Galaxxor Emerges!

Something special is set to emerge from the far reaches of deep space tonight, May 25th at 8PM CDT, as Ben Spencer's mighty Galaxxor finally materializes in production rotocast vinyl form!

Fully compatible with all previous Glyos vinyl releases, Galaxxor is an awesome addition to the Glyos family, and a long time in the making.

Huge congratulations to our friend Ben, who has guided his character through many phases on its way to tonight's historic release. Big props as well to Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen for his role in bringing Galaxxor to life over the years, as Ben and Marty worked very closely on the now classic series of excellent Galaxxor resin editions that really set the stage for this new frontier.

Good luck tonight, Ben!



Bio-Masters Rising

The fantastic illustration shown above was created by Pat Bussey, the man behind the awesome Bio-Masters range of resin figures.

Over the past few years Pat has been working under the guidance of the one and only Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen to bring his concepts and drawings to life, releasing small runs of completely hand cast resin Glyos compatible Bio-Masters figures. By combining their abilities, Pat's original designs were brought into reality through Marty's excellent sculpting, resulting in an awesome and refreshing new property pulled directly from a 1980's bio-mechanical fever dream.

We've been working with Pat and Marty behind the scenes to bring the Bio-Masters line into full production for 2016, so keep your eyes open and your brain cells primed to explore another strange universe filled with tentacled monsters and creepy mutants galore!

Thank you for the killer drawing, Pat!


Zullbeast Demonicore

The Zullbeast has returned once again to terrorize your shelves and is available right now over in Mike MZ's store. Produced in a striking red rotocast vinyl,  Zullbeast Demonicore makes an especially good nemesis for Spy Monkey Creations all new Battle Tribes line!

Another great one, Mike!


Thank You!!!

Thank you for a wild Friday night! The store took a beating, but we all managed to survive the rough journey back to Planet Esedeth. PayPal definitely had better lines of communication for this round, but their interface still dragged as we prepared to open the new store, causing a delay in the release, so there is absolutely more tweaking to do.

Things moved at a brisk pace, and we saw some new faces pop up throughout the launch. Outside of the bumpy start, it was a good one! Just about every order has been packed and dropped at the post as of this writing.

Looking at our upcoming assortments, we are on track for the very end of May, possibly even the first week of June depending on the progress of a few complex production pieces that are in the new mix. Expect to see the last production editions of the Protoclone head sculpt in the next wave, as the Noboto mold will be undergoing some small but significant "transformations" in the coming months.

We hope you are enjoying the assortments of 2016 so far, and we'll keep pushing to keep things exciting!

Thank you once again from the whole family!