Bit Figs: Wave 13

New items have just been added to the Culture Pirates shop!

Three new limited edition sets of Bit Figs are available online for the first time: Mordireus Space, Redlaw Ninja, and Mecha Animal, plus a new Bit Figs button pack!

A small bonus batch of Phase Animal sets from the original production sample run have also been uncovered – if you missed out back in 2016 here is your chance!

Please note the limit of 2 on the Mordierus sets - they are from an early test run and are extremely rare. Thank you and have fun!


Flying Vipers - Nervous Breakdub

On the 40th anniversary of its initial release, Flying Vipers pay tribute to the debut EP by hardcore/punk pioneers Black Flag. Their first 7" record, Nervous Breakdown, introduces the original line-up with 4 songs in 5 minutes. We've put our own spin on this iconic set, arranged as a single track, stripped down to bare bones drums & bass, and drenched with reverb and analog effects. Recorded and mixed direct to cassette tape over the span of a few hours.

Big thanks to our resident Viper artist, Big Boots MD, for reinterpreting the classic Raymond Pettibon illustration. More music – including our first full-length – coming later this year.


Dreadvalken's Tomb

Deep within the heart of the Black Citadel Dreadvalken, a forgotten king sits silently within the crystalline darkness, possessor of an unbound soul.

Now confronted with the spawn of a hidden legacy, Lord Dreadvalken must rise from his tarnished throne to safeguard the secret truth behind The Order of the Glyknights.

Huge thanks once again to Ralph for another beauty!