Space Trappers Rechlen and Aves

Rechlen and Aves appear here in the dock of their ship, the Edgeliner Delphi. Both figures were hand cast in urethane and stand roughly 2" tall. Been thinking about mass producing these two, but I'm on the fence about what size to run them in (vote on the right). Presently, the 2" height makes building vehicles for them ideal, but their articulation is reduced. Personally I really love small stuff and want to have a 2" scale Rechlen and Aves in a 2 pack and get a Trapping Rig (vehicle) into the works.

All In The Family

The Crayboth come in many different colors and have almost identical structures. In general, they travel in "pods" of three and can cause massive energy disruption rendering most mechanical devices useless.

More From Planet Alcray

Rechlen guides the Nava over the Sporian surface of Planet Alcray in search of the Crayboth. Set was scratch built from foam and urethane and colored with spray paint. The Nava was scratch built from REN and has moving and modular parts.


Kira and Ranic

This illustration is from the Microshow project. The final version in the book came out a bit dark, so here it is lighter. Drew this in October '04. Both of these characters ended up appearing in Microshow.
The final sculpts as they appear in the Microshow circa 2004.

The Mess Effect

Some things don't change. This photo was taken over 3 years ago. My desk is even worse now. Every design I've ever done has happened on this desk. This old pile of wood was given to me when I was 7 years old. It now rests on 4 2x4s, so my knees can fit under it. Without fail, I'm constantly smashing my legs when I try to get up... so I don't really get up much.

Alien Ideas

Here's a look at an older sketch from the Microshow. This alien is called the Denoch, and I've been thinking about sculpting him up. The idea behind these guys was that they were a gaseous life form given a shell-like body- basically a vapor casing. No fart jokes.


The Invasion Begins...

We sent out a press release last night and have seen some great results. Check out the coverage on some of our favorite sites. Thanks to everyone who posted the stuff.
toysrevil blog <-- w/ interview


The Breakdown

The 13 modular piece construction that makes up Pheyden.

Pheyden doing Galactic Yoga.

Phase takes the lead...

Thanks to everyone who has placed an order. Phase version seems to be the most popular choice, so for all of you clear junkies, these pics are for you.


Road Test with Mason

The Toygodd speaks

The Toygodd over at Action Figure Times weighs in on the Glyos System Series. Great review and cool pics. Looks like Pheyden and the boys have hijacked some weapons. Special thanks to the Toygodd.


Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek at Michelle Doughty's "Gobon". Scheduled to arrive this Fall. You can find Gobon in the pages of Sidrick issue 2, written and drawn by Michelle. Coming very soon to our online store.

Cosmic Jello

Symbiotically connected to their living Biovessel, the Voss move with ease as their surroundings change with their thoughts. The figures are hand cast in urethane and the set is made of Jello. A ton of Jello.


Pheyden meets review, then wall

The review of Space Traveler Pheyden is up. It gives a thorough report and has some cool pics. Many thanks to Josh over at CollectionDX.

Also, a pretty entertaining thread has been going on over at ToyboxDX including an actual wall test with video. Nice throw Sanjeev.


Laying down on the job...

The Buildman Gendrones take an extended recharge break, much to the dismay of Rechlen. All these hand cast figures are 1.5"-2" tall. The Buildman characters are based on the same mold but each one is slightly tweaked and poured in different colors.

Aves battles the Lost Sincroid Army

Routine scuffle on Planet Ilphim. All figures are hand cast in urethane with a scratch built set.


Exellis in the Delphi Hangar

Look for this image in an upcoming ad in Lee's Toy Review.

Inhabitants of the Planet Alcray

In this shot taken from the Rechlen and Aves Photo Real Guide, you can get a look at the creatures known as the Crayboth. These particular figures were hand cast in urethane and painted using automotive spray finish. They sport 4 points of articulation and stand 1.75" tall.


SDCC Press

Onell Design has been featured on Figures.com! Check out a bunch of photos from the Comic Con. Big thanks to the great guys at Figures.com.

Also see a video of our setup at the Con at the Comic Book Bin. Thanks guys. More to come.


Pheyden survives the Con

We are back from SDCC and would like to thank everyone who came by the booth and made the show so much fun to be a part of. We really appreciate all the positive feedback and support for the debut of the new Glyos System Series figures. From the looks of it we will definitely be doing more clear versions of Pheyden and Exellis in the near future (maybe sooner than you think). As we hammer out the website and add more stuff, be on the lookout for special super limited editions of the figures as well as the comics. Keep nosing around and stay tuned for more information as it happens. Thanks again