China Continued

Each time we visit China our minds are melted by the skills of the people who make the stuff we play with. The team that works on Glyos is absolutely amazing! They are super dedicated, unbelievably hard working and inventive as hell. Jesse and I spent some quality time with the crew and continued to learn about how actual production is handled. New ideas were born and fresh viewpoints popped up all over the place. More in depth details when we get back!


New Moves from Overseas

Jesse and I survived the marathon flight and rolled right into action when we hit the mainland! The first thing that we checked out were the new NYCC OSM and they looked excellent, with very precise molding and polishing on all parts. The 4HM have a nice batch of plastic coming together. Another amazing display was the fully painted production run of the standard OSM figures. You guys will not believe this assortment, completely decked out in 100% paint. Really jaw dropping, especially in hand. The 4HM continue their reign!

On the regular old Glyos front, We got to play with the first shots of the new joints! After messing with about 8 sets well into the AM, I think we all may be having some brand new ideas once these little buggers start circulating. The armored configurations from just two complete sets had me building variations for hours. I hope you guys feel the same when these things
are finished!

On a final note, a deep thanks to all of you for supporting our latest round of stuff and taking the time to check out the new Passcode! Every time we attempt to push it a little bit further, you guys are always there to encourage us to work harder and keep rolling the dice. I know that I have said it before, but we absolutely owe everything to all of you. I have a true smile on my face, here on the other side of the world, just knowing how damn lucky we really are to have an incredible group of free thinking people support what we do. Looking forward to connecting at NYCC in a few weeks!


Traveler Alert

The next wave of figures are in the Onell Store! The Custom Corps are gonzo, thanks to everyone who grabbed one. The Delphi shall return...

Watch each character come to life in the latest addition to the Passcode Series, Soul of the Traveler, now playing on youtube and in HD on vimeo!

There are a couple new Phase Arms sets in the Power Up section of the store, and don't forget to build your army at the Build Station.

Massive thanks for the continued support from the entire Glyos Community. It's hard to believe Matt and Jesse are flying to the other side of the planet right now... but wherever in the world we are, we're surrounded by amazing friends and fans. We hope you have as much fun as we do!

Passcode: Soul of the Traveler

The latest installment of the Passcode has arrived! This is a very special episode for us- For the first time ever, it features a 100% original sound track by chiptune extraordinaire, Disasterpeace! Rich did an amazing job with both the music and sound effects, and truly brings this adventure to another level. This is also the first Passcode to make it into the land of youtube. There are no interactive elements, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! For those not familiar with the new youtube, be sure to select the highest quality for the best experience possible- we recommend 720p HD, and full screen! Quality control is located to the right of the playback. You may also want to catch up on previous Passcodes (here), this story spans time and space...

We are on track for our September launch- check back here in one hour (8PM EST) for a refreshed store featuring each character in Soul of the Traveler!

Mercenary Alert

Check out the UAGRIMOU mash-up at blog.callgrim.com!


September Launch Update

We are putting the finishing touches on the new Passcode and store additions and will roll out tomorrow night, Wednesday September 15th at 8PM EST. The Passcode will be posted one hour prior at 7PM EST. We were thinking about trying to push it and release everything super late tonight, but with the impending travel and tweaking, tomorrow seems like a much better choice. We don't want to echo the madness of the Glyaxia Wave anytime soon...

This launch preparation has been a whole new level of creative fusion for us over here, with the addition of Mr. Disasterpeace himself, Rich Vreeland, pushing it like crazy on all new sound design. Getting to work with Rich directly has been a dream come true for Marc and I, and when you get a look (and a listen) at the new Passcode, Rich's incredible ability really shines through. Thanks for spending time in the cave with us Rich, you left handed genius!

Marcus, as always, has brought the workmanship to another level. Clocking in as our longest Passcode yet, this new story could only have been realized with Marc at the animation helm. He makes my scrabble look half acceptable.

I'll be heading off to China/Japan in a few hours with Jesse, so the rest of the Onell crew (the smart half) will be handling things while we're making new stuff overseas. I'll be monitoring things from abroad when I'm not knee deep in factory plastic. Michelle and Marc will be processing the daily activities until we get back. Hopefully we'll be returning with some brand new joints to mess with (maybe even for NYCC).

Thanks to all of you guys for sticking around with us, I hope the new stuff makes the grade!


Full Steam Ahead

Progress continues on the various aspects of the new drop! We'll be going straight until everything is finished (aiming for the beginning of next week).


Preparing For Descent

Finally, we are rounding the corner and getting everything in place for our next big drop! We thought that August would see the new stuff, but as usual we ended up adding a bunch of extra stuff. Some more sneaks will continue to pop up as we get closer to the weekend...


Real X Head USA

Though only in its early stages, www.RealXHead.us is live! This is the next step in the construction of the house that Mori built.

This new extension of his Japan operation promises to bring Real X Head fans a direct line to the maker himself, while honoring everything that has come before throughout the community. Be ready for exclusive releases, content and crossovers!

Judging from what's on deck, we can safely say that you will truly see the depth of this man's talent and integrity- more up close and personal than ever before. We are honored to be part of the Real X Head family and to share this experience with you guys.

Mori Katsura has only just begun... RHND!!!