Destroyator Buildman MK II

From the Mountain Making Phil Reed at BattleGrip.com:

This Saturday — May 1, 2010 — I’ll be releasing the second wave of Glyos System Buildman action figures (Onell Design) for sale. This release, the Buildman Destroyator Mk. II, is two figures merged into one design in a clamshell with a Phase Arm, two stickers, and an illustrated backer card. There will be 100 sets available.

The figures will be released at
12:00 pm CST and priced at $25/pack (includes US shipping; the cost for foreign orders with shipping will be $30).

We had a great time working with Phil on this project and it's really cool to see how he approached the packaging design and overall concept. This is one talented and dedicated dude. Awesome job Phil!


SMB Crossover

Yesterday morning Matt woke me up on the couch by tossing the laptop at me with this on screen. There were no words spoken for the first few minutes... This game has been live for only 2 days but the buzz it has created is impressive, and with good reason! Who doesn't want to blast away Koopas with Mega Man!? Better yet- literally whipping Bowser's ass with Castlevania's Simon. The attention to detail from the different player controls to integrating character-appropriate music truly makes this a work of art.

We have to congratulate Jay Pavlina for this ground breaking achievement. I could go on and on about the coolness factor of this game, but instead you should just play it yourself!


Packing Up

Jesse kills again! You can actually feel the brush strokes on these suckers. Oh yeah, he also brought a very interesting box filled with glimpses of the future...


Weekend Activity and Inspiration

Canobie Lake Park still brings the vintage heat! I love that place and all the gems that are hidden there. Very inspiring....


Big Rigs and Rollers

These configurations are from a few months ago, but now that Gobon is available, it seems a good time to pop them up. Vehicles are always fun to build, and by inserting a Spoon Racer wheel into the inner cavity of a Gobon body, you can make monster trucks and Moon Patrol style planetary explorers. Both of these can roll freely and are fun to crash!


Monsterforge Unleashes Pheyjira!

I recently received something crazy in the mail. Meet "Pheyjira", a one of a kind, hand sculpted beauty from Charles "Monsterforge" Marsh. This is part of his brand new Kawaiiju series, an absolutely amazing set of 30 totally unique mini sculptures that combine a little bit of cute with a whole lot of cool. According to his blog, Charles will be releasing Pheyjira's kin blind bag style very soon. Keep checking in over there to stay updated on all the wild projects Charles has cooking. He may even have something in the works that might "enhance" some of the usual suspects around here.... Thank you Charles! I love this figure!


Scar Pheyden Mini is Gonzo!

Thank you guys! Mori will be psyched!
We're already working on new stuff...

Don't forget to refresh the store!


RXH x Onell x Dead Presidents x Callgrim - GITD Scar Pheyden Mini

The RXH Mini project continues! We are finally ready to roll out the Pheyden Mini after many tweaks and planning. This is a very special edition that is the combination of RXH, Dead Presidents, Callgrim and us. Matt Walker really put some amazing applications on these little guys (using his new Monster Kolor paints) and pushed the figure to another level. As usual, photos don't do the finish total justice, but there is a ton going on when you see this one in hand. Mori's design aesthetic is in full swing, blending up Pheyden with his classic style and form factor. I see these guys as almost "Hulked out" versions of the normal Glyos figures. As an special bonus, the Pheyden Mini has the addition of a movable waist as well as shoulders and neck!

To top off the this crazy collaboration, resident Art Warlord Jesse Moore has whipped up a batch of unique mini paintings to accompany each figure. He is also providing the production header card art. All of these mini paintings are one of a kind! One mini painting is included per figure.

Since this is the launch of what we hope is an ongoing figure line, we are also including a special fully painted (DP), interchangeable Sarvos head with every figure to mark the occasion. Numbers as usual are very limited. These will go on sale tomorrow, April 22nd, at 12 noon EST. The price will be $55 USD plus shipping. Limited to 1 per customer.

Huge thanks go out to Mori, Matt Walker and Jesse for continuing to push the boundaries and keep the inspiration flowing.

One other point of note- we will also be offering some of the previously "Off World" figures from the Glyaxia wave as well as a few Armodocs from the Ayosire wave tomorrow. There are not a ton of these available, so if you missed anything from the last drop you may be in luck. Check the store tomorrow to see what pops up.

Custom Corps III Special Forces Japan

Special Edition of CCIII Chaos Invasion for Super Festival 52 this weekend. We could not make it over to Japan for this one so these guys were sent in our place. By order of the man himself, Mori! There were 20 customs total for this mini run.


Banimon TV!

Boris Savic, the mastermind behind the excellent comic Banimon, has rolled out an all new section to his site. Click over to check out Banimon TV and try your hand at one of the many games Boris has put together for your entertainment. There may even be a surprise or two if you can beat one of the games. Also check out his ongoing web comic, Tok-Tok's Search. We are huge fans of what Boris produces and look forward to seeing the Banimon TV project expand. Awesome work Boris, we're loving the flying car!


Shipping Notice

All domestic packages have shipped out! Finishing the internationals up today. Thanks for being so patient while we processed everything. It was the most we've ever sent out thanks to all of you.

Based on the stock numbers at the end of sorting the goods, we will have a few previously off world items from this wave popping up in the store- for those that may have missed something in the initial release. We'll give a heads up before they materialize.

Also, Matt Walker has just about completed working on the special edition RXH Pheyden mini. As per usual the numbers are limited on this guy. This is a special triple crossover as well as the first time the Pheyden mini will be available here or in Japan.

To wrap up, I want to say thank you to Jesse, Marc, Megan and Michelle for working so hard to make this release a reality. Without them I would be living in the woods and running around in rags. My deepest thanks goes out once again to all of you, for keeping us inspired and energized to do it again! I've enjoyed getting to know so many of you over the years, and the dedication that continues to see us through is inspired by what you guys have put into this project. Every single person counts and we're thankful for all the crazy experiences we have together (even at 4AM).


Glyaxia Updates

Packages start shipping tomorrow and will continue into Monday. Thanks to all of you for pushing this release to another level. Each time we roll out a new wave, unknown events always take place, and no matter how much we plan some element of craziness ensues. Thanks for sticking with us even with the delays and wild schedule. This whole thing is more of an experience than a toy line at this point for us. I personally would be a fool to ever think that I understood what runs the universe, but whatever it is, it loves to keep us on our toes.

As for the new Glyaxia game, Marcus has added some great new bonus material to spice things up. The amount of work he has put into that game over the past month has been intense. I joke with him about it, but I really believe he has crossed into a new zone of existence as a result of how hard he pushed it last week. Now he's Marcus 2.0 and we're all lucky that he still likes this stuff!

Once everything is shipped out over the next few days (thanks again to the ultimate organizing machine that is Megan) I will continue working on what is shaping up to be a small Custom Corps. The Delphi have spiked some creative feelings and during the marathon casting session at the shop last week with Ron (he is an actual living Yoda) some new parts have come to completion. Some of the results might be of interest to fans of that rotund robo from deep space, Gobon.

On an important note, make sure you get over to blog.callgrim.com to see what the mad genius Jesse has brewing. Rumor has it that new stuff is closer you think. We love Jesse!

Now back to it!


Eggs are cooking...

We want to thank all of you guys for the continued support, this last launch was intense to say the least! We're in the midst of processing all of the orders and getting the final pieces together. We're also still working on a bunch of extras for the game, and with all the weekend travel, etc, things will take a little longer to get finished up. There will be at least 3 new playable characters, and the arcade mode is coming along nicely... it never ends! We'll let you know when to start dissecting the site to find some goodies... -marcus



What better time for an Easter Egg hunt than this weekend... in a couple days we'll be posting clues to unlock new playable characters, cheat codes, and more.

The first is a freebie, and the code above allows you to play Glyaxia in a whole new way that we think some of you will really flip for. Be sure to refresh the page, click "Enter Secret Passcode" on the character selection screen and click the tiles in the correct order. Much more fun coming this weekend, including a never ending arcade mode for you high score junkies.