Flying Vipers - The Copper Tape

New sounds from the Flying Vipers! Instrumental dub in the classic Jamaican style, produced using the latest in cassette recording technology.

The artwork was once again delivered by Dark Santa, aka the Beard Lord or simply, Matt. Thanks Brojack!

This follows up last year's tape, with a heavier focus on drum & bass. And lots more trippy, drippy effects.

And more cowbell.

Bonus: One of these tunes is ripped from an old Sega game circa '92. The box art featured a painting by Clyde Caldwell... first to name that cartridge wins a free download!



Happy Holidays!

Wishing you the best from the whole Onell clan!

I also wanted to send a special thank you out to Cady for the awesome figures shown above (Space Ninja and "Nona")! You even captured my receding hairline and eternal shorts, Bubba!


Kabuto Mushi MK II: Wave 18

Marty "Krunk" Hansen completes his 2016 KM program with a compact Wave 18! This round features not only Kabuto Mushi, but also a crossover pair of Pat Bussey's brand new Bio-Mass Monsters, all produced in matching neon "builder" color selections that must be seen in hand to fully appreciate (they were a bear to photograph due to the almost otherworldly brightness of the PVC). Each figure also comes with a matching set of Axis Joints to further mutate these monsters into whatever form your diabolical mind desires. You can find Marty's latest color spectrum defying assortment over in his shop!

Awesome work, Marty and Pat! These have been a real blast to reconfigure and mess around with.


Thank You!!!

Thank you for an excellent final release of 2016! We'd been working away on the new store interface for months and seeing everything finally come together without any major implosions felt like an alternate reality. No inventory crashes, no wonked out loading times, no mysterious double charges and no store closures in the middle of the release! Marcus and Shopify, we salute you! All of us over here deeply appreciate the solid feedback that was sent throughout the launch, your reports really helped us stay on top of things. We've been invoicing and packing all weekend and the first packages will be hitting the post throughout today and tomorrow.

2016 was a year full of change, on many different levels, but manufacturing these little guys continues to be done with true passion and the same attention to detail as when we started, after almost a decade in the toy trenches. A lot of concentration was focused on pushing the paint and individual figure design this year, as opposed to larger builder waves from 2015 and before. It's been exciting to explore not only our "Standard' style color combinations, but also some dedicated homage waves -particularly over the last few months (TMNG, Capture Run). 2017 will see even more full production experiments and crossovers, as well as some further expansion to our nebulous narrative (I'm looking at you Quallerran).

Marcus, Michelle and I have been discussing and reminiscing about the lifespan of Glyos more than usual these days, due to the 10 year mark steadily approaching. We've seen a lot of twists and turns, but there is still a fire burning in the furnace and some interesting new things in store for 2017.

Thank you for sticking with us and continuing to inspire our creativity, through all 60 waves!


Capture Run

The new wave is LIVE!
Refresh: http://onell.store

Note: All limits have been removed, thank you! Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Volkriun Master Command

Batch 60

Noboto Caca!!!

Don't Post Them After Midnight...

*You're a psychic, Brian!

Swing Technique

Skeleden Keldorac

Glyninja Runmaru

Another video game love that we couldn't resist paying homage to in PVC form, the color selections for Glyninja Runmaru shown above may resonate with some of you button mashing NES fans out there.

More pics of Wave 60 will be popping up throughout the day, featuring a mix of 80's tributes as well as some new (and old) original color combinations. We had a lot of fun working on this assortment!


A Winter Welcome

Lining right up with our first snow of the winter, Wave 60 is on track for this Thursday, December 8th, at 9:30PM EST.

As 2016 comes to a close, we will be traveling through a new doorway together, with the unveiling of our fully redesigned mobile friendly store (now live), courtesy of Bit Master Marcus and Shopify. It's been a long time in the making (like most things around these parts), but we are finally ready to explore some new territory and hopefully welcome an easier and less unpredictable release night experience for all of us. Marcus has outlined some important details below that should really assist in making the transition easier. -Matt

Finally! Before heading in, a few words on the new digs:

One of the big improvements with this platform is the responsiveness, and the ability to auto-format for all devices and screen sizes. When we started diving deep into Google Analytics about 5 years ago, we were surprised to see nearly 20% of people ordering from mobile devices. Fast-forward to the most recent launch and the number of mobile users has doubled. The last Bit Figs wave received 49% of orders from phones!

Another new feature is user accounts. We highly recommend everyone take a few seconds to create an Onell.Store account. This will make checkout super fast, and is a neat way to keep track of your activity. You can still checkout using PayPal, too. While we've had our troubles with them, the fact is they've helped us process every single order since day one, and as a Payment Gateway, they are quite reliable. Now that we have shopping cart specialists on our side, we're feeling confident to continue working together with PayPal.

We hope you'll have a chance to familiarize yourselves with the new system prior to the launch. Click an item to see important info such as order limit, parts count and full product details. Once added to your cart, a "Continue Shopping" button will appear to zip you back to the previous page. When finished, click the top cart icon to checkout. It's a bit of a different process than before, but we feel it's a major upgrade to loading one giant page of heavy scripts and separate windows.

Matt, Michelle and I will remain on high alert during the launch, but we're hoping this will be a smooth transition for all, and in the end a fun experience. As always, leave feedback below, or email web@glyos.com, and thank you for the support. -Marc

Enter Onell.Store!