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Hyper Henshin

The Quallerran

Across vast and forgotten galaxies, the multidimensional beings known as Quallerran have explored the mysteries of the cosmos for untold generations. Located on the ancient world "between space" called Quallerra, their origins can be traced back to a time even before the birth of the Glyos System. 

In an effort to optimally evolve their species by combining powerful alien lifeforms with their own metamorphic biology, the Quallerran sent numerous special research expeditions into the great unknown to discover such specimens. Those selected for these inherently dangerous missions accepted that they would most likely never return home.

However, the sacrifices of the brave were not in vain, as psychically charged beacons capable of telepathically transmitting critical data through time and space were developed and encoded within every Quallerran Explorer. When activated, these "Syncrobine Links" allowed for unlimited information to be relayed directly back to Quallerra, as well as a detailed record of the sender's experiences, thoughts and emotions.

It was one of these lost expeditions to a volatile young galaxy that eventually brought the Quallerran directly to the Glyos System ...


Clear Integration

UPDATE: A translucent trajectory is (re)set for this coming
Tuesday, February 28th at 9:30PM EST.


Vipers in Boston

Quick update from MADD HQ:

Flying Vipers play show #2 this Friday in Boston. We're supporting Big D and the Kids Table as they play through their album Strictly Rude, 10 years after it's debut. Going back another 10 years, I was a high schooler rocking out to the very first Big D album, Shot by Lammi. Nowadays we're friends and even share band members... Boston is tight like that.

Portsmouth zine The Sound also just posted an article and interview on our latest, The Copper Tape. That's it below, featuring a tiny scribble I made that Matt turned into a glorious scribble.

Lots more happening in the coming months, including a couple new vinyl releases... stay tuned.


Battle Tribes: Wave 5

We're a little late, but Spy Monkey Creations has some brand new savagery currently available over in their store, just in time to do battle with the latest East Coast snowstorms that have been wreaking havoc around these parts!

The Steel Warrior Cyclops Battle Tribes figure shown above looks particularly fearsome when trudging through the snow and ice covering our backyard. SMC's Jeremy has always been a massive Cyclops fan, and this specific head has some pretty deep connections for him. I remember way back when we first met, Jeremy had some great Cyclops themed custom figures floating around in his backpack, so seeing the legacy of those early days manifest in the BT Cyclops is especially awesome.

Sometimes I think it's easy for folks to forget just how personal these toy lines really are. 


Bit Figs: Wave 4

The new round of Bit Figs is live at the Culture Pirates shop!

For those that want to go "all in", check out the Gatekeeper Combo, a specially priced bundle featuring the entire new wave.

Have fun!


The Bitkeeper

While mapping the various otherworldly planes that the last remaining Dimension Gates still had access to, Gatekeeper Viyer discovered a world unlike anything ever recorded before, even within the esoteric Gatekeeper Codex.

Upon crossing into this odd place, Viyer and his companion, Gatekeeper Varriun,  found their appearances drastically altered. Within an instant, every curve became angled and hyper defined, their very beings totally compressed and reformatted into geometric patterns. They had become captured "bits" of information, completely stored within cube-like forms.

After a prolonged exploration into this incredible "Bit World", it was decided that Gatekeeper Varriun would remain to collect more information, while Viyer would return back home to document what, and whom, they had uncovered on their expedition.

Varriun remains to this day, a Bitkeeper beyond the Gate.

New release coming to the Culture Pirates shop this Saturday, February 4th at 9pm ET!


Outpost Odesskar

With bold yet tempered authority, Commander Nillin sternly oversees the rigorous operation of Outpost Odesskar. 

Assigned to monitor and secure all activity within the dimension bending Vector Triangle, the majority of Outpost Odesskar's personnel are selected specifically for their rare ability to function normally within the Vector Triangle itself. 

Those not possessing this special immunity inevitably begin experiencing strange hallucinations when they enter the Vector, haunted by the overwhelming feeling that they are slowly being pulled into an alternate reality beyond all comprehension.

This so-called "Vector Effect" seems to have no noticeable influence over either Travelers or Sincroids.