Last Shot of 2010

We wanted to wish all of you a Happy New Year and say thanks once again for making it a great 2010. With a solid year of fun crossovers and satisfying experiences, we are all very grateful to have gotten to know so many of you, personally and professionally. Let's fill 2011 with more collaboration and creativity, and continue this crazy evolution. We're psyched to see what happens!

Our absolute best to all of you!
-Matt, Marc, Michelle, Megan and of course Arcadia and Cirie.


New Retro

The wild man from Germany strikes again! Check out these "retro" new images of Rechlen and Aves from artistic powerhouse Ralph Niese! Thank you Ralph! The new projects for 2011 are going to be a lot of fun!


Axis Armored Xodiac

Took a quick few shots of the Horsemen's awesome Galactic Holiday Xodiac (silver chrome version) with some Axis Joints added on. I've had him out in the barn with me while I pack orders, battling Neo Phase Pheyden while the boxes fly! I really love the OSM!

I'm extra excited because I've heard that Mel is designing some new components for upcoming assortments. Make sure you guys let the Horsemen know that we would all be super excited if Mel unleashes some all knew variations of the classic designs (just imagine alternate heads and weapons packed with future assortments-designed by Mel and the Horsemen together). Maybe we could even see some all new characters materialize from the outer reaches of space!


Space Walk

These shots were taken in front of a piece of black poster board that I poked about 1000 holes into. Then I set up 4 lights with different filters behind the paper. Two more lights were set up in the front with filters and then the sets and figures.

The Edgeliner Delphi is Rechlen's ship, used by his family for 13 generations. It had a very different purpose in a former life.

On the shipping front, I got a solid batch of stuff out today and will be hustling all week, packing right into the weekend. I'm psyched for this stuff to get to you guys and the building to begin!


Aves VS The LSA

The LSA relentlessly pursue Rechlen and Aves throughout the Glyos System, attempting to kidnap Aves whenever they get the chance. Luckily, Aves is a tough little guy and can take care of himself - even though it saddens him to battle his fellow Sincroids.


Lost Sincroid Army

A few shots of the original Lost Sincroid Army urethane figures. These guys play a big part in the Rechlen and Aves story line and are on tap for full PVC production versions along with the new 2" figures.

Also, a quick update on the last round of orders - I'll be shuffling them to the post all this week and you guys will be getting shipping confirmations throughout that process. It will be like Hoth here after the blizzard finishes up tomorrow! Thanks again to everyone for their patience as I hammer through the stuff.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I wanted to just say thank you for everything over the past year to all of you out there. It has been the most intense cycle of this crazy project yet, and it continues only because of the dedication, support and patience all of you have shown. I never take a day of this for granted, and I'm deeply thankful for the chance to continue evolving, side by side with the best group of people around. Have a great day, no matter what you're celebrating.

We raise our glasses to the inspiration behind what we do - which is all of you. Thank you so much for such a solid year.

PS: The photos above seem appropriate because it has one of the original urethane Pheydens meeting up with Rechlen. Soon they will meet again, but this time it will be in PVC! We are officially moving ahead with the 2" figure project and again it is thanks to all the encouragement and awesome emails and calls over the past week. Thanks again for taking the time to reach out.


A Merry Recap

Phew! Greetings Glyo-Watchers! What a year it was in our strange universe. New life forms landed, Chaos invaded, and top-down battles were fought. Soul-searching ensued for many Travelers while Mercenaries took on new roles. Fantastic friends were made along the way, and in the end our core axis was altered by joint efforts. Did you spot those crazy Men from Outer Space? Incredible! One question remains- Where is Pheyden Now!?

Can you tell I just bought my niece her first Waldo Book? Anyway... on a personal note, I (marc, marcus, passcoder, resident young man) want to say how exciting and fun this year was for me, all thanks to the amazing people I work with and our loyal, dedicated fans. I'm honored to be one of Dark Santa's little helpers on a daily basis. Working along side Rich (Disasterpeace) was certainly a highlight, and witnessing him score our little world was beyond mesmerizing. Aiding Callgrim's Master in his path of bearded destruction is always a blast, even when late night excursions end in a gravy trap.

Pulling off a massive launch while Matt and Jesse flew to the other side of the world was exhilarating and horrifying in the same breath. During that time I started to work on something that still hasn't truly become what I intend it to, but I think some of you guys will appreciate it. If you haven't stumbled across it yet, check out SoulOfTheTraveler.com for some bonus Passcode content, including concept art, music, downloads and more. The SOT Soundtrack is truly something special and stands very well on it's own, once again due to the unbelievable talents of Rich Vreeland. Last Christmas we debuted Glyoforms, the 8-bit colorform-inspired scene builder, so it seems appropriate to post the SOT version, even if it's in beta form. The layering issue and a few other bugs will be worked out soon, as well as the long-awaited update to Glyaxia! Final thanks to some of my favorite artists across the world- Ralph, Walker, Don, Mori, Ayako, Morgan, PK, and so many others... you guys inspire at every turn. Big things on the Glyan horizon!!


The Gliporian

Another main character in Rechlen and Aves is the Gliporian, or "Glip", as Rechlen calls it. It functions as a kind of shape shifting, living holding cell, capable of containing the creatures that the team tries to trap. The Glip is a big part of the Delphi crew, even if it doesn't have much to say. Oh, and it does not get along with the OS Buildman Gendrones.

Also included in tonight's post is a little point of interest to those of you who may have the old Rechlen and Aves photo book. The strange white room in the pics above are from an unfinished set that I was working on while making the original book. I never got around to completing it as I cut the "Rec-Room" section from the final version. This area served as the spot where Rechlen could watch the games he loved to gamble on and just kick back.

Plastic and Plush Giveaway

Brian over at Plastic and Plush has been running a very cool contest throughout this month with his 13 Days Of Christmas Giveaway. We have contributed a couple things to the cause and by heading over to Plastic and Plush you can get in on the fun! We wanted to thank Brian for always being so cool, both online and at the shows, and for inviting us to participate in his Santa Antics!


Another Round of Jello Shots

When I was making the photo book with the original figures, somehow I decided to start messing with Jello to create some sets. It started out kind of fun, and then the heat kicked in and everything went melto-matic. Here are a few shots from the alien Voss Biovessel (AKA Jello World) sequence. If you poke around the older entries of this blog you'll find some more pics from this time period.

Oh, and we ate a lot of that Jello after the shoot. It was gross, but somehow delicious.


The Junk Room

Rechlen and Aves working on one of their most reliable old Rig configurations, the "Nava" (which Rechlen named after a female Space Freight Driver that he once knew). They keep all the used parts from past missions in an area located in the front of their ship, the Edgeliner Delphi.