Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great start to the school year! An extra level of internal excitement over this new round had been simmering ever since we turned the original mechanicals in, so when everything finally landed in the barn I spent a ton of time just building and testing things out.  In many ways a successor to the TFV wave from earlier this year, the STS colors seem to capture that Real Type vibe right on the nose, via some direct channeling of the awesome Solo flick (Mimban mania!).
The STS selections were fairly stacked, so we ordered on the higher side in the hope that we'd have things available for a little longer than usual, particularly because of the gray color choice. The RF Trio being run in a neutral hue like gray should be more accessible than usual for those that would like to explore the parts, without the worry of an imminent sellout. It's a little tougher to stock the higher priced items from a manufacturing standpoint, but thanks to John's generosity in letting us run such a great neutral color, we wanted to make sure we didn't come up short. 
This wave also signifies the closing of the current FP homage Mystery Figure assortment. That being said, we may revisit some of the non-space style FP figures down the road. The new MF sub-series will begin in the upcoming mid-October wave and is currently slated for a 5-6 figure set, to be offered over the next 5-6 waves. Some of you may dig the new (old) theme, which is right in line with the FP time period.
The creative powerhouse that is Ralph Niese has once again supplied some wicked new art (the beginning of which is shown above) to accompany and expand the STS arc, and we'll be showcasing more of his efforts throughout the rest of the week. We've been waiting for this STS wave to focus on the Rift Killer's interactions with the rest of the Glyos denizens and Ralph's renditions of this event are simply outstanding. More material for that ever growing mega book! Thank you Ralph!
All orders placed up until this posting have been packed and shipped, including all international orders. As always, Michelle and Pj expedited the process and even CC got into the mix this time!
We listened to a bunch of Louis Cole (Time), Knower and also had the old Robot Carnival and Fist of the North Star animations playing while we packed in the barn. Those with a Firestick should check out the latest block of animation on Prime. I've had Robot Carnival on loop for days!
Extra huge thanks for traveling with us to Wave 75! I feel like we've been in the bonus round for longer than is usually allowed, and that's only due to the support and interest that you continue to share.


Wave 75 is GO!

Wave 75 is live!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Rift Massacre

Decimation Claw

Captain Sendred

Rift Killer Fossilzor


VRD STS Hover Scout

Miniborg STS Spy

Gendrone Zereon STS Heavy Armor

Gendrone Force Defender STS Heavy Armor

Mechabon STS Heavy Armor

STS Commando

STS Trooper

Strike Team Sendred