OSM Variant Concepts Part One

In anticipation of the upcoming new Outer Space Men assortment that is now in the steel tooling process, Mel, the Four Horsemen and I have been knocking back and forth some ideas on where to take the original four figures concerning some variant concepts.

We will be featuring more OSM coverage over here on the Glyos end of things moving forward, bringing the different aspects of what goes into making these characters become a reality. The above concepts are my dorky attempt to put what I hope is a fun twist on the basic "buck" OSM bodies. I love doing concept work, so it has been a blast just messing around with the possibilities of one of my all time favorite toy lines. A sorry shape compared to the Horsemen and Mel's work, but you guys might get a kick out of seeing some of this stuff.

Speaking of those two great designing juggernauts, if you haven't already discovered the new OSM dedicated site that Mel has created make sure you click over there and take in what that creative dynamo has been up to. He has drafted tons of awesome conceptual drawings of possible line extensions for his babies.

We'll post up some more designs over the next few days if you guys dig it.


Mercenary Alert

The forces are amassing over at Callgrim.com!


Crossover Conceptual Designs: Infection 2.0 and Kabuto Mushi

Marty Hansen AKA The GodBeast has been a great collaborator on the various projects that we have worked on together, but our recent crossovers have been pushing the levels of dual creativity even further than before. The Infection 2.0 and Kabuto Mushi roll outs were a lot of fun to work on, and Marty really went the distance with his execution of the concepts we were throwing back and forth.

The conceptual side of things was actually a three part combo, with the sharp talents of Nate from Dork Dimension bringing the Infection 2.0 head designs to the level they needed to reach. I truly enjoyed getting to work with two extremely dedicated artists who held nothing back when sharing their ideas.

One of the main things I wanted to expand on as we progressed was the storyline that involved the Infection Forces pursuing the Beetorian Corps through the Edge of Space, bringing all of Marty's characters into the Glyos System's time stream. I personally liked imagining how the Infection cast would adapt to their new surroundings, and how Kabuto Mushi and his Beetorian Corps would do with some Traveler DNA upgrades. Their spaceships were also designed, giving an idea of what they might look like flying around our familiar system.

The above designs flesh out some of the crazier ideas that Marty and I had kicked around. I had wanted to explore how the characters would look if they were completely sculpted from scratch, with all new body designs. Marty has actually started the sculpting of the Infection Bio Jumper and the Beetorian Kabuto Hybrid Trooper which are coming out great as I write this.

I want to thank Marty for putting so much effort and expertise into these crossover projects and for inspiring me to get drawing some more. I also want to thank Nate for continuing to make awesome artwork that brings all these things together and seals the vibe with a unique touch. More to come very soon!


Thank You!

Our deepest thanks go out to all of you for making the Mono Wave a fun and positive launch! We live to create another day because of your continued collective support and generosity!
The order number adjustments seemed to work out pretty good and we now have another pile of data to look over. Seems the white and gray Axis Joints hit a good rhythm and moved well. The black should not run out anytime soon due to the amount we brought in. More white and gray are on order for Axis Joints and they should be restocked at some point in late May. The low stock stuff should hopefully last a little while longer.

We'll be processing orders starting tonight and will get to shipping early next week. Thanks again for everything, and get ready for some fun surprises in the upcoming "mini" waves that we have on tap. I hope you guys are prepared for some more shiny and swirly plastic!


Mono Wave Is Live!

The extra day was just what we needed to get everything ready for you guys, thanks again for being so cool about the delay- REFRESH the store!

Especially designed to coincide with this release, Marcus and I are excited to introduce the latest entry into our Glyos gaming library- GLYOIDS!

After our trip up to Funspot with Phil Reed last month, we both started talking about how much we loved the hyper basic play value of the Golden Age (late 70's - early 80's) video games. The 1979 Atari classic Asteroids was a topic that we kept going back to, and its design and mechanics just made perfect sense to tie it in with the monochromatic nature of what we had on tap.

Designed to be a fun, simple way to virtually play with your Rig (Rig Training Simulator to be exact), Glyoids is the physical manifestation of something I actually used to dream of doing when I was young, that being to control something in a game that acts like one of my favorite toys. I used to pretend that the little ship in Asteroids was one of my guys flying his special prototype cruiser around, blasting debris that was heading for his space colony. I did the same thing when I played Space Invaders, Defender, Vanguard, Pac Man, Galaxian, Galaga and every other game that had those basic vibes. I want to thank Marcus once again for making another childhood dream come true. Simple as it is, I can't stop playing Glyoids and my inner 7 year old is psyched about it (so is the 37 year old)!

Another interesting note that I had not mentioned yet is that all the black in this wave is a little "smoother" looking than previous rounds of black. Everything still matches up nice as far as the hue, just that the consistency has a unique look and feel to it. I personally love the black PVC and it's always neat to notice the little differences from production run to production run. Thought some of you who are into those minor details would get a kick out this observation.

Marcus note: The game was fun to work on, and I hope we captured some of that vintage vibe... glitches and all. I was inspired by Matt's love for working within restricted systems to push creativity, and really enjoyed trying to build a game with no color or gradients. This one is strictly old school- no unlocking hidden pages or plastic, just a race to the highest score. It's also just a taste- we'll introduce more play modes over time. Thanks as always to everyone that supports the silly things we do!
Hint: While playing Glyoids, click each part of the rig, both the main body and each arm to swap the parts around. Who needs accurate hit detection when you have... Tank Mode!


Release Details

We've been hammering away at getting things ready to roll for the new drop. To make sure we nail down all the angles without bursting blood vessels, the release has been bumped to tomorrow night, Sunday April 10th at 7PM EST. This gives us that little extra time to catch up after getting wrecked by that damn flu. Thanks for your patience with our stupid immune systems.


Mono Builds

More mono themed builds from the recovery center. The Delpheyden configuration is the next phase in our ongoing collaboration with Marty Hansen, workhorse and owner of TGB Customs AKA The GodBeast. This particular head was sculpted for a crossover piece with Marty and Ben Spencer of Galaxxor and NerdCity fame. Ben eventually decided on using what was actually the alternate head for our Galaxxor team up- the Main Brain noggin.

Marty went on to make sets of the two heads available as a kind of DX (deluxe) urethane special edition and the results came out awesome. The craftsmanship of these heads is top notch and even make my goon sculpting look half good! I actually had this figure next to me while I was sweating out the flu this week and it kept me connected to something cool while in a fever hell. Thanks for the life preserver Marty!


Glyos Catches Mono, The Rest Of Us Get The Flu

Slightly knocked off course at the start of the week thanks to a wretched flu* that hit the household here pretty hard. I guess that I should not abuse poor Pheyden or I'll bring on the wrath of the Toy Lords again. Thankfully we are all feeling good enough to get back to it, so the next few days will see a few rounds of updates, showing some new builds that take advantage of the black, white and gray parts.

Most importantly are the assortment specifics, so here we go:

Gendrones (RESTOCK)
-GITD Green
-Clear Colorless

Axis Joints (RESTOCK)
-GITD Green
-Clear Colorless

Phase Arms/Gobon Blasters (RESTOCK)
Will be sold as single sets (one Phase Arm, one Gobon Blaster per set)
-GITD Green
-Clear Colorless

-White -First time in this style!

Travelers and Sincroids
This one was tough to choose for the method of release, but it makes the most sense to offer the figures in their solid color form to make getting the parts you guys need easier without having to always buy 3 guys to make one color.

-Black Govurom w/bonus Pheyden head
-White Exellis w/bonus Govurom head
-Gray Sarvos w/bonus Phanost head

Extra Sets
Continuing the efforts to keep options easy and relatively cheap, we will be offering extra sets instead of the Echo Morph this time.

-White Extra Set -Sarvos chest, Sarvos pelvis, Sarvos head, Phanost head and Command Scar Pheyden Head with painted eyes (black)
-Black Extra Set -Sarvos chest, Sarvos pelvis, Sarvos head, Phanost head and Scar Pheyden head with painted eyes (gray)
-Gray Extra Set -Pheyden chest, Pheyden pelvis, Pheyden head, Govurom head and Scar Pheyden head with painted eyes (white)

Black Rig

Gray Armodoc

We have decided not to spring anything on you guys as far as additional offerings this time, but we are working on a mini project that hopefully will be ready to roll when we release this weekend. Final drop date will be announced tomorrow by the end of the day, but it will either be Saturday night or Sunday night, depending on how we all hold up.

Hope this list helps clarify things! Thanks for hanging in there through the latest attack on our health!

*No contaminated parts will leave the house...



Mono Wave Sneak

New stuff is on track for the end of this coming week. Black, gray and white across the boards as well as a few surprises in the mix.

I've been building like crazy and having a lot of fun continuing the Glyanaut construction patterns. These basic colors seem plain at first, but once combined they are probably my all time favorite ones to build with. Something about the simplicity brings me back to my youth. Snake Eyes, Storm Troopers, Clawtron (ha!) and of course Darth Vader all represent the most basic of color styles just to name a few.
Our little guys will never reach those iconic levels of design, but it is fun to play in the shadows cast by the old masters. Plus, I can finally make the triple colored Command Pheyden that appeared on this blog back in 2008, the original of which I had to leave in China for a paint master on one of my trips there. More pics will begin rolling out tomorrow as well as the assortment details for the Mono Wave!