Mighty Maniax!

In a very strange year, at least good old spooky October hasn't let us down, delivering forth something wickedly special in the form of an all new cool and creepy Kickstarter campaign called Mighty Maniax! Created by the multi-talented Rocom Toys, Mighty Maniax features a wide array of classic monster and horror movie inspired Glyos compatible figures, but with a style all their own. This new series is packed with tons of options for character swapping not only within its own range, but also across the different Glyos lines currently in production. 

I've been extremely lucky to have watched Rocom build the Mighty Maniax line from its original inception, as he rendered drawing after drawing in search of just the right aesthetic style and dimensions. The final result is a cohesive and completely customizable cast of characters that pays tribute to all the great monsters, mutants and maniacs that flashed across the television screens of the glorious 70s, 80s and 90s.

In celebration of this new addition to the Glyos family, the super skilled Ian Ameling (a frequent Toy Pizza / KOTS collaborator) was tasked with putting together a couple trading cards for the Mighty Maniax campaign's trading card set, with one of them featuring a familiar Space Traveler mixing it up Rocom's favorite big bad, the vicious Fire Face!

Currently, the momentum is continuing to ramp up, and a 4th and entirely new figure mold has been unlocked that Rocom calls the Brawler! If you love Kenshiro, Street Fighter II and Double Dragon, then you will not be disappointed. A perfect rough and tumble hero type to mix it up with the bad beasts. Check out the original illustration below by Rocom himself!

The Kickstarter is set to end on Halloween night, perfectly timed to coincide with the inevitable stealing of your favorite candy from whatever sleeping child's stash you are lucky enough to have access to. Personally, it's Reese's for me, any Reese's.

Huge congratulations to Rocom Toys and welcome to the family!