New items will zap into the Culture Pirates shop tomorrow,
December 16th at 9:30PM EST!



Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great little release! We've been working away over here like spastic Christmas elves to stay ahead of things and keep the boxes moving! It's been fun sending these mutants and Glyninjas out to you guys as we close in on the end of the year.

Speaking of this year, we've seen a lot of growth across the Glyos family in 2018. From new molds and experimental paint apps to special crossovers and even a successful Kickstarter (KOTS!), 2018 really introduced some excellent stuff from the different Glyos makers. 2019 looks to expand a bit more, with a number of exciting projects and even some new faces emerging onto the scene.

To celebrate the holidays in Advent calendar style (no chocolates, just PVC), December is packed with Glyos releases! We've already seen awesome new assortments from the great Pat Bussey (Bio-Masters), and Spy Monkey (all new parts, including a wicked Goblin and Berserker!), and later tonight Pj will have the first online sale of his incredible full production PVC Geodraxus (I've been lucky to have watched the development of this unique figure from day one and it's a refreshing, deep dive for builders).

As December continues to unfold we'll see offerings from the powerhouse, Marty "The GodBeast" Hansen (get ready for more super charged and striking color selections), and our very own Marcus will have a special Culture Pirates Shop release featuring a fun take on the Glyan and a full assortment of our accessories (and wheels!). Reinforcements will then land near the end of the month from our buddy John Kent and Toyfinity, which should make fans of the classic Robo Force characters smile.

Another surprising part of this crazy month is something that has finally materialized here at home base a little earlier than expected (as in a few days ago). I know the timing is a little strange, but due to the many requests we've been receiving since DCon, this Tuesday night (Dec 11th, 9:30PM EST) we'll be opening a special dedicated part of our store for the first domestic online release of our Nu:Synth Initiative crossover with 1000Toys, featuring Glyosynth Pheyden and Glyosynth Buildman. We have a decent amount of each style in stock and should be able to cover everybody who would like to check one out. This project has been an absolute dream and the crew at 1000Toys continue to impress. Huge thanks to Don, Jesse D, Yuta and the whole 1000Toys team! We'll post more about the process behind this crossover in the coming week.

All packages, including international orders, have hit the post, except what came in yesterday and this morning (they'll be out the door shortly as well). Huge props once again to Michelle and Pj for holding down the fort!

Recent packing tunes from the Barn included more Louis Cole (Marcus and I saw him live last month -incredible show), Queensr├┐che (Mindcrime of course) and The Alan Parsons Project.

Thanks again from the whole family for keeping this ship running and inspiring us to push into new frontiers!