Night Moves

These are the last of the Hades outside pics from last weekend. Experimenting with getting his head to half glow in the dark was fun, but I got bitten by a million midges who seemed intent on foiling my shots. Those little buggers stink.


Hades Times Two

My sister Megan has taken to making some particularly blazing infernos down in the family "Fire Pit", which provided another neat backdrop for Hades to hang out in.

The night shots were a little challenging, but with the use of a few flashlights and a solid tripod, the results came out alright.


The Rocks

The areas in these shots continue to be major places I still play "games" in. You know, running around on the rocks at the age of 39, pretending that I'm on an alien planet while making a fool of myself.



Spent the last few weeks getting adjusted to our summer schedule and preparing for the July drop. My apologies for the posting dry spell, but I've been in extra Dad mode while helping the girls get squared away now that they're home all day.

Over the past weekend I took Hades on his latest adventure, this time up to Gloucester, MA. Had some fun taking a batch of "on location" pictures, from daybreak until nightfall. The rocks made for a neat backdrop (and so did the fire pit -more on that later).



This little guy and his buddies managed to sneak into all of the packages from our latest drop.

The Nonillia Crayboth were a special run, made specifically as a bonus for all of you who participated in the recent release. We love to add little bits to your orders, and will always do everything we can to keep that as a tradition with each package that ships.

A big shout out goes to George and Ayleen of October Toys and Toy Break for the sparkle inspiration, as I saw one of their special Z.O.M.B.I.E. assortments that used a very similar shiny flake while I was in Japan last year. It looked much cooler than the previous style glitter that I'd tried some years ago (I actually still have a few "lost run" samples from our original secret experiment that attempted to use glitter).

Thanks again to all of you for keeping us alive!


Edge Breaker

This vinyl build is my attempt at a more "heroically" proportioned character, something that would also be able to stand next to an original Takara Robotman/Biotron and sort of fit in scale wise. This is a very tall configuration as far as Glyos goes, clocking in a just over 11 inches from head to mecha boot thing.

The head (which forms the back part of a WARP Bike/Rig Runner) in particular is something that I've been wanting to pop on the right build as it was originally designed to look like an armored Traveler noggin (hence the three "teeth" and round inner dome). Jesse did a completely awesome build for our buddy Phil Reed of Battlegrip.com a while back that used this "head" on a crazy Devastator inspired configuration that was truly a knockout!


Chicken Palm

Heavy Runner in Reverse Mode. There are a number of other forms as well, but I think I like this BSG Viper influenced one the best of them. The Switch Pin looking like a big headlight (or maybe a Phase Cannon) is kind of fun.

Also shown above, an outdoor pic of the SDD Variable Suit, sitting like a baby chicken in the palm of my hand.

Did I mention we actually now have twelve baby chickens living with us? Maybe we'll start sending eggs out with the toys before the year is over.

The Shipping Dimension

Michelle, Megan and I worked double time over the last 48 hours and knocked out just about every order from last week's drop. I have to wait until Monday morning to bring the majority down to the Post, but after that, orders should start landing at your homes (three huge bags did make it yesterday afternoon though).

Above are a few shots of a pretty simple "Heavy Runner" that I've been playing around with. I kind of imagine Cane looks like this when he hangs around with the SDD.  There is a Megazone 23 Garland vibe going on with this one, which was one of my favorite mecha designs from back in the day. More proof of Shinji Aramaki's genius!


Variable Suit

Some more pushing and pulling with the light sources. The SDD Variable Suit has been outfitted with an opening cockpit that stays attached to the build when opened due to the "hose" that connects it to the bottom part of the construction. The parts fit tight with no "wobble" and give Neo Voss Pheyden some extra head room for his big melon.

I've been thinking about the Stealth Dimension Division as I've been working and I like the idea that this team is like a Deep Science Unit, working on concepts in a special Phase Dimensional Environment which allows for unlimited creativity:

 With the ability to easily manipulate everything around them and rapidly test new designs, the SDD are responsible for many technological advances and innovative applications of existing hardware. The SDD come up with ideas, soft test them as "Phase Phantoms" and then send their plans to the Experimental Mechanics Division (EMD), who really push the designs and bring them into the "real" world. 

Shipping is moving along at a good clip and is on schedule. Doing an overnighter with Megan this evening that should result in a hefty round being ready for a post run tomorrow afternoon.