In response to the amount of Junk Shop figures dwindling down, we have come up with something new to keep that solid low price as our other new bargain project comes together for launch in late July. Our friends at the factory in China have created some Junk Shop figures of their own, utilizing the orphaned parts from the last run of Buildman, that we can now put into circulation through the Junk Shop. These figures are actually in very good shape, far superior to the older Junk Shop offerings. Upon inspecting the completed figures we have even discovered some rare treasures in the mix. Though the Junk Shop Buildman figures have 19 parts, as opposed to the standard 13 available with Pheyden and Exellis, we will be still be selling them for the standard Junk Shop price of $4. There is a finite amount available and after that who is to say where the Junk Shop will land. One thing is for certain though, we will continue to push for lower prices and always strive to bring you guys the best deals possible. This will lead up to the opening of a new section on the site that we hope everyone finds useful and affordable, especially if you like to customize and build. Thanks for sticking with us and allowing us to grow.


Custom Corps II Finished Up

Thanks to everyone who picked up the new Custom Corps II figures. They went at a good rate since last night and they sold out this morning. Extra special thanks to Matt Walker for his amazing work on this project, I look forward to collaborating again in the immediate future! I can't wait until these little guys make it to their new homes and the power of a Dead Presidents custom paint job can be seen in person. Thanks again for keeping us rolling! -Matt


Custom Corps II: Dead Presidents X Onell

The inimitable Matt Walker of Dead Presidents Designs has brought his incredible painting talents into the Glyos System! This special edition run of hand painted figures brings Matt's signature style into the spotlight for our second official Custom Corps. Consisting of multiple Buildman and Crayboth subsets, as well as a few crazy Lucky Draw deluxe figures, this new round of customs has that Dead Presidents look and feel that makes your eyes melt. The Custom Corps section will open up later tonight with each figure priced at $25 with a limit of 2 per customer. All figures will come blind bagged in black with a header card designed by Matt Walker. Total edition run of 64 bags. One Buildman or two Crayboth per bag, randomly packed and shipped. These are already bagged and sealed so shipping will be quick. Also, you can actually still build with the parts! Thanks to Matt Walker for this- it's very hard to let them go! You guys will not believe these things when you see one in hand, the photos only give a hint at what these look like. There are sparkling flakes and gradients that the light just weaves through. Super high quality, totally durable and sharp as glass- just like Mr. Walker himself. Thanks again Matt!



This vinyl is very interesting to play with. Notice Sanjeev's excellent hand modeling work.


Glow Gang



These new formations were put together over the last week. Jesse made the Centaurus and it's one of my favorite configurations yet. The thing is nuts and has a poseable brain/mane! Lobros is an old classic from Micronauts, so I had to make him. The Silver Star Acroyear is just a variation on the last Acroyear that popped out. I did add some new swing hinge joints to the old version so he wouldn't feel outdated next to his brother. Having the new colors and better access keeps us up pretty late these days. Hope you guys are enjoying the latest stuff.


Ready to Roll

The last 2 weeks around here have been a combination of excitement and insanity, with a dash of high anxiety. Thanks to all of you, we had our best roll out of new product in this little company's history. None of us had any idea of what would go down on the first day of release, but a crazy flow of support began at 4 AM EST last Monday and it did not let up in intensity for the rest of the week. We squeaked out a few orders earlier this week, but the majority goes out over the next few days, as we have finally wrapped up packaging, doing QC, and matching everything up. Our deepest thanks go out to everyone who ordered the new stuff, your dedication has once again opened new doors for Onell Design. We are now able to move forward with more projects faster than we had anticipated. All of us here are excited to get cracking on the next generation of Glyos figures, and feel lucky as hell to have the best group of people out there joining us as we evolve. Extra special thanks go out to Dave and Jesse for all their invaluable assistance. One last thing, these last 2 weeks have also driven Marcus to fall of the wagon... well at least he can still type. Thanks again for everything -Matt



Getting closer...