Conversion Rate

Well, that was insane. Huge thanks to everyone who grabbed one of the Custom Corps Wave. I learned quite a bit over the past few days and was reminded again how incredible all of your support is. The final count was double what I had projected and I've been going like a lunatic putting everything together. Because of the extra figures, I won't be shipping until Wednesday so that I can mix all the figures up fairly before the packing begins. I have just a few more to complete before that happens. All the completed figures have been photographed and documented and at some point will be posted. In the interim, here's a few shots from the assortment. Thanks again to all of you for making our latest madness a lot of fun.



The special Custom Corps section is open. I put together a few subsets in this crazy assortment. You may get a Lost Sincroid Soldier, any number of strange Govuroms or a super rare version of Phanost or Sarvos in a mysterious black bag. All the figures have a hand cast, hand painted head attached to a customized production PVC body. Let's see how this little experiment works out.


Mercenary Alert

The Sentry Sarvos are back in stock at Callgrim's Shop.
Now is your chance to grab some if you missed them the first time.
Limited stock on hand!


Raw Materials

A few more to go...


Go! Figure and the RocketTubes

Our friends over at Go! Figure recently had a chat with us about the state of affairs here in the Glyos System. Big thanks to Ebonhorn for putting together some original questions and being someone who has truly supported us since we started this craziness. We also wanted to shine a light on Microbry's RocketTubes for his in depth review of Buildman Ranic. Thanks for the solid feedback Bry, it's greatly appreciated. One last note, the custom wave is super close, just have a few more guys to finish up....


New Breed

Custom painted figures with hand cast urethane heads are almost ready....


Mercenary Alert

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