Mercenary Alert

The troops have landed! Check out Callgrim's latest assault at www.callgrim.com. Congratulations Jesse! This is the best release yet!


More Corps

Packing it all up in the AM with Megan and hitting the post on Monday afternoon. Shooting the final photos for the rest of today.

Most importantly, I hope you guys are ready for the Callgrim assault tomorrow. This is the biggest release yet for Jesse, and he has put literally everything he has into this one. With so many incredible paintings and such absolute determination to bring the best, I'm beyond excited to see Callgrim truly introduced to the world the way Jesse always wanted. Marcus, as always, has shown his amazing ability to evolve to meet whatever creative need arises. I think he could figure out how to repair the Space Shuttle after a few hours with the instructions. Tomorrow has been a long time coming.



Another look at the specifics....



Ton of pics tomorrow, everything is finally finished. I went nuts on the details, hence the extra few days. Thanks for waiting for my stubborn ways, I hope the results will be worth it.


Final Stretch

Worked like crazy through the weekend and the end is in sight! One more round of painting tonight and then the bagging begins. Orders are on deck to begin shipping on Wednesday afternoon. There are a ton of these little guys surrounding me...



More solids up soon. Feeling better and back at it.
Thanks for the positive jolt!


Perfect Storm

Another example of truly wretched timing (I can hear the universe laughing)...Tuesday night our entire household got hit with a absolutely nasty stomach sickness. Literally everyone (including little Cirie) was sick at the same time. We're starting to function now, but I'm behind on the customs. My apologies for the extended wait on this Custom Corps, it has been awesome and horrifying at the same time. The final count was double what I thought it would be, so it was a great yet ominous surprise. I'll be up until I get this last batch of them done, which will definitely take me into the weekend. I hope that the consolation for the delay is knowing that every figure that will be going out has been given a ton of attention (and no virus). My sincere thanks for the now legendary patience that you have all consistently shown over the years. I hope that you guys are all healthy and not buried in too much snow. New pics tomorrow.


New Custom Corps Status

Been working on all the figures around the clock and I'm very close to wrapping up. Shipping will start a little later than I had wanted (now looking at Wednesday this week), but other than that everything is on track. This is definitely the biggest batch of customs I've ever done at one time. The most important thing to me is that every last custom gets full attention, no dialed in fluff. I really hope you guys end up enjoying the styles that find their way to each of you. Almost there!


Colorized Chaos

Man, that was crazy. I think that the magic of Mori pushed this Custom Corps into new realms. The final count went way higher than I could have ever anticipated. Thank you guys so much for the unbelievable response. I will be going full tilt on making all the extra figures for the rest of this week. Should have them all finished by late Friday night/Saturday morning. Shipping is on track to begin next Monday and continue into Tuesday. Updates with pics from the run will be popping up sporadically over the next few days. Some surprises are in store when these little buggers start getting out to all of you. Well, back to it!