Alright, Maybe Two... NOW REFRESH!

Well, the usual torture test was endured and the new stuff is LIVE! HUGE thanks to the guys who stayed up with us overnight, it was great talking to all of you in the forum. We're sorry for the delays, but we had to tweak things a bit more (as always) than we had anticipated. Maybe one day the challenge will be a little less insane, but probably not due to my attention to mostly foolish details. Ah, it's still damn fun.

Check around the store and the Build Station for the latest additions and play a round of the new Glyaxia Passcode game to hunt down more new secret items.

I want to say an extra special thanks to Marcus, who has just gone through one of the most demanding launches yet. He is a true machine and deserves the highest amount of praise I could personally ever offer. Both of us are excited to release this new stuff and we hope that it was all worth the wait. Have fun blasting those Gendrones!!!

Marcus addendum: I want to thank my partner in crime- Loyce, no matter how late/early/insane/delusional things get, we always enjoy every minute of it together. You truly bring out the artist in everyone around you. Also- massive props to Rich Vreeland, who continues to let us use and abuse his amazing Disasterpeace catalog that fuels almost everything we do. So much more planned with the Super Glyos System, but first... rest.


One More Day!

That says it all, we need one more to nail this thing. Marc and I have been cranking on this for weeks, and the finish line is here. We had a few last minute additions that we would not want you guys to miss. It seems to be our ritual to take it to the wire every damn time....but we love every minute of it. Thanks for staying in the delivery room for one more day. As was said before, this sucker is large!




Release Update

We are so close! The final touches are going on right now and we are about ready to go. Based on the feedback and our final workload, we are moving the release to early Sunday evening this weekend. Elements of the game are being adjusted and final inventory is getting the once over. This is a big boy, so we want to deliver it properly!

Huge thanks for still checking this stuff out, you guys are what inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of this project. So, get some sleep, then prepare your trigger fingers to do battle with the forces of Rilleco on Sunday!


Sketchbots and Metalheads

We had a visit from Phil Reed of www.battlegrip.com fame last night and he came bearing some special gifts. Take a look at that shiny dome on Pheyden up there, that sucker is actual metal! Phil used his special contacts to put together this awesome beast. As a matter of fact, Phil brought an entire BAG of metal heads! Exellis, Buildman, Pheyden and Sarvos all got the treatment. With a little polishing and buffing these things are crazy reflective. Massive thanks to Phil for making one serious nerd dream a reality.

Also, I just finished up a new custom for artist Steve Talkowski's Sketchbot custom show. The festivities begin tomorrow at My Plastic Heart in New York City. This was a fun one to do, and the Sketchbot platform is very well made. I actually used only the pieces of the toy to modify the design, nothing sculptural was added, just a ton of cutting, gluing and painting. It was like a self imposed parameter and it made the process refreshing. If you are in the New York area this weekend maybe swing by and check out what is sure to be a very solid show. Congratulations on your new toy Steve! Well, back to the preparation for the launch!



All Warmed Up

We are in the home stretch for launching the new stuff this week (might bump into Saturday morning). The above sneak shots pack in just about everything on deck, with a few omissions to keep it interesting. Full reinforcements for the Spring!


Build Challenge

Something I loved to do when we first got the Buildman figures was try to build something using a select number of just Buildman figures...and use every single piece. Nothing can remain loose. This build was made using all the parts from four separate Buildman Gendrones (Clear Orange available next week). It was a fun challenge and it made my eyes throb. Have you guys ever tried a contained build? On a side note, special plans for the Delphi are cooking.


Desk Shot

Multiple projects in motion.


Middle of next week...


Kaiju Comrades 2

>Mark Nagata is finally ready to unleash Kaiju Comrades Part 2 on the population of Japan this week! The roster for this show is very eclectic, featuring an international selection of artists that were tasked with bringing their dream monster to life. Check out the Kaiju Comrades website for details and updates.

The beast that we brought forth for this project is based on Nagata's very own gigantic potato creature, Eyezon! I personally really like Eyezon and always wanted to see what he may look after some time in the Glyos System. I call this guy Zoneye, in honor of Mark's core design and fantastic creativity.

The process to put this guy together was our standard approach. I made a rough drawing, went to the shop and showed Ron. He made an awesome buck with moving parts that I then butchered with a dremel, blade and chisel. Added some compound and then more shaping and the inevitable infinite sanding. Cleaned the final sculpt and then primed it. Next came a blast of silver coating followed by an assault of washes and detailing. The mechanical spud was then dry brushed like crazy and the eyes were sealed with clear coat.

I literally only got to take a few pictures and he was off to Japan for the Friday opening. We really wanted to make some molds and pour off some urethane copies. Maybe if Zoneye returns home we can do that... in the meantime something else is nearing completion.

Thanks go out to Mark Nagata for letting us be part of another fun project! Good luck in Japan Mark!


Monster Kolor!

Congratulations to Matt Walker aka Dead Presidents on the launch of his brand new paint supply company, Monster Kolor! Matt has been working like crazy behind the scenes to put this venture together. After very long hours formulating special blends of super high quality paint combinations, the time has finally arrived to unleash his latest beast. The Monster Kolor site even provides an all new forum where fellow paint maniacs can share tricks and ask Mr. Dead Presidents himself for problem solving tips. The amount of time that has gone into this has been colossal, and the results look excellent and top quality. One of the coolest things is that Matt is making multiple sizes available for purchase, from small bottles to the larger, beefy options. I'm personally psyched to be able to get paint that has super adhesion, clean mixing and a tough finish. As all my fellow customizers know, getting paint to stick around after some playing can be frustrating as hell. Matt really went the distance getting the mix to be super strong and highly durable. You can brush it, spray it or splatter it, each technique will have the extra firepower of proper paint no matter how you decide to apply it. Imagine if the most critical painter set out to make a paint that met his highest standards, that's what Monster Kolor is. Check the Dead Presidents Blog to find out when the site goes live this week. You did it Mr. Walker, my disintegrating hat is off to you!


Pheyaos Man is Gonzo

You guys are animals! Pheyaos Man is Gonzo. We are already working with Mori to increase production numbers on our next run of this mold. My apologies to those who missed this and I wish we had a ton more of these guys. The craftsmanship on these is so high, producing many of them will always be a challenge. Thank you to everyone that grabbed one- we promise to keep beefing up the quantities.


Pheyaos Man is Here

An awesome package arrived from Mori a few days ago packed with RXH goodness... Pheyaos Man is finally ready to roll here in the USA! These guys are limited as per the usual RXH release and will be sold through the site on a first come, first served basis ($60 USD, limit one per customer). Hopefully the store works correctly with the new inventory system and things go relatively well when he goes up at 12PM EST tomorrow (March 5th). We have some more RXH crossover stuff coming later this month as well (mini Pheyden GITD). Also, we are on track for our next big drop within the next 2 weeks. Marc and I are trying something a little different with this one...


New Addition

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you one more time to all who took part in the Custom Corps 3 mayhem. It was personally a very unique experience as far as customizing goes, and I hope that most of you liked what showed up. Each figure means something and has relevance to the ongoing Glyos stories. One way that we wanted to show our appreciation for your collective dedication to this project was by putting together something special to follow up the release. For the first time, we have compiled an online visual guide for every figure released in a particular Custom Corps, with this initial checklist documenting CC3. The final count landed at 262 fully customized figures. Some had doppelgangers, but upon further inspection you will see that even the twins and triplets are slightly different. All of the styles were thought out and executed with intent, nothing was thrown together and nothing was last minute. Each and every piece had multiple hours invested in its crafting and all were assembled with equal attention. Some may not have been the most popular color choices, some may not seem like the flashiest work, but I can assure you guys that each and every figure was made with everything I've got -for better or for worse. So if one of these little buggers doesn't seem to do it for you at first, maybe give it a few days, see if something starts to form and perhaps some individuality will begin to shine through.

I feel very attached to all those little creatures (I'm a sentimental fool) and it's been a great honor to get the chance to introduce them to all of you. My deepest gratitude for all the support and amazing dedication you all have generously given to our little dream of a company. As always, we do this together.