Alternate Insanity

I don't think it's possible to get enough of Jesse Moore's artwork. This guy is a freak of nature in his ability to crank out exciting, kinetic and original stuff on a regular basis. This new illustration shows some of the crazy characters lurking around the corner for the New Year. For some reason I'm crazy about the Frontier Pheyden's colors (white, orange and brown) and this piece just pushes that feeling further along. Amazing work Jesse, you keep outdoing yourself!


Phase Arm Accessory

After about one month of revisions and refinements, the Phase Arm attachment is ready to go into production. This little arm blaster looks pretty standard at first glance, but it has got a few twists up its mechanical sleeve. By rearranging the three part assembly in different configurations in combination with Pheyden or Exellis you can modify and customize like crazy. With enough Phase Arms a wide variety of stand alone drones and mechanical forms can be created. Pheyden can become armored up and taller and wider. These little buggers will start coming with all the figures as soon as they are finished in production and get here. There is also a Gobon Blaster in the works that is compatible with the Phase Arm and everything else. Accessory time is here.


New Blood

Starting at the end of December some new versions of the boys will start to show up. The first two are Frontier Pheyden and Cyber Ghost Exellis. For the next three months and into Toy Fair New York we will release a new version of Pheyden and Exellis per month. Gobon and the Crayboth are cooking and special preview editions will be available mid-end of January. The packaged full runs will drop at the end of February/ beginning of March. Some surprises are also in the works. 2008 will be a very active year for new product and fun promotions. Oh yeah, maybe a Sky Deviler will visit the Glyos System next month....


Noboto Proto

Gobon must be getting lonely without his partner in crime, Noboto. Michelle has developed a whole world for her characters to live in and it's spilling out into ours more and more. This monster hunting mini Sincroid is getting set for a trip overseas to get cloned and we aim to have Noboto ready for SDCC 08. Monsters must be lurking around here somewhere...

Vote for Pheyden

Our friends over at CollectionDX.com have put up a poll for best toy under $10 in 2007. We were surprised that our little guy made it on there... and would love to come in 3rd place (because the Transformers Nation is just to powerful to overcome). If you get a chance, hop on over and check out Collection DX, throw a vote in for Pheyden (or the less loved Exellis), then check out all the insane coverage of toys we have to get. By the way, awesome review on that Garland, Atom... we need that thing now.


Jesse Delivers Again

Last Friday night Jesse was down and I showed him how Phanost was coming along. He eyeballed it, fooled around with the figure and then did this in about 2 hours. Thanks again Jesse for more amazing artwork and for helping to define this new anti-hero. We need to see Phanost battling some Voss next!


Nite Fink

Crazy illustration that I did for my partner in Bean crime Marc and his band, Destroy Babylon. Check out the full story at their blog. If you like smart, developed and catchy tunes get their music.


Alternate Pheydens exist in many different dimensions and throughout time in the Glyos System and beyond. As each version of Pheyden evolves and changes, so does each ones appearance and personality. Sometimes these variations decide to change not just how they look but also their names. Phanost is one such Pheyden. Perhaps almost as legendary as the original Pheyden himself, Phanost is a mystery to all who encounter him. Though the name Phanost is well known across the dimensions and time streams of Glyos, Phanost's mission and purpose are difficult to understand. The First Pheyden has worked with, and against Phanost and sees a vastly different piece of himself when he looks into this reflection of his own eyes. Some say that Phanost wants to deny his legacy, to sever the connection with his cosmic brothers and create his own destiny. One thing is for certain, as Phanost continues to change, the reason for his existence will become clear to all beings in the Glyos System, especially Pheyden.

Bio Pheyden Villser Mutation

After nearly being destroyed by a renegade Villser, Bio Pheyden begins to lose control of his form, strangely mutating into hybrid creature. Somehow the wounds inflicted by the Villser infect Bio Pheyden's system, causing a unique transformation into an advanced, all new lifeform. This new specimen's first act is to create two smaller clones to do it's bidding . Is there any part of Bio Pheyden's mind left in this beast? Is this the true power of the Villser, to corrupt all living things? A Pheyden from a deadly dimension may hold the answers...

Tardy Bastard

Just wanted to apologize for the radio silence the past 3 weeks. Things have been extra insane and all the regular excuses. Well now we're back on track. Hope you all enjoy the slew of new updates...and color a Crayboth!


Art Assault

Well, whenever we get any kind of illustration or painting of the Glyos characters we get excited, but when we get them from our close friends we are humbled by the original approach and care put into the resulting artwork. These 3 pieces are particularly cool. Good old Chris B. comes back again with a very unique take on Michelle's character Gobon. I personally love the gelatinous looking stomach and fluid feel applied to this chunky gendrone. Chris, we want more! Putting his wares out here for the first time is our good friend and resident left-handed braniac Sanjeev! Sanjeev explained that this guy is an "Anti Pheyden" that brings some much needed cold hearted villainy to the Glyos system. The spell book on the left shoulder is a great touch and the almost royal detailing is very convincing. Sanjeev, I think it's time for that limited edition figure now. Yes, it will be glowie. Rounding out the trio of talent is Josh B. of the famed and exploding CollectionDX.com. Not only does Josh run an addictive and insanely informative website, but he also can throw down when it's time to get drawing. This Callgrim picture has a real confidence to it that I know Jesse Moore( Callgrim's creator) will be proud of. Josh's inking abilities are like a mutant power that he needs to use more often, the results are always superb. All in all, these three artists and their contributions to our ever expanding Glyos System makes us thankful, and me in particular, to be around such unique and talented people that we're also lucky enough to call our friends.


Bio Pheyden VS Shadow Villser 2

Bio Pheyden had been caught in the crushing claw of the Shadow Villser with no sure escape. Just as time is running out, a mysterious blue Sincroid appears and levels the Shadow Villser with one precise blow, sending Bio Pheyden and his former captor into the hangar wall. The strike proves to be a fatal one for the Shadow Villser, leaving only Bio Pheyden alive. His pride damaged more than his armor, Bio Pheyden gives only a nod to his enigmatic savior, offering nothing more as he passes him by. Somehow, he knows they will meet again...


Bio Pheyden VS Shadow Villser

After the first encounter with the alien absorbing Villser, Pheyden summoned another version of himself that was better suited for combat with these deep space beasts. Enter Bio Pheyden, one of the strongest alternate Pheydens in any known dimension. Wearing a special hardened Flexion Suit, Bio Pheyden actually comes from a world infested with the Villser species. The Shadow Villser is perhaps the most efficient and dangerous form that these beasts can evolve into, capable of hopping through dimension rifts to spread their deadly menace. Bio Pheyden had been tracking a group of them for some time and was more than ready to strike when the first Pheyden contacted him for assistance. However, things took an unexpected turn when Bio Pheyden got into some trouble...


Friend or Foe

Throughout the history of the Glyos System, strange creatures have been at work shaping its future from behind the scenes. Callgrim and Pheyden operate on a level that few beings ever see or are even aware of. Since Pheyden has many alternate forms and has split into various versions of himself, Callgrim never knows what particular Pheyden he is being approached by. Sometimes it's a peaceful meeting, but most of the time things turn out like this. Thanks to Jesse for another captivating painting that gets the wheels turning. Love that battered Pheyden.


Some Good Press

We have been reading Lee's Toy Review for almost all of its 181 issue run. To see a cool review of Pheyden and the boys in the News Flash section of issue #181 makes us feel very lucky. Thanks to the crew at Lee's for the coverage and kind words, it really means a lot to see our guys in Toy Review.
Our friend Josh B. over at CollectionDX.com informed us that he stumbled on a little blurb about us in Clutter magazine issue #11. Michelle is crazy about Clutter and when she found a small picture of Gobon on page 35 she was one very happy robot designer. Thanks to the guys at Triclops Studios, Robotboy and Apeman, for the shout out. Check them out at www.triclopsstudio.com.


Micro Exellis

It's no secret that I'm crazy about Microman and Micronauts. The echoes of their impact can be heard through almost every project I work on. The Glyos System Series owes much to those amazing toys that paved the way and inspired us to create. Micro Exellis is a big homage to the good old days of Time Travelers battling Antron and Membros over a bowl of Saturday morning cereal while watching Barbapapa. Long live Microman...and Barbapapa too.

Gobon Scale

Here is a look at how Gobon measures up to Pheyden and a Crayboth. He is a Sarvonic Gendrone that can convert into all kinds of things. Now what the heck is "Sarvonic"? The answer to that lies on Issaris....