EMP Buildman Cinar

To better understand the advanced Axis integrated Buildman designs discovered within Argen's unlocked data files, a special Gendrone was assembled known as Buildman Cinar.

Patterned after the Buildman "Warrior" configuration that Argen utilized for his frontline soldiers, Cinar was also given access to the many different forms that Argen had pioneered during his extended time spent in "Voyager" mode. Careful measures were used by Glyaxia Command to ensure that only specific parts of Argen's core matrix were copied and uploaded to Cinar. Though the project was still considered very dangerous, the possibility of controlling an army of hyper powered Argens was deemed worth the risk.

Cinar was assigned to the Esedeth Mobile Patrol due to the high frequency of conflict on the planet, making the landscape a perfect live training ground to gain actual combat experience.

Currently serving as an all purpose counterpart to the specialized VRD units and answering directly to Commander Awken, Cinar's development remains closely monitored.


Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great start to 2016! It's been a ton of fun preparing things behind the scenes for this new Esesdeth wave, and we're extremely grateful for the positive responses to the pictures and story bursts over the last week. Your continued interest truly keeps the creative fires burning over here!

We've been processing and shipping in hyper mode since Wednesday to get everything out the door as quickly as possible, hustling double time as the first big storm of the winter season begins to drift our way. As of this writing, all orders received up until this morning have been packed and sent out!

Special thanks to Toyfinity's John Kent for letting us debut the first fully painted Zeroid mold with the Esedeth wave. We've been working on that little bugger for quite some time together, and to finally see it in full production has been something really special. Expect more crossover action between all of us as 2016 rolls on. There's a lot to explore within this new addition to the Glyos family!

Massive thanks from the whole Onell team for a wild 2015 and solid start to 2016! Without each of you, we'd definitely be forever in that van down by the river.


EMP is GO!

The new store is live!

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Point Cerrek

Glyans assigned to the Esedeth Mobile Patrol undergo extensive training aboard the militarized space station known as Point Cerrek, located just above Planet Esedeth's atmosphere.

Within Point Cerrek, select Glyans learn how to operate the newly developed Glyarmor and Variable Reflex Drivers in controlled environments, all under direct Traveler supervision. These soldiers also take part in a specialized OTR virtual program in conjunction with intense mental and physical conditioning.

The Esedeth Mobile Patrol stands as the first division to incorporate both VRD tech and non-Traveler Glyarmor use. 

Variable Reflex Driver: Guard Walker

Another VRD configuration that is put to heavy use on Planet Esedeth is the Guard Walker.

Operated by a single EMP soldier, the Guard Walker excels at traversing the ever shifting Orphormic Sands that cover so much of Esedeth. Some believe these strange sands actually possess a collective consciousness.

It is rumored that long ago the very surface of Esedeth swallowed the planet's first advanced civilization, leaving only scattered ruins as a warning to those who would dare trespass.

Variable Reflex Driver: Trekrunner

One of the most widely used Variable Reflex Driver configurations on Planet Esedeth is the Trekrunner.

Based on Rig Runner mechanics, the Trekrunner is capable of moving at extremely high speeds and possesses low altitude flight capabilities. 

EMP soldiers have been known to push the maximum limits of these fast moving and rugged Drivers, especially when facing the gravity defying "Quickships" commonly employed by the various relic hunters who feed on Esedeth's hidden treasures.

The Trekrunner form can be activated within any Variable Reflex Driver by connecting to a standard Glyan Blaster set in "data key" mode -as long as it contains the correct Trekrunner assembly code. 

All Variable Reflex Driver configurations follow the specific prime formation directive stored within a standard Glyan Blaster.


Esedeth Mobile Patrol

Following the fateful events that took place on Block Base Cerberus, the deactivated remains of Argen were quickly brought before Glyaxia Command to be dismantled and analyzed.

After an extreme combined effort by the same coalition that had created the Glyarmor, the fallen Gendrone leader's powerful data defenses were finally broken down. This action not only revealed more insight into the Villser Virus, but also unlocked the lost secret plans from the Old War that Argen had discovered within the Sendollest Buildstation. 

Within a short time, Glyaxia Command put the information gained from the defeat of Argen into action, reactivating and continuing the development of the long forgotten Old War technology for its own gain.

Soon, the same powerful core mechanical designs that Argen had used to create the Gendrone Force Defender were not only replicated but also repurposed for the production of new super charged Variable Reflex Drivers, manufactured specifically to fortify the different divisions under the direct control of Glyaxia Command.

Of these specialized divisions, the Esedeth Mobile Patrol was the first to employ the recovered Old War technology.

Located on the harsh desert world of Esedeth and serving under the watchful eye of Commander Awken, the Esedeth Mobile Patrol was created to guard the mysterious ancient ruins found scattered across the surface of the remote planet. With valuable artifacts being unearthed on a regular basis, EMP soldiers found themselves endlessly engaged in combat with a variety of scoundrels, pirates and trappers from all across the System.

Now reinforced with superior defensive capabilities, the Esedeth Mobile Patrol unknowingly supplies Glyaxia Command with the perfect stage for their latest machinations.




Winter Born

A new assortment will be rolling into the store next Tuesday, January 19th at 9:30PM EST. 

Expect some crossover action as well as a few surprises in the mix to kick off 2016!


Deep in the Woods

The stellar piece of Varteryx themed artwork shown above was created by our great friend and mega talent, Nate Baertsch!

Nate's latest visit to the Edge of Space strikes a real chord with me, as a huge inspiration for the Varteryx design came from a lifetime spent observing birds of prey in the woods around Acton.

Looking at Nate's illustration reminds me of walking near dusk in those woods, studying the fading light's otherworldly effects as the sun went down.

Thank you, Nate! We absolutely love it!


45 Spinners

On New Years Eve, my brother John and I closed out the year revealing a new vinyl-compatible custom piece. The vinyl this fits however, is not of the articulated type, but audible.

Years back after a particularly hazy night of spinning old Jamaican 45s, John began sketching new designs for record adapters. Most people are at least familiar with this iconic item even if they've never used one, but there was a time when these mini plastic "spiders" were ubiquitous with any music collection (allowing 45 rpm singles to jump from jukeboxes to turntables). Their popularity may have peaked a few years before we were born, but after inheriting our father's 45 box at a young age, we've always had a fascination with 7" vinyl.

Since 2015 was the first year we recorded a cassette-only album in over 15 years, it seemed fitting to cap it with another tribute to anachronistic technology. It also happened to be when our bandmates 10 Ft Ganja Plant booked a very rare live performance and asked John to DJ the event. I'll spare the details of the big steps our country made this year in states like Colorado, too... let's just say the timing for this particular design felt right. Long story short, we finally had the means and inspiration to see this project through and began producing them in the weeks leading to the NYE show.

Thus, the first batch of 45 Spinners are here!

Big thanks to all who have supported my side quests with Music ADD and Bit Figs. These adapters are just a tiny portion of the things we've been developing and 3D printing over the past few months. Much progress has been made on the Bit Figs front, and we'll be sharing the next part of their plan in early 2016 as well. Stay tuned!


2015 Waves Goodbye

Thank you for playing in 2015

Happy New Year from Onell Design!