra Silver w/ painted eyes, bonus head and White tampos) $8 
Noboto -Gendrone Spectre Force (GITD Green w/ painted eyes, bonus head and White tampos) $8

Gobon -Gendrone Ultra Corps (Ultra Silver w/ Black visors and White tampo) $8
Gobon -Gendrone Spectre Force (GITD Green w/ Aqua visors and White tampo) $8

Armorvor -Gendrone Ultra Corps Mimic (Ultra silver w/ Black visors) $8

Crayboth -Ultra Silver $3
Crayboth -GITD Green $3

Swing Joint Set -Ultra Silver $4
Swing Joint Set -GITD Green $4

Hub Set -Ultra Silver w/ Black accent and White tampo $4
Hub Set -GITD Green w/ Aqua accent and White tampo $4
NOTE- Each Hub Set is sold in a specific Drone configuration.

Axis Joint Set -Ultra Silver $4
Axis Joint Set -GITD Green $4
Axis Joint Set -Metallic Black $4 
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Ultra Silver w/ Black accent $2
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -GITD Green w/ Aqua accent $2

Core Block -Hades Traitor (Dark Gray/Black w/ Aqua accents and White tampo print) $12 

Conversion Set (consists of 2 short Rig Arms for customizing vinyl figures) -Hades Traitor (Dark Gray/Black w/ Aqua accents and White tampo print) $12 

There is one small item in this release that has been in the works for literally years (like many of our weirdo projects), and it's an all new full production two piece Argen head, shown in the top pics! The original drawing for Argen's new noggin was drafted back in 2011, and evolved over the years as Ralph, Marcus and I worked on Argen's story arc. The final design pays homage to my favorite Marvel villian, Ultron.

Speaking of Ultron, the silver PVC you see in the Argen pics was matched up with the last Ultron figure that Hasbro released a while back. Using that Ultron figure as a color guide, the particular mix that our factory proceeded to pull off came out pretty good. The resulting marbled texture looks like it's made of a trapped iridescent golden light, blended with some extremely intense swirls of vibrant silver pigment. In honor of the source material, we are calling this PVC hue Ultra Silver.

Since old Argen is sporting something new, it only made sense that Hades should receive a kick in the cosmic pants as well. Packed with a variety of extra parts, including a Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster, Hades has been run in Black Metallic, which is a first around here. He has also received some brand new paint applications, making him the most decorated production Hades to date!

We've also brought back the Block (even if it is a traitorous version)! There's been a very satisfying feeling to messing around with some fresh Blocks again. I've missed running those big vinyl assortments. Maybe we'll have to remedy that this year. Perhaps with a Glyaxia Command colored selection?

To wrap up, I wanted to dedicate this new assortment of GITD and silver PVC to the Grand Master, Mel Birnkrant. His classic OSM character, Gamma X, was the inspiration for running these specific types of plastic together, as they are the design foundation of Mel's incredible and timeless Man from the 4th Dimension! You are still the King, Mel!

Thanks for reading this belated weather beaten word scramble! More pics will pop up as we get closer to Sunday!

EDIT: The PVC has also been returned to a softer durometer, for easier building.


Loss Effect

The list is nearly finished, and all the goods have arrived safely.

Also, more snow!


Behind the Mask

On track for Sunday, February 23rd, 9:30 PM EST.  Full list coming soon!


Iced Light

The recent snowstorm dumped a powerful mix of shovel busting white cement, which was pretty impressive in its sheer weight.

After the digging out finally started to wrap up today, I noticed that the branches on all the trees had a thin coating of ice, faintly sparkling in the light of the sun.

These pics don't really do the effect any justice, but you can see it if you zoom in a bit.

February release sneaks coming this weekend!


Ice Walker 5

Right as the little Ice Walker is wrapping up his journey across the drifts, word of another storm has arrived!

Maybe some new scenes will present themselves for further exploration. I just hope that these potential fresh sets don't involve a collapsed roof in the background.

Ah, snow.


Ice Walker 4

Around the front of our house we have a small variety of bushes and shrubs that occasionally gets doused by gutter overflow, especially when excess snow and ice finally start to melt.

Today I noticed a crazy icicle structure had formed in an area where some dripping water had fallen upon a particularly stubborn little shrub. This scenario yielded yet another cool natural stage where I could take some more outdoor pics.


Ice Walker 3

CC built a mini icicle half cavern after asking me to snap the hangers off the house. She turned the frozen spears into a really neat little exploration area!   


Ice Walker 2

Caught a few shots as the sun started to go down, resulting in some extra ghostly effects on the Dark Traveler's form.


Ice Walker

Even though the shoveling can be monotonous, the snow after a storm is really something to behold.

The recent Stealth Dark Traveler looks right at home out in the cold.