Custom Corps 3: Chaos Invasion

After finally overcoming a technological rebellion perpetrated by our computer and camera, Custom Corps 3 finally rolls out! This is a very special edition, bringing together two worlds that have pretty strange characters running around. Mori Katsura's central creature from his Real X Head brand is the ever changing hero Chaos. With the ability to "sample" living organisms, Chaos has been presented in many different forms. For this Custom Corps Mori and I wanted to continue our crossover which began with the creation of Pheyaos. With the assistance of the artistic powerhouse known as Lamour Supreme, the Chaos Trooper was born. Lamour and I sculpted the first version of the Chaos Trooper head and Probe Arm together, both of us infusing our admiration for Mori into those little parts. After getting approval from the main man in Japan we set to creating the molds. Huge thanks go out to master mold maker Ron Daley for building some killer molds to unleash the Chaos Troopers. With the molds ready to go, I went nuts at the shop and cast parts like crazy over a few weeks. To spice things up I also ran some older molds to round out the assortment, even resurrecting some sidelined head designs (Michelle's original design for Noboto).

The first wave of images are a portion of the clear stuff; pictures of the painted stuff will start popping up overnight and into tomorrow. This is due to having to take all the pictures again (bad bad camera). One last shout out to Don "Datadub" Kratzer for making sure that we covered all the bases and for keeping the lines of communication completely clear.

To Mori, Joel, Don, Michelle, Ron, Marc, Jesse, Megan and to all of you, thanks so much for making this Custom Corps a reality.

PS- Make sure to check the Build Station!



Looking at a Sunday (January 31st) release if things keep moving...



On track...


Dude's Clues

Some hints abound...


Pheyaos is Gonzo

He's gone. Thanks so much to everyone that ordered. I promise that there will be more on the next run. Emailing all who got one shortly.

The Pheyaos Release Plan

Wow, we were definitely not prepared for the response that this figure has generated from you guys. When we first decided to do this project it was for a more specialized part of our collecting community. There was positive feedback as well as a fair share of negative when Pheyaos images began popping up. Nonetheless we were excited and committed to bringing our Real x Head collaboration here to the USA. Based on the amount of emails I have personally received since the last post it is 100% guaranteed that we will not have enough of this edition to meet the demand. These runs with Mori are a fraction of what we normally manufacture as far as production numbers go, so we are in a slightly tough spot to begin with. The unit costs are much higher and the process is very different than with our core products, so striking the right balance between all the factors has been the goal. The next Pheyaos we bring over will absolutely have a higher production run, but it will still be lower than the standard amount we're used to.

To make things fair when Pheyaos becomes available later today, we will be running the operation in a different way at launch time. At 12 noon, January19th (Tuesday) EST we will begin taking emails at info@onelldesign.com. The first 25 emails received in chronological order will receive a response that they have secured the option to purchase one Pheyaos. I know this is a pain in the ass, but we really have no other option. If we place it in the store with a purchase button things will get messy very fast. My apologies for our low stock and for the inevitable disappointment that most of you are going to feel because our supply is too low. Please keep in mind that Pheyaos will return very soon in as high a production run as I can push for.

This topic does lend itself to another development in relation to our regular PVC releases. Coming in February we will be rolling out an all new assortment of figures, featuring brand new colorways of the usual suspects as well as a MAJOR infusion into the Build Station that has been long overdue. Gobon will be back in abundance and we are running our highest production numbers to date. The order is complete and will be shipping within the next few weeks. I've reviewed the samples (from the actual run) and they are the highest quality yet. My personal goal with this next release is to make sure that everyone walks away with everything they are interested in and no one feels like they missed out. Between the upcoming new Callgrim wave, the continuing RXH collaboration and our new standard assortments things should stay relatively fresh and hopefully interesting throughout the first half of this year. I am working like crazy to make the special RXH themed Custom Corps for this month loaded with surprises. The final number of figures should be even higher than the Dimension Drifter count. I hope that it makes up at least a little for the Pheyaos shortage. Thanks for reading this text bomb and I hope that some of it has made a modicum of sense.


Pheyaos Arrives

A box of Pheyaos rolled in yesterday and they look great! We are psyched to finally have some of these little devils to unleash over here. It's looking like a Tuesday release this week with a price of $30 USD each. The production number is very low, but if the response is positive we will increase the amount on the next edtion. Our goal is to offer new Real X Head every month. Due up in February are Pheyaos Man and the first edition of the Pheyden Mini. Our deepest thanks go out to Mori and Datadub for making this a reality, we are honored to be creating with you guys.


Founders Part II

Resurrected from the "Secret Heap" in our warehouse, the remaining three Founders make their return! Like the previous four Founders figures, these guys are made from the super hard first generation PVC plastic and have imperfect paint applications. The Phase Pheydens may also contain an occasional air bubble as well. A point of interest concerning the Reverse Exellis is that this version has never been offered online before. He was only available at a few conventions and every so often in the Junkshop by chance. Once the last of these Founders figures are gone, it will signal the end of the original first generation stock. Hope you guys have fun with these little buggers!


New Year Activity

We hope everybody had a great round of holidays to close out 2009. It was a really exciting time that took our projects on all kinds of adventures. The best part was doing it as a collective and sharing in the experiences. As 2010 gets rolling and new ideas are hatched, we want to say one more time how grateful all of us are for everything that you guys have brought into our lives. Onell Design would be nothing without the dedication and generosity that each of you have brought to this project. As always, we move forward together.

A few quick bits of info for January... We are on track to release the second version of Pheyaos (the first USA edition) near the end of this month in conjunction with an all new RXH themed Custom Corps. Mori has been working like a maniac to keep things on track. In honor of Real X Head, we will be posting some special content dedicated to the ongoing work of Mori Katsura and maybe even divulge a secret or two about the direction he is headed this year. Keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive interview conducted by Don "Datadub" Kratzer with Mori to learn more about the amazing world of Real X Head.

While we play with RXH over here, make sure you are prepared for the Callgrim invasion that is being readied over at Callgrim.com! Jesse will be unleashing his largest assortment to date! The amount of artwork he is producing for this blitz is his most impressive yet, with unique designs for ALL the packaging as well as everything he's created for the highly anticipated Callgrim Animated Series. He has truly reached new heights with this effort. Keep cranking Jesse!

One last bit of info... Due to the strong response we received from the Founders release, we have sorted through the archives and will now be offering the last 3 figures from the original Wave 1 Series. Standard Exellis, Phase Pheyden and the super rare Reverse Exellis (never before sold online) will be available in the Founders Shop early this coming week. The price still remains $4 USD for these hard plastic old timers. Thanks again for all your support and stay creative -Matt


Mercenary Alert

Have you seen what Jesse has been up to at blog.callgrim.com?